Katie Fears the Wrong Man Left on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Week 7 Recap

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July 14, 2021
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Katie Fears the Wrong Man Left on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Week 7 Recap

Pictured (l-r): GREG, MICHAEL, JUSTIN, ANDREW S., BLAKE MOYNES. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Last week’s episode of season 17 of “The Bachelorette” left about half of the men standing.  Four men went home and this week, there’s only seven men left.  The guys were all thinking about the hometown dates which are around the corner.  Andrew said there’s more conversations that he needs to have with Katie first and was looking forward to getting more time with her this week.

The only guys left-out of having one-on-one dates were Mike and Brendan.  Mike said if his family likes Katie, that it will get him to really think about an engagement.

Katie told co-host Tayshia Adams that  she’s looking forward to going on more dates with this core group and was “struggling” with the men in figuring out her final four.  She wants to strengthen her relationships.  “I want to start narrowing-in on who my person is,” she told Tayshia.

Blake told Brendan that he has to have a one-on-one with Katie.  Brendan said when he’s with Katie, it feels like they can take over the world.  The date card arrived.  It had Greg’s name on it.  The card read: “Greg, let’s see if this can really work…Love Katie.”  Greg saw it as an opportunity “to really build on something here.”  He was shocked, and excited to spend more time.  Blake’s reaction said he was jealous.  He told the other guys that he can’t see her having as strong of a connection with any other man.  Michael was also jealous of Greg’s one-on-one date.


Michael was stressed about his home life and stated that because he has a kid and is taking care of in-laws, he can’t go into a hometown date having “all these questions in the air.”




Greg and Katie had a casual date that included playing football together.

Back to the men: Andrew talked to Brendan in the hot tub and said it’s hard to think if Kaite has a strong connection with Greg.

Back to Greg and Katie:  Katie told Greg that she couldn’t wait to see him.  Katie asked Greg how he was doing so far in the process.  He said “it’s been a roller coaster for me.” Greg said it was validating getting the last one-on-one date.  He said it means the world to him when he gets confirmation that there is something between him and it gets him through it.  Katie said it feels like they had their last one-on-one date so long ago.  Greg revealed that he hasn’t introduced someone to his mom in a long time.  Katie asked if that’s something he’d be ready for?  He answered “yes.”

Pictured: KATIE THURSTON, GREG. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Greg said coming to this environment, “it’s hard not to feel secure sometimes.”  He said he has had his “weak moments…I’ve been scared as hell” and said Katie’s “been incredible” and he feels like the luckiest guy in the world.  Greg told her that if he makes it to the Hometowns,  “I’m really excited to show my family the girl that I’m falling in love with.”  Katie replied that she’s happy to hear that and she’s excited about them.  Katie said that they’ve been able to connect on the deepest level and she’d been waiting to hear from him that he’s falling in love with her.  “That was the clarification I needed,” Katie said in her confessional.

She gave Greg the date rose.  He was also her first impression rose.  In her confessional, Katie said Greg is definitely someone she’s falling in love with.  They went outside, where Katie said it wouldn’t be Seattle without some rain.  Then the fake rain started coming down as the two went into the rain and kissed.  Greg said Katie has made him “love more than I thought I ever could.”


Back to the men:  The next date card arrived.  It read:  “Justin, Andrew, Blake, Michael A., Brendan.  There is an art to love.  Love Katie.”  That meant that Mike had the one-on-one date.  Brendan told Mike that he’s happy for him.  Brendan didn’t understand why he’s still there.  “I didn’t get a one-on-one.  Why am I still here.”  Then, Brendan got up and walked out of the room.




Mike was excited about his one-on-one date with Katie.   Brendan walked over to Katie’s room to talk.    She was surprised to see him.  He said he wanted an one-on-one in his confessional and feels that if he got that, he would get a rose.   She told him that she felt a connection with him.  But, because Hometowns is next week, she doesn’t think they could get there in time and doesn’t think it’s right to make him “go through that. ”  So, Katie sent Mike home.  He dropped-by Blake’s room to say goodbye after Katie broke-up with him.



Katie said she wanted to focus on “just having a good time” and wanted the guys to loosen-up.  They went to an “art exhibit” that were all paintings of  flowers that were sitting on easels set-up outside.  They got to meet the artist – Jacqueline Secor.  She asked what the guys thought about her pieces.  Blake said he thought it was “messy.”  She told them that “it’s actually my self-portrait.”  She announced to the guys that they would all be painting a self portrait on this date.

Michael made a butt sculpture.  Andrew drew him and Katie eating sushi.  Justin made a painting of meeting Katie and having offspring. Blake drew a “physical” representation (that had to be blacked-out) visual of what species can do and reproduce.  Katie turned away with embarrassment.



Katie clarified that whoever got the rose on this group date meant that they’d get a hometown date.  Katie said she was looking for “clarity and confirmation” in this relationship and “who’s ready for the next step” in her confessional video.  She told Blake that she thought they are “a lot alike.”  Blake told Katie that he knows that he’s not in love right now.  But, the way they’re going, he knows he’ll get there.  Katie said she’s struggling because Blake hasn’t been there since the beginning.

Justin spent some alone time with Katie.  He gifted her a beautiful butterfly painting.  Katie reminded him that he was her first kiss there.  She said when she’s with Justin, she feels 110% herself.  He said he likes that it doesn’t feel forced with her.  Then, Michael was next.  He told her that it’s scary for him to open his heart again.  She told Michael to know that every time she gives him a rose, she’s also giving it to his son James.  Michael told her that he’s sure that “no one can love you like I can.”  He said he got the clarification that he needed when she told him that if it’s just the two of them left in the end, that they will “figure it out.”

Andrew told Katie that football has been a big part of his life.  But, since he’s done playing there’s an empty void in his life.  She asked if he was done.  He said he’s willing to be done.  She said if that’s his dream, then she would encourage him to keep going.  “We’re always going to have obstacles.”  She said he’s the kind of guy that she can feel confident with.  Andrew then  took Katie outside for a reminder of their one-on-one date.  There were lights and a card hanging from one of them.  The card read, “I’m falling for you.” Katie loved it and they kissed.


Many of the men were disappointed when Michael received the group date rose.


Katie said she never thought she’d date a virgin, but Mike continues to amaze her.  She said “today is about pushing us out of our comfort zone” and wants to see if they have a physical connection.  They went to “cuddle jean queen” because she’s a “cuddle expert.”  She told them to change into something more comfortable.  They reconvened wearing all white leisure outfits.  Mike was already feeling uncomfortable with the thought of cuddling on the first date and in the woods.
As Katie and Mike couldn’t stop laughing while going through the cuddling motions, Jean said there’s a lot of nervous laughter and asked them what’s wrong.  She said things are awkward with them.  Mike said things are awkward and loves that Katie is a nurturer that reminded him of his mom.   Mike said that physical touch is everything to him.

Mike said he waited to have sex for a reason.  He also told Katie that she reminds him of his mom because she takes-on everyone’s feelings.  “It’s a lot” and he said he’d rather have his heart broken a thousand times over than to break someone’s heart.

Back at the house:  The men were talking about how nice but different Mike is from Katie and they just didn’t see him coming back.

Back to Katie & Mike:  Mike was seen sitting by himself and heavy in thought.  Then Katie returned to their date and was emotional.  She told him that she’s struggling because they had a wonderful time that bonded them.  She said the bigger picture, “I know I do have stronger relationships.”  It was tough because “today would have had to take it to the very top and it didn’t’.” She told him that it’s not fair to continue the date with dinner that night knowing that her heart isn’t in it.

Mike replied to this unpleasant news,  “no matter what the result is.  My respect for you is never going to change.”  He told her that those guys are really lucky because he knows what type of wife she’s going to be and what type of mother she’ll be.  He regretted that he and Katie didn’t have more time.

Katie was in tears as Mike left.  The remaining guys were:  Justin, Michael, Greg, Blake, and Andrew S.

Katie said the only thing that keeps her going is “the hope that this is all worth it in the end.”



Greg and Michael already had roses.

Justin, Andrew and Blake were competing for two roses.  Katie sat down with hosts Kaitlyn and Tayshia before going into the Rose Ceremony.  Kaitlyn reminded Katie that every man that she gives a rose to she’s going to meet their families.  Katie was still afraid of sending home a guy that she was meant to be with.  “Everything is worth it if I find my person in the end of this,” Katie told Kaitlyn and Tayshia.

Katie said there’s this possibility of sending home the wrong person.  She told the men that this week has been really difficult for her and meeting their families is not something she takes lightly.  Katie said knowing that her future husband is there is scary.  She told them that by accepting her rose, they are accepting an engagement at the end.

Pictured (l-r): GREG, MICHAEL, JUSTIN, ANDREW S., BLAKE MOYNES. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

THE ROSE WENT TO:  Justin, and Blake.  That meant that Andrew S. was going home.  It was heart-breaking.  After Katie walked Andrew out, she explained why she didn’t choose him.

She told Andrew that she’s sorry and he is such an “amazing man.”  He deserves someone who is 100% passionate and couldn’t look his family in the eyes knowing what he deserves and they know what he deserves.  She said it’s really hard saying goodbye because he’s truly one of a kind!   Andrew said “it’s bittersweet” but he will forever hold her dear to his heart.

Andrew said it’s heartbreaking and he hasn’t felt this about a woman before.

The next morning, Justin told the men in the house that  “last night was very stressful” and he was extremely grateful to be there.  Michael said this is the opportunity for Katie to get to see their families.  He noticed that Katie was devastated about saying goodbye to Andrew.


Katie was in her room still thinking about sending home Andrew.  She said, “it was really hard to let him go.  He is someone who I will always think about.”  Then she got a knock on the door and it was Andrew.   He was smiling and asked how she was.  He said he had time to think about everything.  Andrew said it wasn’t like him to leave on a non-smiling note.   Katie explained that it was really hard and that it was the first time she made a decision that she didn’t feel 100% confident about.

Andrew said it’s hard but it meant so much to him and he fell for her.  He said, “the pain I have.  It gives me comfort.”  Andrew also added,  it’s a feeling that he’s never felt with a woman before.  Katie told him, “I’m glad that we met.”    As she walked him out, Andrew handed her a letter and told her to read it after he’s gone.

Andrew’s note was “if you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.”   Katie broke-down then left to chase after Andrew.  She jumped up into his arms.  Andrew said “it’s real..whenever, if ever.  You have me.”  She asked if he wanted to stay a little longer?  He said it’s tough because “it did happen.”  He said he feels hurt in this place.

Andrew said he wanted to say “yes.”  But, he wants his future wife to choose him.  “I wasn’t chosen” and he doesn’t want to go through this with her again.   Katie said Andrew gave her the closure that she didn’t know she needed, and she didn’t want to say goodbye.  “If it was Andrew and I at the end of this,  I would be so lucky,”  she said in her confessional.

NEXT WEEK:  Katie hasn’t admitted to anybody that she’s in love with them yet.  Michael was feeling conflicted and “at war” with himself.  Greg said he wants to feel like the only one.  But he’s not.  Katie said “it’s possible that my person just left.”  Also, “The Men Tell All” is next week!!




We hope Andrew S. is our next ‘Bachelor!



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