Lots of Tears and Adam Lambert on AMERICAN IDOL Top 5 Recap

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March 15, 2016
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Lots of Tears and Adam Lambert on AMERICAN IDOL Top 5 Recap

“American Idol” episode this week started with a flashback of a performance by Adam Lambert from 2009 on the “American Idol” stage. Then flash-forward to present day of Adam Lambert singing the same song on the American Idol stage LIVE.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced that this week is the last save of the season that will come from the judges. The top 6 were brought out onto the stage. The bottom two were announced half way through the show. Seacrest reminded voters that they can cast up to 10 votes per voting method.

The ‘Idol contestants had two performances this week. The first was their “Idol Request” song. Those are songs sent-in by fans that they’d like to hear specific contestants sing. Their second songs were selects by them. The first contestant who made it to the Top 5 was announced as Trent Harmon.


Trent’s IDOL REQUEST was “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic.  Keith said “I don’t think that song personality-wise came together for me.” Jennifer said she realizes America picked the song and said Trent did everything he could do with it. Harry said when he started clapping it felt like a Ho-down. “That’s a tough song. I give you a pass on that one,” said Harry.


American Idol season 15, Top 5  Dalton Rapattoni

Dalton sang Numb by Linkin Park. Jennifer’s critique was that he took the “Omph” out of the song and the arrangement. She finished with “the arrangement itself lacked the excitement that everybody wanted.” Harry stated that the head banging part was in the juxtaposition of the band and the way you sang it He said to him, the band was a current beneath Dalton and thought he poured his “guts” into the lyrics. Keith said his team mentioned that he “Daltonizes” everything. It wasn’t fully Daltonized and not fully a cover, somewhere in between. but advised that he would have stripped it down and given a different version.


La’Porsha sang “Ready for Love”, by India.Arie. Harry said – The reading of that song was pleading, mournful – everything that the song called for. “It was all about the lyrics and all about the feeling. It was phenomenal” said Harry. Keith realized that he wasn’t even judging, and felt like someone in the audience enjoying it. He said he was “captivated.” Jennifer complimented La’Porsha in that she has “the same soul spirit” as India.Arie. “It was just a complete performance in every way” said Jennifer. Harry said I feel a little bit like an Earth Mother right now.

A special guest performance by Jussie Smollett and Yazz from FOX’s “Empire” performed “Never Let the Music Die”.

The last results from America’s votes was MACKENZIE BOURG. That meant that Tristan McIntosh and Sonika Vaid were the bottom two.


MacKenzie’s IDOL REQUEST was “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. Keith gave him the ultimate compliment – “you’re like cake batter. Even when it’s not cooked, it’s really good!” Jennifer said she “thoroughly enjoyed every second of that” and said she always feels like he’s singing to her. “I felt it. It’s fine” Jennifer stated. Harry said he liked the tempo and thought it was great. He gave MacKenzie props “you could record that song and do it on your own. It’s a great song for you.” Harry also noted that he needs to figure out what he’s doing when he’s not singing during his performance.

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American Idol Season 15 Top 5, Jennifer Lopez



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