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Top 6 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Tristan McIntosh INTERVIEW

Posted on March 19 2016 by Editor

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Top 6 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Tristan McIntosh INTERVIEW

I always wanted to do country. – Tristan McIntosh

This week “American Idol” re-introduced one of their greats Adam Lambert in a perfectly insane nostalgic way. Then, broke-down the Idol contestants from the Top 6 to the Top 5. That meant, unfortunately, someone had to go home. That someone was country singer Tristan McIntosh.

During a post-elimination FOX press conference phone call, Tristan answered reporters’ questions about her time spent on the show that included growing into her own quicker and standing-up for her song choices.

American Idol season 15 Top 5 eliminated Tristan McIntosh

Was it the right time for Tristan? She strongly believes “yes” and “there wasn’t a more perfect time.” Tristan said it’s season 15 and she’s 15. She said it’s the perfect way to start her career – on “American Idol”.

Advice to Remaining Contestants

When asked what her advice would be for the remaining contestants, Tristan said, “enjoy yourself throughout the whole experience because there’s not that many people who have made it into the Top 5 and they’re one of them.”

The Last Song Choice

Does Tristan wish she had chosen another song for her Judges’ Save song?  “I had wondered that myself. Honestly, I think I went out with what I’m good at and that’s just doing Country, and being myself and putting all my emotions into my performance.”

Her Dream Country Mentor?

Tristan said if she could be mentored by anyone, it would be Martina McBride whom’s songs she covered twice on “American Idol.” Tristan said, “she’s phenomenal. I’ve covered two of her songs this season and since I was very little I’ve always admired her. She’s great. I feel like she’d be a great mentor.”

On “Flat-lining”

Tristan said she found her groove in Country music and was surprised by Jennifer Lopez stating that she had “flat-lined.” “I understand where she’s coming from and I will definitely take that advice when I do my own music.”

It Always Came Back

“I always considered everything as an artist. People would always pin me to do Pop music. But, in the end I always wanted to do Country. It always came back.”

As the competition progressed she said she really stood-up for her song choices. She became “more self-aware of the songs I was choosing and how I was connecting with them.” She said she kept choosing songs that made her feel comfortable and confident about herself.

Idol Request That Wasn’t

American Idol season 15 Top 5 eliminated Tristan McIntosh

In preparing for songs in the weeks ahead, Tristan said she found “Livin’ on a Prayer” song by Bon Jovi. She really liked it and started practicing it and thought it would be “a great song to slow-down.” When she saw that someone put it in the Idol Request, she was “overjoyed” and decided to cover the song. However, she did chose to sing “Independence Day” by Martina McBride.

A Dream Come True

During her time on American Idol she got a letter from her former English teacher who sent her a letter of her stating they she was going to be on “American Idol”.

Ultimately, Tristan said he wants to make country music for people who can feel the music and it will be appropriate for young girls. She said she “just really wants to make a difference in the Country community.”

Listen to a portion of TRISTAN’S INTERVIEW below:


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