The Friendship is Over! THE VOICE Season 21 Blinds Week 2 Recap

Kelly’s Big Win Over Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Premiere Recap!
September 21, 2021
September 30, 2021
Kelly’s Big Win Over Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Premiere Recap!
September 21, 2021
September 30, 2021
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The Friendship is Over! THE VOICE Season 21 Blinds Week 2 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“Just because I’m new doesn’t mean I won’t bring home a winner.” – Ariana Grande

In the second week of “The Voice” season 21 Blind Auditions, new coach Ariana Grande was starting to get the hang of things around there with more practice on getting artists to pick her Team. She also noted that Blake was not the alliance she thought he was in the beginning, and quickly threw her support behind Kelly Clarkson.

Fellow coach John Legend had a slow start, then won over many artists away from Ariana and Kelly.   There are more duo and trio auditions this season, and also more artists coming out of New York and Florida.  Could it be due to Ariana Grande, who is from Florida, and has Italian roots, being one of the coaches?  One such artist from Long Island, New York, selected Ariana.  After the dust has settled,  Blake said he didn’t turn because she was more “in Ariana’s lane!”


Raquel is from Tampa, Florida and currently lives in Miami Florida.  She’s a free spirit and considers herself a hippie and is an artist that does blast glass.  “Singing is my main focus for sure,” she said.  Her dad plays the congos.  When Raquel was 11 years old, she got to do voice-over work on Dora the Explorer.  She moved to Miami to do gigging.  She’s currently a driver for a ride share company.  She chose to sing “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  John, Ariana, Kelly

Blake said his unbiased opinion is to choose Ariana as a coach. “I don’t want to see you with tw coaches that are jaded” and have been here for a while.  “Your voice is like a breath of fresh air and the precision is there.” Ariana said she wants to help her execute the vision that Raquel has for herself.  Ariana said she can help her mix the old with the new, because she does that well.  John said her voice is “super flexible” and can do Pop or Soul if she wants to.  Kelly called her runs “so crisp and clean.  It was insane.”  Kelly said Raquel is an entertainer and she’s so glad she’s on the show.

Coach: Ariana Grande.  Ariana said Raquel is unique and pays homage to the greats while still keeping it current.


Pictured: The Joy Reunion — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The Joy Reunion is a singing trio made-up of one female and two males.  Twenty years ago, the first two members met.  Then 13 years ago they met Neal.  The “Joy Reunion” means “we were reunited with the joy of making music.”   They are in Southern California and describe their sound as “California Country,” which is more Poppy, they said.   They’ve all been the opening acts for big artists and have stories of almost making it.  “We’ve had a long hard road” and think “The Voice” is what could launch them.  They sang the “Boondocks” song.

Chair Turns:  Blake, John

One member started crying when he thanked Blake for turning.  Blake said “I’m a coach for all kinds of artists for the show.” But, when it’s Country artists, he said they are the people that are going to continue it on the radio.  John said they were fun to listen to and thrilled by their voices and the joy they brought to the stage.  Kelly said she didn’t turn because she already has a group on her Team and it would be unfair to them.  Ariana said their tones blend perfectly.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said of the Joy Reunion that  he loves having the chance to work with a trio and do some songs with cool harmony parts  “We don’t get to do that too often on this show.”


Jasmine is 28-years-old who does sing-offs in the car with her young daughter.  She’s from Springfield, VA.  Jasmine wants to inspire other women out there that just because they’re moms, they can still pursue their dreams and it’s not too late.

Chair Turns:  None

Blake said “I’m very sorry about this” especially when someone as talented as her should have had a chair turn.  Aiana said she sounded a little nervous.  John said her runs were cool and well executed.  But, it all felt like a little mis-match.”  He said if she comes back, he thinks she’ll get some chair turns.

Ariana is the only coach with a Block left.

HAILEY MIA (Team Ariana)

Pictured: Hailey Mia — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Hailey sang “You Broke Me First” for her Blind Audition.   She’s from Clifton, New Jersey and is 13-years-old.   Hailey said she has double elevator Palsy.  She had to go under the knife at the age of seven.  She gained most of her vision back.  She said seeing Carter Rubin win was “super inspirational” for her.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Ariana

Kelly said “I just want you to know that I turned first,” and thought she was turning around for a 24-year old.  She loves that Hailey has the power to belt, and still has control in the verse.  John said to handle all the parts of that song is really impressive and her voice connects with the audience in a great way.  Ariana said “I think you’re a phenomenal singer.”  She could tell she was young, but not this young.  Moments on the show will help her to grow and will continue to flourish and would love to help her get there.  Blake said she has the opportunity to be the youngest on the show to win “The Voice” with another first.  That would be if she won with Ariana Grande.  Kelly told Hailey that she doesn’t have anyone that sounds like her on her Team.  Ariana said she doesn’t either. Then Kelly hinted that she does…hmmm.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  “Hailey is so spectacular.  She’s only 13-years-old and has so much soul in that little body.


Jeremy is from Tampa, Florida.  He was 22-years-old when he took on the role of raising his sister’s daughter Jocelyn and legally adopted her.  He missed his daughter’s graduation being at “The Voice ” audition.  She told him everyone is going to see what I see every day and fall in love with you.”

Jeremy sang “Here Comes Goodbye,” by Rascal Flatts.  He’s not a Country artist.  But likes to take songs and make them his own.  Jeremy  said this is a transitional period for him.  With his daughter graduating from high school, it feels like it’s his time to pursue music.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Blake

Kelly said he’s so overwhelmingly talented for a vocalist.  She wooed him with her Team jacket.  Ariana said she was slightly nervous about his control,  then he nailed that last note.  He told Ariana about how his daughter is a big fan.  Blake tried to get Ariana to back him as a coach for Jeremy.  Ariana told Jeremy that he has so many special parts of his voice, and Kelly would be a perfect coach to help him out.   Blake said what he loved about his performance was that he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  He said that’s impressive.  John said what’s clear to him is how big his heart is, and that’s what’s going to carry him in the competition.

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson.  She said he has an amazing voice and an amazing heart.  Blake said he couldn’t believe that Ariana just did that.  “The friendship is over.”

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Carson was born and raised in Piney Flats, Tennessee.  They call him “Fiddle Boy.”  He’s 15-years-old.  He said around 7 or 8, he played on Jay Leno.  A few years later, he played with Ricky Skaggs.   His dad was excited that the world would get to hear Carson sing.  He’s excited to see if Ariana will turn.  He said she helped him with his voice.   Carson said people see him as the kid that plays the fiddle, but hopeful;y they will see the kid that sings.  He performed “Tulsa Time” while playing his guitar.

Chair Turns:  John, Blake, Ariana, Kelly

John said when he started hitting big notes with so much confidence, he was having fun up there.  Carson said one of his biggest influences is Ricky Skaggs.  John said there is no one on his Team that’s Country.  John said “I literally just won a CMT award with Carrie Underwood.” Ariana said she heard some runs in there that excited her.  She said she has no Country singers on her Team.  Blake cautioned him with the other coaches- that there’s bluegrass music, then there’s Country.  “We have to figure-out which one best represents who you are,” Blake told him.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Carson said based on the knowledge and music he has to go with Blake.  Blake said Carson is a unique artist.


KEILAH GRACE (Team Legend)

Chair Turns: Kelly, John, Ariana

Keilah is 15-years-old and grew up in New York City.  John said her voice has so much energy and radiates from the stage.  Her whole house is music all the time.  She called her family like a modern day Partridge Family.  She sings with her family in church worship.   Her mom came to the US from the Philippines when she was seven.  Her singing is a big deal for her whole family and her parents dropped everything to manage her career.

John said no one on his Team sounds like her and compared her to Oliva Newton John.  Kelly said she turned faster than any other coach because she was “feeling it early on.” Kelly could sense the actress in her.  One of Keilah’s biggest goals is to be on a TV show.   Ariana said she started pursuing music around her age and she can help her.  John said on his Team she would have a lane by herself.

Coach:  John Legend.  John was shocked and happy.  John said what a voice, “she just lit up the stage with energy and so much power in her voice.”

BUBBA (Ahmed)

Bubba, or Ahmed, is 26 from Buffalo New York.  He said growing-up gay was troubling because he didn’t understand that he was. He came out at age 15.  Bubba said his dad told him he still loved him. He started taking voice lessons.  He’s an at-home hair stylist.  Bubba wants to be on stage for the rest of his life.

Chair Turns:  None

John said he was so close, but there was some pitchyness and his voice was cracking.  Kelly advised Bubba to nail the performance where he’s not thinking about it “where the song becomes an extension of you.”  Ariana said there were moments where he was a bit fatigue and learning how to spend it wisely will work for him.  Kelly said it was “just a little bit too loose for her.”


SAMARA BROWN (Team Legend)

Samara is 32-years-old from Bronx, New York.  Her sister competed on “The Voice” on the third season, and he was on Team Cee Lo. She is inspired by her and wants that for herself.   When she was young, they weren’t allowed to listen to music outside of Christain music.  When Samara went to college, it opened a lot of doors and she performed with a trio in Russia.  She’s performed all around the world and calls “The Voice ” the biggest opportunity she’s had.   Samara sang “Sweet Thing” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  John, Ariana

John turned his chair quickly and knew that  Ariana was going to try to Block him.  John said Ariana has a Block left, and the Block doesn’t work if the person you want to Block turns first.  “Sometimes when the devils’ doing his work, the Lord steps in,” John said.   He told Samara that he would love to work with her as much as someone who tried to stop that from happening.

Ariana said Samara’s audition was absolutely perfect from start to finish and would be incredibly honored to work with her.  Blake said he wouldn’t want to get in the way of this incredible pairing of her and John Legend.  Kelly said she didn’t know that song and couldn’t tell if she was pitchy, or what.  Kelly mentioned that Ariana has the most followers on the planet.  Ariana told Samara, “I have the most incredible and supportive followers. I would love to give them to you.”

Coach:  John Legend. John said it’s a high bar when you sing a song that so many people know.  Blake said he was so happy that he was able to contribute to Samara getting onto Team Legend.


Lucas said being a guitar player was a really big part of his life.  He started a garage band.  When they needed a singer, Lucas sang a song he wrote and they thought he should be the lead singer.  He performs outside of the diner where he works.  Lucas had the chance to perform in front of James Taylor.  Lucas sang “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor.   Lucas said if he got a chance to be on a Team it would be confirmation that he made the right choice.

Chair Turns:  None

Kelly was waiting for him to give more range.  Ariana said in this context she wanted to see a little bit more to hit her button. John said the pitch issue was enough to sway him.  But Lucas has a magical tone.  Kelly said his whole performance was linear.


Pictured: Holly Forbes — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Holly is 30-years-old from Callisburg, Kentucky.  She and her husband fell in love writing songs together.  Her day job is being a caregiver to patients with autism.  Around 11 years old, Holly started having seizures.  The medication made her lose her hair.  She would listen to music on repeat.   Over the last five years, she’s been singing as a background singer.  Holly sang “Rocket Man” by Elton John.  Holly’s daughter, Violet, is an Ariana Grande fan and wants her to choose her.  Holly said her style is soulful and she wants to put her own spin on the song.  “The show is so focused on how you sound.  I have a very unique look, and a unique voice.”  Holly said getting a chair turn means the world.

Chair Turns:  Ariana, John (Blocked), Kelly,

Blake said he hit his button last.  “What a great performance.” He said what’s impressive is when Holly hits these little notes in the verse.  Blake told her he’d be “proud to be your damn coach.”  Ariana said every single second was emotionally charged.  “I’m the last one to use my Block and made it be a millisecond.  Kelly said Ariana stole the opportunity of working with John Legend.  John said I was maliciously held-back from the opportunity.  He said  Ariana has been upset at him for him using his Block on her and she hasn’t spoken to him since.  Ariana was upset and called John a liar.  Kelly said Ariana is “great.  But, I’m great too.”  She loved her voice at the beginning when she did that growl and she became a vessel.

Blake said in reference to a certain beautiful daughter that loves Ariana, “I remind you that some children love sugar, or playing with fire.  It’s not necessarily the best thing.”

Coach:  To be continued.  In Tuesday’s episode of the Blinds, it was revealed that Holly picked Team Kelly!



BELLA DeNAPOLI (Team Ariana)

Bella is from Long Island, New York.  Her family owns a contracting company where her Mom is the president and her Aunt is the Vice President.  Both her brother and dad have worked there too.  On the weekends, her siblings sing with their parents.  She was introduced to music at age 13 when she sang backup for her Dad.  They go from gig-to-gig in New Jersey at bars.  Bella  sang “Damage” by Danity Kane.  She gave it more of an acoustic feel, slowed-down.  Bella and her dad came up with the arrangement.  It’s the first time that she sang without her Dad.   John, Kelly and Ariana all turned at the same time.

Chair Turns:  John, Kelly, Ariana

John called it “such an interesting song choice.”  He loved her version of it and said she can do anything.  Kelly said he felt that she could have been at her show.  “It’s really a good thing to be able to navigate through all those interesting things with her voice.  Ariana said her control is great and her biggest moments were her loudest moments.  She loves all the tools she has. . Blake said it was challenging for him.  By the time he could figure out the words, the song was ending.  Blake said he also thought she was more in Ariana’s lane.  She went with her gut and chose Ariana.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  Ariana said Bella She’s one of my favorites so far.  I think she’s technically impressive.


DAVID VOGEL (Team Ariana)

Pictured: David Vogel — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

David is 20 years old from New York.  He sang “Breathin,” by Ariana Grande for his Bind Audition and she is his dream coach.

Chair Turns:  Ariana Grande.

She thought I was a unique take and likes that he plays an instrument too.  David said he plays drums and bought a guitar to learn to play when he was young.  His band plays alternative rock.  David likes that Ariana produces her music as well.  Kelly said she wasn’t going to turn after Ariana turned because, “there was no way in hell!”  Ariana likes his tone and style. She’s glad that she waited ’til the last minute to to turn because he’s hers alone.  Ariana also said it was “great” to have another take on a song that she spent so much time on.

JANORA BROWN (Team Legend)

Janora is 22 from Wingate, North Carolina.  She said growing-up she would sing a lot for attention, being the youngest of two older sisters.   She watched one of her sisters struggle with lupus, and had a hard time with her kidney. “It was tough.”  In eighth grade, her mom gave her sister her kidney.  It was unsuccessful, and she’s been on dialysis for six years.    Janora sang “Angel of Mine” by Monica for her Blind Audition.  Kelly and John turned at the same time.

Chair Turn:  Kelly, John

John said he loves that song and she did a “really cool version of it.”  When she hit the high notes, “it was so cool” and she sounded confident, John said.  Kelly started coaching her right away and told her that she’s really good at rounding out notes and would be a good coach for her.  Blake said if her voice came on the radio, it would stand out and they would know it’s her.

Coach:  John Legend.  John said her voice sounds like it could be on the radio right away.  Kelly said she thought that the tactic of coaching her right now would work, but it backfired.


Kaitlyn is 21 from Long Island, New York.  She started writing songs at age 14.  Kaitlyn said as a Hispanic in a predominantly white area she stuck out like a sore thumb.  With music she felt safe and is starting to find her identity.  She put out seven songs.  FOMO, hit 100,000 hits.  Kaitlyn sang “Please Don’t Go.” She changed it up by making it an acoustic, moody type of feel.  She tried to make it her.  Kaitlyn played the ukulele during her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: John, Blake

John loved the way her bravado worked and thinks she should open up a little more.  “But, that’s what coaching is for and I would like to coach you.”   Kelly agreed and said “congratulations.” Ariana asked if she wrote.  She answered yes, ever since was 14 and started playing her ukulele.  Blake said he also could tell that she’s a songwriter.  “It’s also good to recognize what an artist is comfortable with.”  John said she has an interesting perspective and no one sounds like her.  “You have to carve your own little niche.  You just have to decide who you want to do it with.”  She said, “I’m very shocked that this person turned for me, but I am very grateful.”  She went with Team Blake.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  There’s just something really cool about her and America is going to fall in love with her.  She told herself if Blake turned for her, she could not, NOT pick him.


BERRITT HAYNES (Team Blake) His wish was to come and watch “The Voice.” But, because of Covid, he couldn’t come.  His mother sent-in an audition tape, and now he’s singing instead of watching.  Berrite has a heart disease.  He was 14-years-old when he had a defibrillator placed and he’s lucky to be there.

CLINT SHERMAN  (Team Blake) Clint just recently got engaged to a “beautiful brown-eyed girl.”  Blake said Clint has a cool vibe and voice.


Kala is 22-years-old.  She went to a boarding school for low-income families.  Her sister was supposed to go. But, when she saw all the music activities, she wanted to go.  Kala is currently a Senior at Temple University and will be the first in her family to graduate.  Kala said getting a chair-tunn would show that all the sacrifices her family made was worth it.   Kala sang “Need Enough (from The Greatest Showman)”

Chair Turns: None

Ariana said her voice needs to be the tiniest bit more story-telling.  John said it was like she wasn’t on clear footing.  The high notes “were thrilling.”  Kelly said she picked a hell of a song.  She begged Kayla to come back.  John said he felt that Kala was in her head too much.  Kelly agreed that Kala was “thinking too much.”

MARIE & MACIE a.k.a. The Cunningham Sisters (Team Kelly)

Pictured: The Cunningham Sisters — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The Cunningham Sisters are from Ohio.  Macie is 15, and Marie is 14. They are best friends, born with “that bond.”  They see themselves as Pop Gospel singers. They sing in the church.  Their dad is an albino black man, and their mom is white.  Because of how they look, they went through a lot of bullying.   They sang “Never Alone” by Tori Kelly.  They like being on the show to not be judged on how they look.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, John, Blake

Ariana was mad that she didn’t turn and said her tone is very distinct.”  She couldn’t tell that it was two of them at first.  John asked “that was a gospel song right?” They said they love Country too, but their main genre is Gospel and singing in church.  John said that’s where he started singing.   Blake said the other coaches have like a duo or trio on their team, but on his team, that lane “is wide open.”

Kelly said they are there to learn new stuff, she knows how to navigate, and  she said they have amazing voices on their own.  They could have a career.  But, they were in perfect sync, and they have to learn how to blend.  She’s really good at that.  John said he’s really good at choosing songs and taking advantage of the best part of their voices.

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly was shocked.  She said usually in groups, one outshines the other. “But not in their case and I’m excited about picking songs for them.”  Kelly used Blake’s “Win Cam” for them.  She said it didn’t say no one else could use it!



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