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Teams are Full on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 4 Recap

Posted on March 17 2020 by Editor

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Teams are Full on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 4 Recap

On week four of NBC’s “The Voice,” the coaches’ teams were filling-up fast with all coaches, except John Legend, needing only two more members, and John needing three artists. By the end of the episode, all Teams were full and the last artist of the night made all the coaches jealous, wishing they had maybe held out! Speaking of jealous, ‘Voice coaches – Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend joined new coach Nick Jonas on stage to sing his hit song “Jealous” to open the show.


Micah is from Toyko, Japan and performs Emu Rock.

Pictured: Micah Iverson — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Chair Turns:  Blake, Nick, Kelly

Kelly said he’s her favorite type of male voice.  Micah told Kelly that she’s one of his influences.  Kelly tried to win him over with her Team jacket.  Nick said early Jonas’ music they wrote it like it was Pop/Rock.   John told Micah that his voice has a presence, and should have been a four-chair-turn.  “I’m sorry Micah.”  Blake admitted that he didn’t know what they were talking about with the “emu rock.”  But, he’s won the show six times with Rock, Pop, Country.  People like someone breaking the rule, “just pick me,” Blake said.  He told Micah he wants HIM to tell his story.    Kelly told Micah that she only has two spots left, and he’d be the only man.  Micah chose Team Kelly.  Kelly said Micah is holding it down for the males on her Team and he has this Indy/Pop vibe, a lane no one is competing in.  Micah loved his Team Kelly jacket!


Brittney is from Columbus, Georgia.  She’s the only child and her father is the reason why she’s into music.  When Brittney was 16, her mom got pancreatic cancer.  She had to grow-up “really fast” and took off from music after her mom passed.  Brittney got back into music since it was what her mother wanted for her, and she plays around town.  Brittney sang “Dancing on My Own” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turn:

Kelly told her she has an amazing head voice.  Nick teased, if only Brittney had a coach with more awards!  Nick said he’s being selective, but excited to see her go far.  John said when she can do the stuff on the lower end, that’s exciting for him. “I’m really excited to coach you!”  John said her notes are really rich.


Chair Turns: None

Nick told Tracy that there were moments in her audition that were impressive. Kelly said to be “real” with her, she’s almost full, and should have turned.  

CAM SPINKS (Team Blake)

Cam is from Alabaster, Alabama. Cam said his dad instilled in him the value of a good work ethnic which he applies to his music.  He said he’s “still grinding and chipping away at it” and is ready to give it all he’s got at his ‘Voice Blind Audition.  Cam sang “Wave on Wave” song.

Chair Turns:
  Blake, Kelly

John said Kelly’s only issue is that she’s had over the years is that male Country artists don’t give her enough love.  Blake said what is he talking about? Kelly said he has the Travis Tritt growl thing going on.  Blake said he’s similar to Luke Combs and needs a coach to identify those different lanes in Country music.  Cam chose Blake Shelton. Cam has a cool break in his voice and can get raspy, and growly when he wants to.  But, can also sing clean, said Blake about Cam


 Pictured: Anders Drerup — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Anders is from Canada.  He’s played music professionally on five of seven continents.  Anders said he’s worked as a “side man” and chose to sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, differently.  He sang it in a Ska style.  Viewers didn’t get to see his face before his audition.

Chair Turn: Nick

Blake said Gwen Stefani isn’t on this season, so he’s stuck with Nick Jonas.  Anders said he plays in a Ska and Reggae band.  Nick said Anders has such a unique voice especially for his look and was shocked when he turned around.  Nick added that he can’t wait to collaborate with Anders.


Mandi is from Antonio, Texas.  She wanted to showcase her culture, that she’s Latina and chose to sing in Spanish for her Blind Audition.  When Mandi was in middle school, her mother got lupus and had to do dialysis.  She had to have a kidney transplant.  Mandi said it’s really special to see her mom come this far.  For the last two years, she’s been recording her own music and singing is something she’s always wanted to do. Mandi sang “ASI FUI” Spanish song.  Nick was the first to turn, and Kelly was next.

Pictured: Mandi Castillo — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Chair Turns:  Nick, Kelly, John, Blake

Mandi not only got a four-chair-turn, but also got a standing ovation from the coaches.  Nick said her voice is so phenomenal   He got choked-up, stating how important it is to represent and some of his favorite songs are in different languages.  Kelly said “this is real” because she just got off her Spanish language app.   Blake said “I love you. I love San Antonio.  I love the food.”  The only advantage of not understanding what she was singing, he could concentrate on her vocal.  Blake said she has an “incredible sound’ and would be honored to be her coach.  John asked what music does she like to sing. She answered. Mariah Carey, and Sade.  John said he records with both of them.  He told her “it was such a magical performance” because she does it “so well.”

Mandi went with her gut and chose John Legend for her coach.  John said he loves that Mandi went from “beautiful and inviting, to powerful.” Nick was frustrated that John got another great artist on his Team.

KAILEY ABEL (Team Blake)

Kailey is 19-years-old from Oklahoma.  She leads worship in her church and sings Soul/Pop.  She works in musical therapy.  Her family does foster care, and has had 15 kids in her family’s home.  They recently adopted one of the foster kids which means she has a new little brother.    Kailey sang “Forever Young” song.  She had a great raspy voice for her song choice that was very fitting.

Pictured: Kailey Abel — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Chair Turn:  Blake

Blake was thrilled that no other artists turned for Kailey.  He rubbed it in the other coaches faces.  Kelly said Kailey has a cool tone and hopes she doesn’t smoke, because that’s how her voice sounds.  John said he loved the tone in the lower parts, and hasn’t heard a growl like that.  Blake said he’d bet the farm on her winning this competition.  He compared her voice to  Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes.  He said these are the types of voices that people can’t get enough of. 


Blake said he has a great team of Country artists, Soul, Pop, Rock and thinks the winner is on his team. “It may not be who you expect,” stated Blake.


Pictured: Tyrone Mr. Superfantastic Perkins — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Tyrone works at a body building gym in Marina Del Rey. He’s 68-years-old.  He got the nick-name “Mr Superfantastic” and has trained people there for 21 years.  He’s the oldest artist to ever audition on “The Voice.”  Tyrone is inspired by The Temptation, Four Tops, Frank Sinatra.  “The kind of music I sing is all about telling a story” and said the spirit of it all is the classics.  Tyrone said he’s there to prove that there’s no age limit.  It’s about experience.  

Chair Turns:  None

John said to do a solo like that felt “kitchy and fun” but didn’t know how to translate that into a winner.  Kelly said “this is the biggest show on television” and people are going to see this and know Mr. Superfantastic!  John said he wants “to feel something” and has people on his team that inspire him.

GIGI HESS (Team Kelly)

Gigi said her musical journey started when her dad played vinyls for her.  She was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder which caused her to gain 150 lbs.  This caused a lot of bulling from kids at her school.   Gigi said it was her family that pushed her, motivated her and told her she’s going to do amazing things.  She had diabetes, which lead her to have gastric surgery.  After that, she said she got more music gigs.  Gigi said she’s “beyond prepared” for “The Voice”   Gigi sang “Love Song” for her Blind Audition.  Kelly turned right away.

Chair Turn:  Kelly

Gigi is 22-years-old from Mexico.  Nick thought Kelly was the perfect fit for her.  John asked who her influences are.  Gigi replied Kelly Clarkson, and Beyonce.  John said “a little less on the riffs and runs” and that’s what Kelly will teach her.  Kelly said Gigi has all the tools as a singer and couldn’t be happier that Gigi was her “final chick.”


Kelly said she has everything from Indy-Pop, to Country, to Opera on her TEAM and can’t wait to pair them.


 Pictured: Kevin Farris — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Kevin said he hopes to connect with the audience and be himself. Kevin performed his Blind Audition playing the guitar.

Chair Turns: John, Nick

Kevin is a singer-songwriter and performs Folk/Pop.  John said he felt all that purity and all the love he has.  “Such a magical thing to hear” and he made it known that he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.  Nick said Kevin’s voice has “this power.”  Kevin said he can do the Pop stuff, some Jonas Brothers.   Nick said he wished he had a teacher like him in pre-school that could have helped him because he failed First grade.  Then Nick got on stage with Kevin to sing and play guitar with him.  John said if he has a song that he wants to sing with him, he’ll sing.  John said Kevin could break the mold and go with the coach he didn’t sing with.  Kevin chose Nick Jonas.  Nick said Kevin will go far.  John was upset because Nick stole his move, which is singing with the artist. 

Kevin said that fact that Nick got on stage and sung with him was surreal, and how could he not choose Nick Jonas!


Nick said his Team has youthful energy and mature artists as well.

John Legend was the last coach left to fill his Team.  He was excited that the artists on his Team don’t sound like they’re covering songs, and put their own stamp on the songs.


Allison is 25-years-old  She married at age 20 and says it’s tough because she has the stress of a full time job and a mortgage.  She sings in church and plays a lot of private events and charity balls.  She works 40-50 hours per week.  Allison sang “Don’t Know Why” song for her Blind Audition.  Everyone was hoping for John to turn.

Chair Turns:  None

Blake thought it started off “shaky” but was a great performance.  John said he didn’t hear enough power and it felt a little retrained.  He advised her to try next time with a different song.   Nick encouraged her to be “powerful in a quiet way” similar to how Billie Eilish is.  

John stated that he’s waiting for some magic!

CEDRICE (Team Legend)

Pictured: Cedrice — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Cedrice is 28-years-old from San Diego, Ca.  She’s been singing for three and a half years.  She was diagnosed with alopecia which causes hair loss.  Cedrice decided to stop wearing wigs.  She was in college going through depression and insecurity.  Cedrice said during that time in her life, she met some musicians and felt free when performing on stage.  She chose to sing “Fever” by Peggy Lee.  Cedrice said she’s singing in the style of Peggy Lee, and Beyonce with her own style thrown-in. Thankfully this got John to turn and the other coaches wanting to turn as well! Instead, all they could do was to look up over their chairs.

Chair Turn: John

Kelly told her that “she’s so sexy!” and she was so mad, stating she would have pressed her button.  Kelly called her “fantastic’ and could hear all that passion and fire!  She called her a Goddess, “that was so hot!” Nick stated it was smooth, and powerful, all the right things to make it far in this competition.  Blake said he’s so happy for her and it was meant to be that she’s John’s last contestant.  John said no one looks like her, no one sounds like her, and has everything she needed.  


John said he was waiting for someone who inspired him and Cedrice is exactly what he wanted  He thinks she’s a star.  Cedrice said she was super excited to be on Team Legend because that’s exactly who’s Team she wanted to be one.

NEXT WEEK: The coaches prep their Teams with their chosen mentors as they head into season 18 of Battles. “The Voice” airs Mondays at 8 pm PT on NBC.


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