Gwen Loses to Country on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 2 Recap

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October 12, 2022
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Three’s A Crowd on THE VOICE Season 22 KNOCKOUTS Set Report Sneak-Peek!
October 12, 2022
Unexpected Wins on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 3 Recap
October 26, 2022
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Gwen Loses to Country on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 2 Recap

In the second week of “The Voice” season 22 Battles, the coaches turned up their A-Games along with their artists.  The coaches’ advisors – Charlie Puth on Team Camila; Jazmine Sullivan for Team Legend; Jimmie Allen with Team Blake; and Sean Paul advising Team Gwen, were of immense help to the coaches this week providing their honest opinions.  Jazmine helped young artists Emma and Nia with teenage angst and advice on expressing the emotions.  She said her teen angst was busting windows out her ex’s car.  Jimmie Allen couldn’t believe Blake’s pairing of Bodie and Jaeden.  They were such a unique duo he asked “why would Blake do that?”

The new dynamic of a married couple as coaches being on “The Voice” for the first time provides for much comedy relief as well as heightened game play.  Blake got himself in hot water with Gwen when he pushed his Steal button on one of her artists AFTER she pushed her Save button.  Hopefully Gwen forgave him once everyone saw that she was able to use her Save after all on another very talented and deserving artist at the end of the Monday night’s episode.   Some of the standout Battles of the night included Bodie vs Jaeden; and Destiny vs Justin.

Pictured: (l-r) Ava Lynn Thuresson vs. Orlando Mendez — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

TEAM CAMILA (Advisor – Charlie Puth)


Ava is 18-years-old and just graduated from high school.  She doesn’t have a lot of performing experience. Camila gave her and Orlando “Rocket Man” by Elton John.  Charlie said Elton John is his neighbor and he got to hear the version of the song with Dua Lipa one day before it came out.

Camila found a Country version of “Rocket Man” for Orlando and Ava to perform for their Battle.  Orlando said the song connects to his roots because when his parents came from Cuba, they were entering the unknown.  Charlie said Orlando has “a lot of colors in his voice” and that’s what he looks for when he’s producing records.  Charlie said Ava Lynn’s voice reminds him of Taylor Swift.   

Camila commented that she looks for someone who’s really giving her energy back when Ava said her challenge is looking down too much.  Camila advised Orlando to sing the song on the treadmill.  Charlie said they are two “very different singers.”  

They actually killed this song!  Gwen’s reaction was first, if that’s what she and Blake look like when they sing together?  She said Ava Lynn’s head voice was flawless and “it sounded great.” Gwen said Orlando’s voice has a lot of character and when his voice went up, it was unexpected and it blew her away.  John said Ava Lynn’s voice and range was great with Orlando’s growl, he really owned the stage and his strong presence. It was fun to watch.  Blake siad Orlando pulled out the victory because of that long sweeping note.  

Coach Camila said Ava really came out of her shell from the rehearsal. She has an impossible range and her tone.  Orland’s his voice has so much character and personality.  That “crazy moment” she hadn’t seen it in the rehearsal.  She told him he has such stage presence and it was so much fun to watch him.  They both have different strengths and different journeys ahead of them. She chose Orlando.

BATTLE WINNER:  Orlando.  Camila said he has a swag that’s exciting. He was her 4-chair-turn. She’s excited for Orlando to have more “wow moments.”  Camila said she thought Ava Lynn grew from the time of rehearsal to the Battle round. 


TEAM GWEN (Advisor – Sean Paul)


Pictured: (l-r) Cara Brindisi, vs. Jay Allen — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

John said Cara was so perfect.  He liked when she belted and when she whispered.  John added that Jay was “a little bit more compelling,” and he picked Jay.  Blake said Jay is more Stevie Nicks.  Blake also picked Jay.  Camila said it relaxed her and it felt like she had a cocktail. She called Cara “angelic.” Jay gave more “star quality” and his voice made her feel more. 
Gwen said Jay’s voice was “so powerful” and it was coming out too much.  Cara’s voice is “so soothing.”  She said they are two of her favorite people on her Team.  Gwen said “this is really difficult.”  She chose Cara.

BATTLE WINNER: Cara.  Gwen chose Cara because “to be that effortless” when you sing in a live performance is very hard to do. 

Gwen SAVED Jay.  She said she knew that she wanted to Save Jay.  Then Blake pushed his button to

STEAL Jay.  Gwen called Blake a “jerk.”  When host Carson Daly asked Blake why he waited so long to press his button, Blake said he was going to use his Steal, he was just waiting for “a good zinger.”  Carson asked Gwen if she was mad?  She answered that she’s shaking and “yes” she’s mad!  Blake said it came down to that Jay is a great singer. 

Jay said he’s been in Nashville, and he sees Blake everywhere.  Jay told Gwen, “I’m in the Country music business, and Blake is Country. “I’m sorry, I’m going to go with your husband.”  Blake said “it’s rare to go up against your wife” on this show, “but, I’m the Country guy.”  After it was all said and done, Gwen took a swift swipe to Blake’s rear end giving him a spanking for the stunt!  Later on backstage, the other coaches asked if Blake and Gwen were going to be okay.  Gwen joked that she’d be sleeping over at Camila’s house that night. 


TEAM LEGEND (Advisor – Jazmine Sullivan)

John said he and Jazmine’s song just came out.  


Pictured: (l-r) Emma Brooke vs. Nia Skyfer — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

In her audition, Nia sang one of Camila’s songs.  Camila’s Team was full and John Legend got Camila’s approval to turn for Nia.  Camila gave Emma and Nia “She’s All I Want to Be” song by Tate McGray.  John said Emma is “such a precise singer,” and Nia just bounces around that.  He said he wants them to capture that angst and heartbreak in the song.  He advised Nia to open-up, “like yawning.”  John told Emma that her attitude was “a little sunny” for the tune.  The song is a very dark and angsty topic, said Emma.  She hasn’t experienced the feelings in this song.  Jazmine advised Emma that she needed some intensity in her eyes and facial expression “no matter how well you sing it. People won’t feel” it said Jazmine.  

After their Battle performance, Blake reacted that the two couldn’t be any more different.  Nia is more in your face where Emma is more poised.  He chose Emma.  Camila said Nia “came up” more so than in the Blinds.  Emma is more polished.  “Nia is more exciting to watch,” said Camila and chose Nia. Gwen reacted that when Ema did that first note, for someone who’d 19-years-old, she was impressed.  Nia has a beautiful tone  “it was an equal Battle. It’s just two completely different styles.”

Coach John said it was closer to Nia’s wheelhouse regarding style.  He thought it was Nia’s best vocal performance, and she gave great energy to the audience.  Emma can sell the story in her eyes and in her face. He’s glad that Gwen noticed that.  The winner was Emma Brooke.

BATTLE WINNER: Emma.  John said she’s truly a gifted vocalist and he’s curious what she’ll do in the Knockout’s going against two other vocalists.  Gwen thinks Nia will do something outside of the show because she has a lot of star power. 


TEAM BLAKE (Advisor- Jimmie Allen)

Blake said with his strategy there isn’t one because each season gives you a different hand. 


Pictured: (l-r) Bodie vs. Jaeden Luke — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Jaeden was the last Team Blake member.   At his Blind audition, Camila told Jaeden that she might be Stealing him.  Jaeden said about his Battle advisor Jimmie Allen, that he is a true testament to a success story. 

Jaeden said he’s a singer-songwriter and tries to make every song seem like it’s his.  He still lives at home with his family.  He said he loves living with his family.   Blake gave them “As Long as You Love Me” by Justin Bieber.  Blake said it’s a really sharp learning curve.  Jaeden was thinking about how he and Bodie were going to make it sound like they wrote it.  Bodie said he was trying to figure out how it’s going to be his own Soul style.

Bodie grew up in a family of performers.  He got a yuklee when he was  7 or 8.  He now teaches music at his Alma mater.   Blake said Jaden is the surprise for him in this Battle because of his soft tone.  Bodie has an intense sound.  Jimmie said Bodie and Jaeden compliment each other very well. “Why would Blake put them together?  Why would you do that?  Why would you do that to yourself?”

Blake reacted to their rehearsal that it was really magical.   Blake said Bodie and Jaeden are the most unique artists on his Team.  He loves creating something unique like this.  After their Battle performance, Camila called it “a really sexy arrangement of the song.”  Camila, keeping up with the flirtations between her and Jaeden, said his tone is so beautiful and she wants to hear it in her ear.  No, she said, on her record.  Camila called Jaeden her “boyfriend.”

Bodie’s  range was crazy and his runs were “masterful,” Camila said she wanted to Steal both of them!  Gwen said she was blown away.  It showed both of their depths as artists.  Bodie showed off his range and tenderness.  She called him next level than what she thought he was.  Even though Jaeden  was killing it, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  John said Jaeden has character, and he’s like Superman because he can do anything with that voice.  He said Bodie’s voice has character and presence.  John picked Bodie.  But, he thinks Jaden has so much potential.  Blake was surprised how Jaeden stepped-up to Chris Isaack type vibes.  He called Bodie’s voice impressive and crazy.  

BATTLE WINNER: Bodie.  Blake said Bodie is a very unique artist and has a cool tone. He still hasn’t figured out what Bodie wants to do as an artist but wants to be on that journey with him

STEAL – Jaeden got two STEALS from Camila and Gwen.  Gwen used her Steal because of his Blind performance he did a Bread song.  She said she has been around for a long time and has a lot to offer.  “I would like to be your coach.” Jaeden joked that he can’t say “no” to his “girlfriend.” Camila said Jaeden has this raw talent.  Blake said Camila was able to play that “I’m single, come whisper your voice in my ear card.”  He said it’s good that Gwen didn’t do that because that would have been weird.   

At this point Gwen, and Blake had SAVES left.


TEAM CAMILA (Advisor – Charlie Puth)


Grace is only 13-years-old.  Camila said Grace “killed” her audition.  Gwen and Camila danced to her Blind audition song.  Reina  said Charlie’s skills are beyond hers.  Camila gave them “Time After Time” song by Cyndi Lauper. 

Charlie said Grace’s voice was gentle but impactful. It was like “butter against butter.”  Reina said she hasn’t performed live often because she just moved to Washington State.  Her family encouraged her to try out for “The Voice.”  Camila told them to make their emotions so big.  She compared the situation to a wedding.  When brides get so stressed over their wedding then they’re not having any fun.  The best weddings are when the bride is having fun.  “You guys are the bride.”  Camila said it will be about being emotional and letting that magical thing shine through in a song that is hard to pull off. 

After their Battle performance, Gwen said she was amazed.  Her favorite part of Grace’s voice was how she came into the song and that soft part of her voice.  She said Reina’s voice was surprising and thought she won it.  John said Reina was secure and confident. He was impressed.  Blake said Grace seems that she lost some confidence between the Blinds and now.  It’s “ridiculous,” he told her because she’s so good.  Where as Reina came out on stage and just owned it.  He felt that her voice was stronger.

Camila called it “a sucky situation” and if she had a Save, neither one of them would go home. She said Grace is ready and so talented. Reina did a beautiful job today.  Camila said it’s the most terrible she’s felt in all of these Battles.  The winner was Reina.

BATTLE WINNER: Reina.  Camila said it was a tough decision. It’s impressive that at 13 she has control of her voice with that much range. 

The other coaches called Blake “the underdog no more” because it seemed that he lost the Blinds.  But, his Team is really pulling through in Battles. 


TEAM GWEN (Advisor – Sean Paul)


Pictured: (l-r) Destiny Leigh vs. Justin Aaron — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Justin was excited to see Sean Paul because he works with Beyonce.  Gwen gave them the song “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige.  Sean said Justin blew them all away.  Gwen loves the dynamics of Destiny’s voice and “her tone is really pretty.” 

After their rehearsal, Sean said there were some timing issues with the harmony.  Mary J. Blige put so much emotion into it.  It’s good to remember who sung the song and what she brings to it, Sean advised them.  Destiny said she grew up with a lot of gang violence and they had to live in a shelter because her mom was struggling.  Destiny said she never expected to make it this far.

Gwen told Justin that he hits his notes with so much accuracy.  Justin said he wants his students to see that hard work and dedication does pay off.  He said “I’m literally walking in an answered prayer” to be on “The Voice” singing in front of Gwen and Sean Paul.  Sean said it will be the person who gives their heart who’ll win the Battle (which they both did).

After their Battle performance, John said that was electrifying and Mary would be proud.  Justin has crazy range.  His runs were flawless. It was very impressive.  Justin was a more disciplined and accurate singer.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of Destiny who is 18-years-old.  So, we know the leap that she had to take to get toe-to-toe with Justin.  Camila hopped on the Destiny wagon. She said going against Justin was a tall task and she gave everything she had.  For Justin, his tone is like honey in her ears and that can’t be trained. She chose Justin.  Gwen said Destiny has so much potential.  She has this stage presence. Justin’s tone is like butter.  Gwen chose Justin as the winner.

BATTLE WINNER: Justin.  Gwen said she knows that Justin was incredible when she pushed her button.  She thinks people are going to react “what was that” when they see Justin.

SAVE – Gwen used her Save on Destiny. Gwen said Destiny is just a beautiful person and wants to get to know her.  She said Destiny made all the coaches light up and so she had to Save her.  



TEAM CAMILA (Advisor – Charlie Puth)


Sydney chose Camila because she knows what it’s like to be in their shoes.  Eric said he’s never sang outside of church.  Camila gave them “Paparazzi” song by Lady Gaga.

Camila called Eric “such a star.” He makes songs his own.  Charlie said Sydney’s voice has “a lot of haunting qualities.”  She sang a lot of notes (or a lot of scales).  Eric was worried about coming-off “too dramatic.”  Camila responded not to worry because Lady Gaga is dramatic.  Camila suggested a tip to them both to sing differently with more of an open mouth which let more out of their breaths.  When they tried it, Charlie Puth said it made a world of difference.  

Pictured: (l-r) Eric Who, Sydney Kronmiller — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After their Battle performance, Gwen said she really loved this performance “because it was so weird. I mean a great weird.”  She said it was so engaging, and Eric’s voice is so beautiful.  Sydney’s vocal style is “so unique.” Gwen said Eric sings like a soulful Pop singer and he won her over on that.  John called Sydney “really remarkable.” She was still able to give the lower notes.  Eric has a light within him and he lets it exude.  “Both of you were phenomenal,”  John told them.

Blake told Sydney that her voice is “shocking” and if it came on the radio, “I’d turn it up.”  He said Eric comes out and makes everyone so happy.  “I couldn’t say no to Eric,”  Blake said.

Coach Camila said she’s never heard a voice like Sydney’s before  With Eric, she saw him really grow as an artist. She’s really excited to hear him on the radio and see him in the performance shows.   

BATTLE WINNER: Eric. Camila said “he’s too captivating.  I’m curious how he evolves. I just want to keep watching him.”  Camila was really sad about not being able to Save Sydney because she was someone she was really excited about. 

TEAM BLAKE (Advisor – Jimmie Allen)


Pictured: (l-r) Benny Weag, Brayden Lape — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Blake said he was the only one to turn around for both of these guys.  Blake said he purposely waits until the last minute to turn for some of the Country artists because the other coaches are waiting to see what he does.  

Blake paired the two together because he wanted to see who stands out more as the better vocalist.  Brayden has been singing for only a year and a half.   Blake gave them “Pretty Heart” by Parker McCollum.

Jimmie liked how Brayden’s voice cuts through.  It’s rare.  He thought that Brayden voice gave off a Country John Mayor vibe.  Jimmie advised them to Make the song their own.

Benny said the song hit close to home from when he went through a divorce.  It’s hard to not feel like the bad guy, he said.  Both Benny and Brayden sang with their guitars.  Jimmie asked if they were using their guitars because it adds something to the song, or are they using it as a crutch.

Blake told Brayden that he has the quality of having the world at his fingertips.  He was showing his nerves big time.  Then Benny was a “little freaked-out.”  Blake said when they leave “The Voice,” getting the Grammys is a cakewalk.  

In their hotel rehearsal, Benny and Brayden realized that it was pointless to have their guitars because you couldn’t really hear them anyway.  So, they decided to sing without their guitars. 

After their Battle performance, Camila told them “that was so awesome!” She told Brayden that she can’t believe he’s 15, and it was the same age she was when she was on a singing competition show. She loves the crack in his voice. She didn’t understand why she didn’t turn around for Benny.  Camila chose Brayden due to his young voice that he adds to the tune.  Gwen told Benny to feel the song with his body.  She was excited to see what Brayden does because there’s so much growing to do.  John told Brayden that he has a bit more to develop, but his tone is so cool.

Coach Blake said, “the line in the song says, what you say about me.”  Benny said “what did you say about me?”  Blake liked the tone and youth in Brayden’s voice.  “There’s something brave and enduring.”  Blake chose Brayden.

BATTLE WINNER: Brayden.  Blake said Brayden has all this potential and star quality.  As he gets comfortable in this situation, the sky’s the limit.  



They sang “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift.  Blake said he sees the contrast and experience in singing.  BATTLE WINNER: Eva Ullmann

SOLsong vs. MORGAN TAYLOR  (Team Legend)

John said Morgan was a bit more confident and her tone is powerful and beautiful.  BATTLE WINNER: Morgan Taylor.

Pictured: Morgan Taylor — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC


Gwen told Daysia that she was amazed at how much she’s grown.  BATTLE WINNER: Daysia.  Gwen said Daysia is a diamond in the rough.  “Her voice can do so much,” said Gwen.

TEAM LEGEND (Advisor – Jazmine Sullivan)


Pictured: (l-r) Parajita Bastola, The Marilynds — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Parajita is 17 years old, and The Marilynds are a sister duo.  John gave them “How Deep is Your Love.”  John said he thought it was a good harmony for them to sing together.  The Marilynds could relate to the song from leaning on family to get through their struggles including overcoming eating disorders.

Jazmine said Parajita has a beautiful tone and can’t wait  to hear her in five years when she steps more into her tone.  When the Marilynds harmonize, being siblings, it’s something you can’t duplicate. Jazmine advised them that when they mess up, don’t let it show. 

Parajita was a 4-chair-turn.  She said choosing John was the perfect decision for her.  She said the song is very deep, and it’s about emotional, deep connection.  “The song makes me want to believe in love.  It’s really beautiful,” said Parajita.  John said in this Battle situation, “you have to change your M.O. a little bit and be a good teammate.”  He said it’s about execution for the Marilynds who weren’t used to harmonizing with a third person.

After their Battle performance, Blake said with duos, there’s always one person ahead of the other. But the Marilynds were so “locked in.”  John’s reaction was that Parajita is 17-years-old.  Her voice is unique and powerful.  She walked in like “I’m here and I’m about to blow your face off.”  He went with Parajita.  

Camila said the Marilynds were so tight when they were singing together, like a vanilla candle being dripped into her ear.   Parajita seems effortless and has a gorgeous voice.  Gwen said about the Marilynds that she saw so much more talent than the first time (audition). They blend very well together in the harmonies.  Parajita’s personality was coming out and her voice sounded like a 70’s singer songwriter voice.  

John was worried about whether or not Parajita would find a way to fit in with The Marilynds.  The quality of the Marilynds execution was really strong.  Parajita is connected to who she is. It’s amazing that so much self awareness is coming from someone so young.  John chose Parajita.

BATTLE WINNER: Parajita.  John said she was beloved by all the coaches in the Blinds and she showed us why.  Her tone is open and beautiful and she has a magical presence.  So, John said he had to pick her.

SAVE – John Saved The Marilynds.  They have something special to offer in this competition, John said.



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