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Shock Factor on THE VOICE Season 18 Battles Week 1 Recap

Posted on March 24 2020 by Editor

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Shock Factor on THE VOICE Season 18 Battles Week 1 Recap

The Voice season 18 Battles started Monday night, March 23 episode. ‘Voice coaches enlisted the help of some music mega-stars to help navigate their Team members through the challenges of the Battle Round.

‘Voice coach Kelly Clarkson had Dua Lipa at the helm on her Team; Blake Shelton brought-in past ‘Voice “Comeback Stage” coach Bebe Rexha; new coach Nick Jonas had the help of his brothers – Kevin and Joe; and John Legend offered-up Ella Mai to his Team members for guidance.

It was also mentioned in this episode a bit of a teaser to a new element to this season called the Four-Way-Knockouts where the coaches’ Saved artists will get to represent their Teams in an alternative round. MORE on that HERE!

TEAM BLAKE (Bebe Rexha)

JOEI FULCO vs. TODD MICHAEL HALL (Team Blake / Bebe Rexha)

Pictured (l-r): Todd Michael Hall, Joei Fulco / Photo: NBC Copyright

Blake said Joei and Todd are classic rock.  Todd stated to be 50-years-old and to be on “The Voice” is overwhelming.  On his Blind Audition day was his 20th anniversary.  Joei told Blake and Bebe that she’s been singing her whole life.  She also does boxing.  Blake told them that Bebe is actually going to make all the choices.  Both have a rock edge to what they do and Blake said the song is perfect for them.  Bebe said Joei is “refreshing” and for Todd to have a range that high is “amazing.”   Todd said he was intimidated to be singing with Joei because of her husky voice.  Joei said it’s challenging to go against Todd because his voice is powerful.

This year the artists that the coaches choose to Save will go on to a Four-Way-Knockout round.  

John said Todd hit with so much clarity and power. He called them both fantastic.  Nick reacted that, their performance was Like ten shots of caffeine.  He added that technically, it was perfect and a fun performance.  He was also “intrigued” by Joei’s performance.  Kelly said Jo has a rasp that is seriously cool, and Todd’s voice is “insane.”  There’s no one else in the competition like him.  Coach Blake said Jo’s voice is something magical about it and has an interesting blend of some icons.  He told Todd and Joei that they both deserve to be there.  Blake said he was going to “hope for the best” and gave it to Joei.  He said she has so much talent and “a certain charisma about her.  A gift that is very unique.”   Kelly tried to Steal Todd, But Blake beat her to it with his Save for Todd.


SAVE:  Blake said he thinks Todd could thrive in this four-way-Knockout. Blake said no one on this show can match his range.


ANAYA CHEYENNE vs. CHELLE (Team Kelly / Dua Lipa)

Anaya is 16-years-old and said she gave up all “the usual teenage girl stuff” to pursue her dream.   Kelly said Anaya’s voice “does not sound 16 years old.”  Kelly also said, Chelle is like a dark horse.  They were given a Dua Lipa song, who is their Team Mentor.  The song was “Scared to Be Lonely.”  Dua Lipa advised Chelle not to put her voice all out there at once.  Kelly told Anaya to make sure she has “that ache.”  The song is about understanding you’re in a relationship for the wrong reason said Dua.  She called the girls “both amazing.”  Dua advised them to be vulnerable in the song.  Kelly said it’s not so much about impressing people with the notes, “it’s the vibe.”   Kelly said she thinks this Battle will come down to who can carry that vibe/attitude.

Pictured (l-r): Anaya Cheyenne, Chelle / Photo: NBC Copyright

Blake told Anaya she has a “very diverse way of singing” and her head voice is strong as well as her runs and chest voice.  Blake told Chelle that she’d probably sound better without all the lights and audience.  He went with Anaya.  John said Chelle was “a little bit more imprecise.”  John added that as soon as Anaya came onto the stage, he thought she was a star.  Nick said with Chell, there’s “real talent there.”  He said at 16 he wasn’t as confident as Anaya and he was performing at the Grammys. Coach Kelly told them they are both great with amazing range and wanted to see who’d push themselves the most.  Kelly told them, “never rest, or it won’t happen because there are too many talented people out there.”  She chose Anaya.

BATTLE WINNER: Anaya Cheyenne

Kelly said when it came down to it, Anaya’s nerves pushed her to be better.  “She never gets offended by something” and flattered that someone cares enough to say something.  Kelly said that’s the type of artist that’s fun to work with.  Kelly said what Chelle did is nowhere near what she’s capable of and she was a three-chair-turn.  So, should continue singing.

TEAM NICK (Jonas Brothers)


Upon meeting the Jonas Brothers, Joanna told them that they were her first concert.  She said it “was so surreal to get to work with them.”  Nick called Joanna and Roderick both “talented R&B artists” and thinks they’ll shake things up.  He gave them a Billie Eilish song for the Battles called “when the party’s over.”   Joe said the dynamics between the two of them are unbelievable.   Kevin Jonas said the way the song is structured, it feels like a war where they’re struggling against each other.

Pictured (l-r): Joanna Serenko, Roderick Chambers / Photo: NBC Copyright

It was Kelly Clarkson’s favorite Battle so far.  Kelly called it effortless and beautiful and was impressed by Nick, “first-time coach!” She said he created a masterpiece.  She said it’s the kind of performance she wants to see on an award show. “Flawless.”  Blake said he felt like Joanna was as good as her Blind Audition which was a four-chair-turn and told Roderick that he was on-point and took advantage of the situation.   He called them more in-sync than anyone else.  Blake finalized that because of the “shock factor,”  he’d pick Roderick.  John was stunned that Joanna hit all those low notes, and they didn’t expect so much from Roderick.  But, he’d pick Joanna.   Coach Nick said Joanna is a flawless singer and “there’s so much to work with as a coach.” He said he’s in a “juxtaposition” trying to decide between the two of them.   Nick picked Roderick because “the growth I’ve seen in him” and the ability to take direction, is an opportunity for him to be a star. 

BATTLE WINNER: Roderick Chambers

STEAL:  John Legend stole Joanna.   He agreed that it was flawless and wanted her since the Blind Auditions.   He added that she has a lot of style and grace.  


MIKE JEREL vs. ZACH DAY (Team Legend / Ella Mai)

John gave them a Miguel song called “Adorn”Ella Mae said anything is possible if you reach for it.  John loved their harmony.    Zach had a hard time connecting with the song because it’s sexy and doesn’t think of himself being sexy.   John advised Zach to throw more swag into it.  Mike said he envisioned his girlfriend while singing the song.  John noted some accuracy issues with both of them.  Ella Mai said Zach had a lot of personality which helps in the sexy department.  
Nick said that was a true Battle as they were one-uping each other and “shockingly confident.” 

Pictured (l-r): Zach Day, Mike Jerel / Photo: NBC Copyright

Kelly said they each have an incredible gift at being intricate.  She doesn’t expect the sound that comes out of Zach.  She called Mike fearless and she doesn’t have a favorite.  Blake said no on screwed-up so it makes the decision difficult.  Blake said the places Mike can go with his voice and technically the things he can do is overwhelming.   Blake added that Zach sang the hell out of the song and told John it’s up to him which lane he wants to go with this Team.   John said they delivered it convincingly and made his decision “exceptionally difficult.”  He made his decision based on an “edge” and on a tone he enjoys listening to “slightly more.”  He chose Mike as the winner.  John said Mike just sounded “perfect” his voice was full and gave him everything and more.



Jamal said he sees Levi as his brother and they connected early on “The Voice” during pre-blind auditions.   Jamal said he was close to crying when Blake turned because he knew he could help him reach the next level in music.  Levi said Los Angeles is really different from his hometown.  Blake gave them “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic.  They both have a Pop edge with Rock sounding voices which is why Blake chose the song for them.   Levi said it’s interesting that he’s going against Jamal who has a huge range where his voice hasn’t fully developed at age 14.  Blake told Levi that Jamal has range over him.  He said they are both being pushed out of their comfort zones and the singer that sounds the most comfortable will be the one who wins.

Pictured (l-r): Jamal Corrie, Levi Watkins / Photo: NBC Copyright

John said Levi hit some great high notes, and didn’t mess-up.  He leaned toward Levi as the winner.  Nick said he’s kind of mad trying to figure out why Levi is not on his Team.  Nick asked if Levi is Type One diabetes.  He said yes.  Nick said he is too and they could have been Type one diabetic buddies.  Nick said he loves Jamal’s energy and the friendship between him and Levi.  Kelly said what she loved about listening to Jamal is the adventure.  Blake said Jamal has this way of performing where he’s bouncing around, then Levi sees that and started doing it.  Blake said Jamal got out of breath.  He said with Levi, he’s impressive at age 14.  Blake chose Levi as the Battle winner.  He said there’s a lot of what Levi does that we haven’t heard yet, even maybe not even him.



Nick gave them “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, but the Sam Smith version so they can get in tough with those vulnerable parts of their voices.  Nick said they can both sing so high and harmonize together.  Joe advised Allegra to come in soft and enunciate a bit more.   Michael said it’s cool to have a coach in his genre and starting out young like himself too.  Michael was able to practice his falsetto with Nick’s help. 

Pictured (l-r): Allegra Miles, Michael Williams / Photo: NBC Copyright

Kelly said Michael came in strong. She told Allegra she’s “in love” with her voice.  Kelly said she grew-up on that song, and Allegra’s tone, “that’s a finale tone.’  Blake said he could see that they formed a friendship and are rooting for each other.  He told Allegra that h’e’s been in music for twenty years and hasn’t heard anyone with a tone like hers.  John said he got Nick vibes from Michael when he came in, range, power and control.  “Everything you want from a great singer.” He told Allegra she’s magical.  They are both great singers.  Coach Nick said the moment he and his brothers heard them sing the arrangement, they knew it was special.   Nick went with Allegra because she’s an inspiring vocalist and a storyteller.

BATTLE WINNER: Allegra Miles

SAVE:  Nick Saved Michael.  That meant he joined the Four-Way-Knockout.  He said he’s so impressed by Michael and there was no way he’s leaving.  


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