It’s Go Time on AMERICAN IDOL Season 15 Top 10!

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February 22, 2016
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It’s Go Time on AMERICAN IDOL Season 15 Top 10!

“American Idol” announced their final season’s Top 10 contestants: Oliva Rox, Gianna Isabella, Lee Jean, Avalon Young, Dalton Rapattoni, Tristan McIntosh, MacKenzie Bourg, La’Porsha Renae, Sonika Vaid, and Trent Harmon. Each Top 10 contestant shared who was there number one American Idol from the past seasons.

American Idol season 15 Top 10

The performances started out a with an impressive performance from Olivia Rox followed by Gianna Isabella, Lee Jean, and Avalon Young who was said to have not selected the right song. Then things began to pick-up with Dalton Rappatoni’s performance, followed by MacKenzie Bourg. Things went into overdrive when La’Porsha Renae hit the stage. Winning performances came after that from Sonika Vaid, then lastly Trent Harmon. The contestants made way for the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson who gave a live and emotional performance on the show that forever changed her life.

OLIVIA ROX sang “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry.

Keith told her she’s on an artist projectory and advised her to keep relaxing. Jennifer said the song suited her voice and it was beautiful. Kelly loved “the big parts” and has been a fan of Olivia’s. Harry loved it and said she did everything she had to do

GIANNA ISABELLA sang “Listen” by Beyonce.

Jennifer told her it was not her best performance. Gianna does have the power, but it was shaky and called her extremely talented but needs to feel 100% comfortable with the song she’s singing Kelly said Gianna being “pitchy “is something she’ll grow out of because she’s 15 years old. Kelly got flustered when she said she sees herself in Gianna because she used to go pitchy when she was “thinking about it.” Harry said it felt “really arranged” and “rehearsed.” Keith said all she needs to do is believe in herself because “the gift is there.”

LEE JEAN sang “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. Lee’s American Idol is Chris Medina.

Kelly advised him to stick with what he likes – which is more chilled out. But, other vocalists are “going to blow it”. Harry commented that Lee and MacKenzie are similar vocalists and can’t see Lee doing any “EDM”. He also advised him to concentrate on pitch. Keith said one thing he’s got in his wheelhouse is that he tells a story. Jennifer said it’s about his performances being more impactful with what he does. Chris Medina was in the audience and surprised Lee. Although Chris’ mic was off, Ryan translated that he approved.

The in-house mentor Scott Borchetta said “It is show time, it is go time” and told them that each time they get onto the stage, they have to act like it’s their last time.

AVALON YOUNG performed “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes. She said Justin Guarini will be her idol forever.

Harry said she does “exude cool time” and that it wasn’t the best song for her. Keith said the advantage to a live setting is that they get to watch the audience react. He commented that she was too stiff in the beginning. Jennifer said they could all sense that it wasn’t natural and easy for her to perform that song like she was performing “Yo” last night. Kelly called Avalon “captivating” and “special” and doesn’t like the songs that she sings, but loves them when Avalon sings them.
Hey There Delilah”

DALTON RAPATTONI sang “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Ts. His American Idol’s were Chris Daughtry and David Cook

The crowd was roaring It was electric barnyard!” said Keith. Jennifer said, “you really are the cool guy but you also have lot of heart.” Kelly said his comfortableness really bleeds through and every time he sings he’s like a different artist. Harry said Keith know what it used to feel like to have girls screaming at him. Harry complimented Dalton on completely flipping the arrangements of the songs he performs and he’s batting 1000 so far.

TRISTAN MCINTOSH favored Jessica Sanchez as her American Idol. She sang “Nothing Like You” by Dan + Shay.

Jennifer noted that it’s a very young Top 10 this season and felt like Tristan didn’t give the strongest performance. She said it’s about finding the right song that’s comfortable and not stretching herself out from age 15. Kelly she’s love to her Tristan sing a Trisha Yearwood song and thinks she’d nail it. Harry advised that he’d choose more songs that are cross-over songs. Keith said that it doesn’t matter what the song is, but the song that she chose is a tricky song and she needed to watch her pitch.

MACKENZIE BOURG said he lost his mind when he saw William Hung on “American Idol” and he’s his idol not because he’s a good singer, but he was memorable. MacKenzie sang “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran.

Kelly said her fetus liked MacKenzie because he was doing flips during his performance. She said MacKenzie knows exactly where he wants to go and is excited to see what he does in the future. Keith liked that he plays guitar and said he pulls them in. Jennifer agreed and said it’s interesting to see what songs he does that makes an impact.

LA’PORSHA RENAE said “American Idol” was like her family’s Super Bowl. Kelly Clarkson is her American Idol. She sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna and NAILED IT! The audience went wild after her performance, and La’Porsha cried on stage.

American Idol season 15 top 10, La'Porsha Renae

Harry said the audience going crazy is her critique. Kelly said “if I were you (which God bless I wish I were) every time I opened my mouth I’d say ‘you’re welcome” and said La’Porsha is so blessed. Jennifer said she is “so controlled.” Keith said what she just gave was “pure humanity.”

SONIKA VAID‘s mom got her into “American Idol” and said she’d love to be confident on stage like Kelly Clarkson. Sonika sang “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence.

Jennifer said Sonika is “dangerous”, especially if she keeps up with the confidence on stage. Kelly noted that Sonika is never pitchy. Harry said it takes a certain type of performer to go on stage after someone like La’Porsha who got such rave reviews and crowd attention. He gave her props.

MARK HARMON sang “Like I Can” by Sam Smith.

Jennifer said it’s one of the best competition’s they’ve had on A.I and Trent is one of the reason. She said she really loves him. Kelly called it a “natural gift” that Trent has and loves his falsetto. Harry called Trent’s performance “fantastic,” and he loves runs. He said it was right on the money. Keith said since La’Porsha, everyone is rising to the occasion.

Watch KELLY CLARKSON‘s emotional “American Idol” live performance here!

American Idol season 15 Kelly Clarkson



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