Kelly’s Big Win Over Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Premiere Recap!

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September 18, 2021
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September 28, 2021
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Kelly’s Big Win Over Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Premiere Recap!

Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Ariana Grande -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“The Voice” season 21 premiere opened the show Monday night with a performance by the coaches – Blake Shelton, John Legend, who performed “Hold On” together.  And, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson who sang “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.

Blake said about new coach, Pop mega-star Ariana Grande, that most people don’t know that she’s a gifted producer and songwriter.  Blake said she’s a super-star.

“I think my ears are better than my voice,” Ariana stated. She added “it’s an amazing opportunity and she’s so proud to be part of ‘The Voice’ family.”  The returning coaches had no trouble schooling Ariana on just how vicious and cut-throat they are when it comes to scoring talent on their Teams.  The most surprising moment of the season 21 premiere actually came at the end of night two on Tuesday night’s Blind Auditions.

Having similar musical genres and backgrounds, Ariana Grande and John Legend kept turning for a lot of the same artists and found themselves in constant rivalry with one another in scoring these artists on their own Teams.

Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Ariana Grande — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Pictured: Girl Named Tom — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The first contestant was actually three singers who are siblings – two brothers and one sister.  Becca, who’s brothers called her “Thomas” when she was younger.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, John, Blake, Ariana

The group had amazing vocals and harmonization.  Kelly bragged that she turned BEFORE anyone!  Blake said he’s had success coaching all genres of artists.  Than said “thank you, next!”  Ari said she loved how tightly knit their harmonies are.   John noted that he’s arranged gospel music his whole life.  He related with them by stating they’re good Midwestern artists.   Blake advised “find great songs and sing them.”  Ariana said “harmonies are my favorite thing in the world.”

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Ariana reacted that she wasn’t expecting it to be “this cut throat.”


KATIE RAE (Team Ariana)

Katie is 35-years-old from Sacramento, California.  She’s been singing her whole life, but never sang a show until she was in her 30’s.  Katie has been married for 13 years. After having her son, Katie experienced postpartum.  She said music really helped her through it.  She normally sings R&B and soul, but got into Maran Morris after hearing “Girl” by Maren Morris.  Katie said the song spoke to her.  She sang “The Bones” song from the same Maren Morris album.

Chair Turns:  John, Kelly, Ariana

Ari loved her bravado, tones, the runs, and called her a “bad bitch” vocalist.  John said Katie left Ariana speechless. Blake said he hopes she left Kelly speechless.  While John was talking, saying, “I’d love to work with you..”  Ariana pushed a button that played “Thank you, next!”   Katie said she started listening to Maren Morris after she had her son, and “this one is for my son.”  Kelly said Katie’s lows are “magical, like sizzling butter.”   Ariana said she would have a baby for Katie to be on her Team.  “I have a lot of experience as well.  I crammed a lot of experience in my tiny 10 year period.”  And she wants to help Katie.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  It was Ariana’s first artist. Ari said she feels that her and Katie have the same influences.  She could see Katie singing Leona Lewis.    Ariana’s first aid kits to her new artist contain supplements and  honey packets to soothe the voice.  “I want my artists that I work with to have longevity.”  Katie said Ari was fighting really hard for her and that’s why she chose her for a coach.

Ariana thanked Blake for teaching her “to be mean.”

PEEDY CHAVIS (Team Blake) 

Peedy is 19-years-old from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Peedy sang Elvis song “Heartbreak Hotel.”   He has hair similar to Elvis.

Chair Turns: John, Blake

Blake reacted “that had me fired the hell up.”  Peedy said Elvis is definitely an inspiration – ever since he saw the Elvis “1968 Comeback Special”    He started a band called “1255′  They play funk, soul, do-whop, and Rock-n-Roll.  He’s an old soul and wants to bring that music back to this generation. Blake said he had a friend who wrote the song that Peedy just sang.  Kelly told John that he just lost to Blake.  “I appreciate Elvis and would be damn proud to be your coach,” Blake told Peedy/  Ari said she wishes he had more of himself in the performance.

Peedy said he loves Dean Martin, Samy Davis Jr.  John told Peedy he’d love to work with him and “bring this classic music to a new generation.”  John went on to say he could also help Peedy break into movies.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said Peedy has so much confidence on stage. Blake has his “Win Cam” To rub it into peoples’ faces that the artists  chose him!  John said “Bake is pretty much unbearable to be around now that he’s won ‘The Voice’ again.”


Johnathan is 30-years-old from Los Angeles, California.  He comes from a musical family.  His mom used to be a backup singer for Motown singers that included Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye.  At age 36, she retired and started being a vocal coach.  Johnathan landed a role in a show in Japan.

In 2014, he noticed a lump in the side of his neck.  It was stage 4 cancer.  The doctor told his Dad that Johnathan needed chemo like yesterday.  His mom encouraged him to fight.    He’s been cancer-free for five years now.   His mom presented him with a scrap book of his journey throughout his cancer.   Johnathan sang “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turn: John, Ariana

Ariana loved his versus which were more “conversational.”  John told him, I felt you approached the song with all the right emotion. Said he reminds him of the old time R&B 80’s artists like Michael Ocean “that were smooth as hell.”   Blake said it’s weird that John compared him to Billy Ocean!  John said he also hears a little Luther Vandross too.  Blake said John’s had a long dry spell.  The jury’s still out for Ariana, and “she may step-in and win this sucker,”  Blake predicted.

Coach:  John Legend.  John said he’s so happy that Johnathan’s his first artist.  He has a beautiful sense of control and execution, John said about Johnathan.


Marco is from Venezuela.  He’s a 15-year-old Latin singer and currently lives in  Minnesota.  He said “The Voice” is the biggest stage he’s been on.  He wants to be a cross-over artist.  Marco sang “Bailamos” song by Enrique Iglesias for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

Blake said him being 15-years-old explains so much.   Ariana said his runs were “so clean,” and there was a consistent pitch issue.  As soon as he works on that and grows up, he’ll get better.  Ari said “why didn’t anyone tell me how difficult it was going to be to see people who didn’t get any chairs turn for them?”  She said she likes it when people bring who they are as an artist to the music.



Katherine is 22-years-old from Memphis, Tennessee.  In High School she was in an a capplla group where she was the only Sophomore.  They won an a cappella challenge by Pentanoix.  She said to finally be on “The Voice” as a solo artist is nerve wracking.  She sang “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” with her own twist.  Ariana and Blake pushed their buttons at the very last second.

Chair Turns: Ariana, Blake

Katherine told Ariana that she’s obsessed with her.  Ari said her voice is “phenomenal.” She said she could tell Katherine was nervous, but the technique is there.  Katherine said she dressed up as Ariana one year for Halloween.   Ari said “it’s not just about winning this show, it’s about building  a lifelong career for yourself.”  Kelly endorsed Ariana by saying she’s going to have an amazing time with Ariana this season.  Blake fighted that he’s been on the show the longest, the oldest coach and can navigate the show.  He’s had “a lifetime in this dame business.”  John said for once, Blake has told the truth.”  He’s the oldest on the show.

Blake said he’s never dressed up as Ariana on Halloween.  He thinks Ariana is awesome and talented but doesn’t know how she’ll be as a coach.  “Where I have zero to prove.  Just pick me as your coach,” said Blake.

Coach: Ariana Grande.  Ariana said, “I finally got to properly stand up for myself and it worked!”  She said she’s starting to get the hang of it.

JACK ROGAN (Team John)

Jack said outside of playing for family and friends, “The Voice” is his first gig.  Jack is 18-years-old from Rochester, NY.  He has five siblings from ages 12 to 30.  Jack said he was 12 or 13 when his brother taught him how to play guitar.  He first sang at a party setting for a bunch of adults when he realized his talent.   His full time job is at a nursing home.  He plays the piano there.  All the coaches are an inspiration for him, but he considers Ariana Grande a trail-blazer.

Chair Turns: John, Kelly

Ariana said he has such a cool voice but was waiting to be moved a little bit more emotionally.  She said she’d go to his show.  John pointed-out that he turned first.  John told Jack, “the gravity and beauty of your tone sounded so heart-breaking.”  John called it an enjoyable story-telling performance.  Kelly said she heard some Johnny Cash, and Chris Stapleton “where that voice is so iconic.”  He told Kelly that he’s a Sophomore in college.  On selecting a coach, John told Jack that he can’t go wrong either way, “but can go MORE right one way.”

Coach:  John Legend.  John said he’s building a Team to win.  He’s looking for singers that have the fire and passion.


KINSEY ROSE (Team Kelly)

Kinsey sang “Cowboy Take Me Away.”  She ‘s from Nashville, Tenn. Kinsey started playing piano and guitar when she was ten.  Her Major was in music.  Kinsey has been living in Nashville for 11 years and has been performing as much as possible.  She recorded an album with Vince Gill.  “Sometimes I’m on top of the world, then I’m singing for tips again,” said Kinsey.

Chair Turn:  Kelly, Blake (Blocked)

Kelly turned immediately, and Blocked Blake!  Blake asked Ariana if she thought he was Blocked.  She said “no.”  Blake turned and discovered that he was indeed Blocked!  Ariana told Kinsey that she’s fantastic!  John said if he’s moved by a voice he’ll turn no matter what genre.  He thought she was “a little pitchy.”  Kelly said she loved that she sang the Dixie Chicks.  She used her only Block on her.  Kinsey said she’s glad that Kelly wanted her!

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said Kinsey’s voice has purpose and a good story-teller vibe.

VAUGHN MOGUL (Team Ariana)

Vaughn is from Beaumont, Texas.  He is a nurse who comes from a long line of nurses in his family.  He said he sings to his patients and to be able to help people through the healing process is rewarding.  Vaughn was 12-years old when he moved to the U.S.  He said he learned English by listening to the Rock music his parents would play.  “Watching The Voice, never did I think I’d be on the actual show performing.”  Vaughn sang “The A Team.”

Chair Turns:  John, Kelly, Ariana

Ariana said she loves the break in his voice and the fuller parts in his voice.  She would love to work with him on perfecting those moments.   When Vaughn stated that he likes R&B and Pop music, Ariana said it sounds like they have a lot in common.   Vaughn said he’s a registered nurse and usually sings to his patients.  John was surprised because he said Vaughn sounds like someone who’s seasoned.  Kelly said Vaughn is an emotional singer and that’s all she is, is an emotional singer.

Blake said Vaughn is an incredible singer, but he hates all three of those people (coaches).   Ariana said “I’m new here and you guys don’t know me as a coach yet.”  She said wants to help him sing the right songs and guide him.  She’d like to answer all his questions and help him to become one of the biggest artists he can be.  “I want to be here to do the real work.”

Coach: Ariana Grande.  Ari said “I love Vaughn so much. You can hear his heart in his voice.  She wants to prove to everyone that she’s going to be the best coach as possible and wants to bring home a win.

Ariana told the other coaches that she’s learning how to fight.



Gracie is 18-years-old.  She’s been doing Fashion development and singing on the side.  Gracie was hoping for Ariana to turn.   Gracie sang “Control” for her Blind Audition.   Kelly said it was a good song for a competition.  But, “the control” was very in the back of her mouth and she wanted to hear it come out.  Ari said her bravado is like a hula hoop and she needs more time.  Gracie actually met Ariana at her Honeymoon Tour and brought the photos they took together.  Ariana planted a lipstick kiss on the back of one of the photos for her and kept the other one.

Chair Turns: None

Ariana said she looks for tone, precision and clean runs.  “I like when people make it their own.” John called Ari the “most technical vocal coach.” Ariana said that’s all I have.”

WENDY MOTEN (Team Blake)

Pictured: Wendy Moten — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Wendy has toured with some of the greatest artists.  But, coming to “the Voice” is the scariest.”  In the 90s, she had a song called “Come In Out of The Rain.”  It was in the Top 100.  She was on Jay Leno. “I was in the game.” Her contract ended. She started background singing.  It lasted for 15 years.  She knew she’d want to do solo again.   Wendy said “being here is winning. Now enjoy it…It’s real for me.”  Wendy sang “We Can Work it Out,” by the Beatles, but in a very 90s type of R&B kind of way.

Chair Turns: Blake, John (Blocked), Ariana, Kelly

Born in Mempshis, Tenn, but she’s been living in Nashville, Tennessee for 25 years. John said her instrument is “beyond” and has so much light in her voice.  John blamed Blake for Blocking him.  Of course, Blake denied it.  Ari said “I don’t know if I heard anyone sing like that in my life.” She’s said she’s had 35 years in the music industry.  Wendy named a few artists whom she’s worked with in the past.  Some of them are -Vince Gill, John Oats…just to name a few.  Ari said it was an honor for them to work with her!  Kelly said “you are what this show is all about.  Her voice “is so transcendent that you move people to another level.”

Blake said that is Top 3 Blind Audition for the voice of all time.  She found a not and delivered it with so much impact.  Blake told Wendy that she blew the hair color out of his hair.  Kelly said, “I have a TV show, I have jackets.”   Ariana said I don’t have a TV show.”  She told Wendy she is “unbelievable.”  She can help amplify her voice and it would be a privilege to be her coach.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said Wendy is one of the best vocalists he has ever heard on the show.  “I can’t wait to see where this goes.”   Ariana said she’s heartbroken and her world is shattered.  “I want to make him think he got me and then pull one over on him,” said Ariana about Blake.


Night two of “The Voice” season 21 started out with champion Blake Shelton winning over the first artist of the night.  Two coaches still had two blocks left.  The second part of the season 21 premiere is where we see Ariana really struggling to get her footing on how to one-up the other coaches during the argument phase of luring artists to her Teams.  The same struggles all new coaches have in the Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas.  But, nothing prepared us for when the last artist of the night sang Ariana Grande song “P.O.V.” and went with Team Kelly!! Mind blown.

LANA SCOTT (Team Blake)

Lana is from Chesapeake, Virginia.  She’s 28-years-old and currently lives in Pasadena with roommates and they have chickens.   In school, she had fun in musical theater.  Her Grandma said when she sees her do Country, she sees her.

She said her grandmother believed in her before she believed in herself.  “I think being surrounded by artists of different genres keeps me on my toes,” said Lana and is why she doesn’t move to Nashville.   Being at “The Voice” feels like the next big step for her, she said.

“I’m a Pop/Country artist and would love for Kelly to turn,” stated Lana,  although her Dad wants Blake.   Her Grandma always said she’d be on “The Voice.”   She sang “Hole in the Bottle.”  Blake turned first.

Chair Turns:  Blake, Kelly

Blake told her, “THAT is Country.  Blake said that song is by Chelsea Ballerina.. Kelly wouldn’t know, he teased.  Blake said he can’t put a value on her tone.  She has that “whiny thing that we don’t hear anymore in Country,” said Blake.  Kelly told her that she has that really cool stylized Country sound that she loves.  Blake said “after 21 seasons of doing this” he’s not pandering with unnecessary gifts.  He said the number one gift he gives people is the championship. In the midst of Blake carrying on, John and Ariana got up and left to get a snack.

When they arrived back, Kelly and Blake were still going head-to-head.  John cut in and told her, “we just wanted to say hello” and he loved the higher register of her voice.  Ariana said, “you sound beautiful.   I love your style.  It’s just distinctly, classically Country, and I’m so excited for Kelly.”  Blake said he doesn’t “dabble in other things” and Country is the only thing he does.

Coach: Blake Shelton.  Blake celebrated, “there’s nothing better than being ganged-up by all three of the other coaches and still getting the artist!” He said her voice is “genuine” and it stands-out.  He can’t wait to pick out songs for her.

After the commercial break, Ariana Grande did a brief backstage tour on her phone on her social media.  Shes stated to give her “point-of-view.”  Hmmm… this was a foreshadowing of what was to come later in the episode.


Samuel is 26-years-old and he and his four siblings were all adopted.  Samuel is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  His dad plays in a Bluegrass family band called “The Harness Family Band.”  Samuel said family is more than biology.  “When I turned 18, I was given the option to reach-out to my birth mom, which I did.”  He said it gave him a sense of understanding.  He has a four-year-old son.  Samuel said music helped in his struggle with identity.  He sang “Here Without You” by Three Doors Down for his Bind Audition.  He said the song resonates with him because he’s missing his four-year-old son.  It’s  a rock song, and Samuel said he gave it his “own flavor.”

Chair Turns: John, Blake, Ariana

Ariana said he has an incredible unique voice, “and such a grip on it.”  Sounds grungy, but didn’t sound unhealthy.  It’s really a hard thing to do, she told him.  He sounds clean and clear.  His influences are Bruno Mars, Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran  Ariana said he has a signature sound.  John said his bravado and rasp were so unique and signature.  Sometimes people with the rasp don’t have the range he has. “It’s a really powerful thing as an audience member to have an artist emote like that.” He’d be a “magical addition to Team Legend.”   Blake said “I think it’s important to not be boxed-in.  I like to dabble in other genres too..”  Kelly was freaking-out because Blake was stealing her words.  Blake bragged that he’s the returning champ and he would like to do it again!

Coach:  John Legend. John said “what a powerful performer he is.” John said the emotion that came from him seemed so powerful.  Ariana said she wished she had used her Block on Samuel.

Ariana had not used her Block. yet.  Carson Daly told her that she should have used her Block on John.


Carolina is 23-years-old and is saving money for pharmacy school.  She lives in Reno, Nevada and is studying Bio Chemistry.  Her family moved from Mexico.  When she entered kindergarten, she only spoke Spanish and kept to herself.  For the past several years, she’s been singing with her dad in a Mariachi band at a Mexican restaurant, mostly Spanish music.  Carolina said for her Blind Audition song, she chose a song that is huge in Mexico, called “El Triste,”  She said this is to show that she is proud of her heritage. This audition will help her to see if she’s good enough or if she should pursue pharmacy school, Carolina said.

Chair Turn: Kelly

John said he loves her alto range.  He was worried about her higher notes because they felt “squeezed.”  Ari loves the fullness of the lower register of her voice.  “Kelly’s going to be an amazing coach for you,” she told her.  Blake said the second she started singing, he thought “this person needs to be on Kelly’s Team.”  He said maybe she can help Kelly with the language barrier.   Kelly stated, “I thought your tone was really present and round.”

Kelly said she’s so happy she didn’t have to fight for her because she’s so “obsessed’ with her.

Ariana said she’s waiting for artists who are connected with the emotional side of a song.


Chavon is 23-years-old and is originally from Ada, Oklahoma.  He said Blake Shelton is the biggest thing to come out of Ada, Oklahoma.  Chavon comes from a very big family with all “C” names.  He sings and plays music with his siblings.   Chavon sang “Driver’s License” by Oliva Rodrigo for his Blind Audition song.  Chavon describes his sound as Pop/alternative and hopes the coaches see who he is as an artist.  He performed with his guitar.  He said his wife pushed him to pursue music and told him he shouldn’t be doing physical therapy.  She’s given him validation and encouragement and the reason he is pursuing music.

Chair Turn: John, Ariana

Chavon brought Blake an “Ada” brick.  John joked that when people come with special gifts, Blake’s instinct is to not push his button.  Ariana said she loved “the journey of that performance.”  He had the softness, then the extraordinary ending that grew. “I loved hearing the different parts of your voice.” He has a soft fasetto and stronger runs.  She told him that it would be fun to work together.  John said one of his soft spots is to listen to the Jeff Buckly kind of tone.   Chavan said he likes One Republic, Shawn Mendez.  John said he worked with Ryan from “One Republic.”  Ariana said he also worked with Ryan.  John said he loved how Chavon made the song his own.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  She said him covering that song “is a tall order.” Ariana said “it feels so good to beat John Legend.”  Chavan said he chose Ariana because he feels that he has a lot to learn from her.


Serenity is 14-years-old from Jupiter, Florida. She is a big fan of Ariana Grande’s.  “She definitely executes everything amazingly,” said Serenity about Ariana and going onto “The Voice” stage is the biggest thing she’s ever done.  She sang “I See Red” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

Kelly said she could tell that Serenity is young.  Ariana told Serenity that the safest space to grow vocally is in musical theater, which is where Serenity currently sings.   Blake said he’s glad that no one turned around because she’s good enough to make it onto the show but needs to grow another year.   Ariana said Serenity will be a rock star and if she comes to “The Voice” again hopefully she makes it on.


Joshua wants to be known as a singer.  He said he was hospitalized many times for asthma and has gone through a lot with his health.  “I can’t believe I’m here.  It’s such a dream,”  said Joshua Vancanti.  He sang “Into the Unknown” from the “Frozen 2” movie.  His family is very musical.

Chair Turns: John, Ariana (Blocked)

Ariana was shook by being Blocked! John Blocked her.  Joshua is 28-years-old from Lockport, New York.  When he was seven or eight, he was put onto steroids for his asthma.  It made him gain a lot of weight.  At his heaviest, he weighed around 300 lbs.  He didn’t want to be known as the heavy kid who can sing.  He said he went  from not eating vegetables to being a vegetarian, and still carries his weight mentally.

Kelly told him he has “an insane range.”  Blake said “it’s just so damn funny that Ariana got Blocked!” He said “it’s making my day” and was happy for Joshua that he doesn’t have to be an experiment on a first-time coach.  Ariana said she feels like they are cosmically connected.  Joshua said he likes singing musical theater and Ariana’s songs too.

Joshua said he loves Gospel and Pop.  John said he sees he Blocked the right person.  He said “I’m so grateful that you’re going to be on this show.”  John has a three and five year old, so he’s very familiar with the song.   Maybe Ariana will STEAL Joshua later!

Coach: John Legend.  John said he’s so excited to have Joshua on his Team because his voice is powerful, rangy and has so much energy.  John added that although he’s depriving him of the chance to work with Ariana, he’s also selfish.

Ariana said her and John turn a lot for the same artists.  “It’s a blessing and a curse.”  Blake said he’s looking for someone who’s going to “set this place on fire and blow the roof off.”



Pictured: Hailey Green — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Hailey is from Mississippi.   She auditioned for “The Voice” season 19.  Hailey 15-years-old.  She plays high school football and is a Line-Backer.  She’s also in a band where she gigs with them three times a week.  Both her voice and style has changed.  “I’ve changed mentally too.”  Looking back, she said, Hailey’s glad that the coaches didn’t turn because she’s been working on herself.   Hailey sang “Home” by Mark Busard.  “I’m taught to always be humble and kind.  And, still be competitive.  Not everyone gets a second chance at this and I’m grateful I have,” said Hailey.  Blake turned at the very last second!!

Chair turn: Blake

The audience chanted “Blake, Blake, Blake!!” Blake immediately went to the Blake Winner Cam.  He told the coaches that he knows they were waiting for his lead.  So, he waited until the end.  John said the voice she has is so powerful and grown-up sounding.  Kelly said she didn’t turn around because she couldn’t hear her style.  A 15-year-old singing with that much soul, is super cool.  Ariana loved how her voice sounded when she opened-up.  “I regret not turning..”  Blake said I know what they’re saying about the “wildness.”  But, he thinks he can affect change and that’s the thing that’s appealing to her voice.   He said to dial it in.  Blake said Hailey is “definitely a badass.”

JIM & SASHA ALLEN (Team Ariana)

Pictured: Jim and Sasha Allen — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

They’ve been playing ever since the son can remember.   They are from Connecticut and are a father-son duo.  In college, Jim put together a bluegrass band.  They blend very well and sometimes people can’t tell them apart.  He’s been teaching music for about 25 to 30 years.  Sasha started playing guitar at six years old and said it was amazing to have his father as a music teacher around.  Sasha was born female, and “it ate away at me.”  He said if he could just wake up as a different person he could live in peace and comfortably.   “The only way to feel like me was to transition to male.”  He had to deal with a lot of hateful comments from both teachers and students. The only thing that got him through it was music and art to express what he was going through.

Jim said there are fundamental things that don’t change about a person.  It’s great to be at a place where it’s not a big deal.”  They sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane” for their Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Ariana

Sasha presented Blake with a present of a drawing of all three of them together. Blake said “what kind of a jackass doesn’t turn around!”  Kelly told them that she does have a trio on her Team.  “But, there is no way I’m letting ya’ll go home.  I would love to be your coach.”  Blake said it’s a cool sound they have. But, he can’t put his finger on it.  “What is it?”  They said they don’t know.  Blake said well then it’s Country.”  Kelly told him not to label it.  Ariana said  their performance transported her and felt like she was at Woodstock. She hoped for a little bit more range.  But, that’s why she can work with them.  John said he loves that the family sings together and he grew up in a family that sings together and they still do at holidays.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  She said with them, she felt she should have had flowers in her hair.  “It’s really refreshing.  I don’t know that we have anyone that sounds like them on the show.”  Sasha said they chose Ariana because her range and singing style could really benefit them in coming up with harmonies.

Blake said he feels like a mean idiot that he has these people that chase him and he doesn’t turn.


Paris is 32-years-old from Jacksonville, Florida.  He said the last decade he spent his time in the U.S. Navy.  He joined when he was 20-years-old.  Paris liked that it allowed him to travel.  He worked in the engine room to keep the ship in the water. When he sang the National Anthem everyone told him he can sing!  His Naval career ended in 2017 due to a knee injury and was honorably discharged.  It gave him that push to pursue music.  Paris sang “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

Chair Turns: John, Ariana

Ariana said she’s from Florida too.  She said he has so much soul, “every new layer was really, really great.”  He sounds like singing is “his safest space” and it’s so contagious.  She said he sang so effortlessly and no one on her Team sings like him.  John told Paris that he lit the stage on fire!  The way he hit the high notes, and let it ring-out and growled at the same time.  This brought it to an excellent performance.  “I’d love to work with you and coach you.”   Kelly said there were some pitch things and didn’t know if it was nerves. But, she likes him even more so.  lake said maybe he screwed-up by not hitting his button.

Coach:  John Legend.  He told John “let’s make history.”  John loves Paris’ attitude and how excited he is to make music  and can tell he’ll put every ounce of effort and energy into it.  Ariana said John just “milked him” and laid it on so thick.  Paris chose John because “to be coached by one of the greatest and most solid musicians of our time.”

Blake told Ariana, how did she let that happen?  Paris is from her home state of Florida, and she “let him get away!!”


Cameryn is 21-years-old from a very small town.  She’s the youngest of three older brothers.  She would sing the National Anthem at all of her brothers’ games.  Her brother Corbyn was paralyzed during an accident during a game.  She helped take care of him.  She said Corbyn has taught her everything she’s carried in life and he pushed her to start in performing arts school.  Cameryn sang an Adele song for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

Cameryn said she’s been in the audience at a number of ‘Voice tapings and her audition is full circle.  Kelly wanted to hear more of her and less of Adele’s influence.  “I think that you’re cooler than that.”  Ariana said the reason she will succeed the next time she returns is because of how she handled this moment and she’s not afraid to do the work.  Kelly thinks Cameryn will “make an incredible vocalist.”

GYMANI (Team Kelly)

Pictured: Gymani — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Gymani is 22-years-old from East Point, Georgia.  She works out of her home salon.  Starting a business is terrifying.  She said the best day of her life was when she found out she was pregnant at 19.  Gymani had to instantly pick up that motherly instinct.  Gymani is a single mom. “Having two daughters under the age of three is definitely hectic,” she said.  Her mom had a band when she was growing up and it’s why Gymani wants to be a professional singer.  She performs at lounges and “hole in the walls” currently.  Gymani sang “P.O.V.” by Ariana Grande. Singing this song in front of Ariana is Huge!  She has big shoes to feel.  Gymani said she wants Ariana to hear her thumbprint.  But, she’s still keeping the integrity of the song.

Chair Turns: Blake, Ariana, John, Kelly

Ariana reacted “that’s your song now.  Take it!”  Ariana added,  “I don’t remember where I am or what’s happening!  There were so many alterations to the melody and I trusted every one of them. I believe that every one of them had an intention.”    She called her an emotional evoker and would be so honored to have her on her Team.  Ariana said she “would do anything.”  John said a four-chair-turn from them is the highest honor.  John said she had the audacity to cover Ariana’s song behind her.  Ariana said the song is Gymani’s now, and for the rest of her life, she’s going to say “I’m covering Gymani’s song.”    John said she made it so much her own and put her own stamp on this song.  He heard Jill Scott  She executed it with such flawlessness and “that’s exceptionally hard to do.”

Gymani said she’s a mother of two.  Kelly said, “me too.  We have so much in common.”  Some of Gymani’s influences include Beyonce, Rihanna, Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin.  Ariana said they have the same influences.  JOhn said he knows the music she loves and the artists.  Kelly said she had to turn around because she’s so incredibly gifted and she has NO ONE like her on her Team.  She noted that Gymani has an incredible ear for choosing songs.  Ariana is hard to cover because she has Celine Dion type lungs and is so precise.  But, she did something different with it and her voice is why this show exists.

Blake said the Ariana song is his fav!   He said Kelly flat-out lied to her.  Because she does have someone like her on her Team.  “I would like to call a witness to the stand” Ariana Grande to testify if Kelly has someone like Gymani on her Team.  John is not comparing her to anyone on his Team because she is “singular.”  He added “you came and did you, and it was beautiful.”

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly was so shocked.  “No one, including me, saw that happening.  Ariana is a threat and I’m going to take this as a victory,” said Kelly.  Ariana said “anything can happen here I’m learning.”  Blake told Ariana that she sang her song, and she didn’t fight Kelly.  Ariana said “I didn’t have a chance.”



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