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Mind-Blowing, SYTYCD Season 16 Auditions Week 4 Recap

Posted on June 25 2019 by Editor

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Mind-Blowing, SYTYCD Season 16 Auditions Week 4 Recap

It was a night full of many talented Contemporary dancers with some Hip-Hop ones sprinkled-in on week four of FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) season 16 auditions. Overall, the judges were pleased by the unique talents showcased by the dancers.

JALEN SANDS (Contemporary)

Pictured: Jalen Sands / FOX copyright

This week’s SYTYCD episode opened with 18-year-old Jalen Sands.  She got a standing ovation from the judges and a ticket to the Academy.


Pictured: Trent and Colton Edwards / FOX copyright

Trent and Colton are identical twins and started studying dance just three years ago at age 15.  They said they’ve had the passion all along, but just started doing it late.  Once on stage, the duo revealed that they are also choreographers and idolize Laurieann.   Mary said neither one of them were selfish and gave each other chances to show off their moves.  Nigel said Colton would be the “mean” twin if they ever did a movie and called their audition “very entertaining.”  Laurieann said she loved the feeling of the brothers “not cut from the same cloth.” Nigel stated although they are!  She loved the choreography – which Colton did.  She reacted “I just loved it!”  Dtrix told them he was hoping that they wouldn’t “suck,” which they didn’t.  Mary gave them their first “yes” vote.  The rest of the judges followed with their “yes” votes.  Nigel said the twins made his day and if they don’t end-up dancing, they’d make a great comedy duo.


Pictured: Bryan “Clocks” / FOX copyright

He auditioned in season 12 and was cut in the Green Mile. At the time, he was living out of his car.  In February 2013, he met the JabbaWockeeZ dance group and got to perform with them in Las Vegas.  He called it a unique experience and learned so much.  “But it’s important to go out and show what I can do,” which is why he came back to SYTYCD.   Laurieann reacted to Bryan’s “printer jam” performance with praise “you KILLED your discipline.”  Dtrix said he was good at holding their attention and wanted to see more.  Mary said it was technical, he used the stage and called it “excellent.”  Nigel spotted a move that he had not seen before and was impressed.  Nigel said he’s curious how he’ll handle other styles.  They ultimately voted “yes” especially after knowing he had made it to the Green Mile before.

More auditions from B Boys followed.


After Antonio performed his Salsa audition by himself, he was told by the judges that they needed to see him dance with a partner.  Nigel then asked if there was anyone in the audience who knew how to Salsa.  One young women volunteered.  She went on stage to help Antonio.  The judges ultimately stuck with their original decision that he wasn’t strong enough and it was a “no” vote for him.

SYDNEY BURTIS (Contemporary)

Sydney is 18 years old and studying dance.  She started dance at the age of three.  She was diagnosed with a mild case of autism.  Her mom took her to dance school to help her interact with others.  Sydney said tap is what prevailed to be her heart and soul.  Sydney stated that being on SYTYCD is a dream come true.  She received rave cheers from the audience at the end of her audition.  Nigel complimented her technique, but “poor choice of music.”  Overall, Nigel stated she “danced brilliantly.”  Laurieann said she was grateful and humbled.  Dtrix asked how long had she been dreaming about the show. She said she has posters of him in her room.  Dtrix told Sydney that she won as soon as she started dancing.  Mary complimented Sydney’s enthusiasm and said she connected with the audience.  Nigel gave props to her mom for starting her in dance.  The judges all gave her a “yes” vote.


He said he grew-up in a rough side of town.  But, his parents made sure him and his siblings stayed out of trouble.  Jarrod is skilled at mechanics, contracting and landscaping and started dancing at nine-years-old.   He said at the dance studio is when he first met Madison Jordan who has alopecia, a hair loss condition.  She said Jarrod gives her all the confidence in the world and her and Jarrod auditioned separately, not as partners.   Nigel said he wasn’t expecting Jarrod’s performance and he was blown away.  “It was fabulous…mind-blowing” stated Nigel.  Laurieann flirted – “I will stand by you any day!” She was referring to the song “Stand By Me” that he danced to. She said she liked his transitions, “great job.  Well done.”  Dtrix stated that he’s exactly what the show is about,  taking risks.  Mary said if only more contractors could dance like Jarrod.   Nigel invited Jorrdan to join the judge’s panel to watch his girlfriend’s audition.

MADISON JORDAN (Contemporary)

Pictured: Madison Jordan / FOX copyright

Madison said she was NOT nervous dancing in front of boyfriend Jarrdon.   Nigel asked Jarrdon when did he first see her dance.  He answered as a kid and told her she was going to be something special. Nigel noted her control and said her audition is something they’ll remember.  Laurieann said she was moved by Madison.  Mary called her memorable; has beauty and is powerful.  All wrapped-up in one which is so beautiful to see.  Dtrix stated that she was so beautiful to watch and said he’d love to see them dance together.  Of course, that was next.  They two danced on stage together.  They both got their “yes” votes.

“So You Think You Can Dance” airs each Monday at 9 pm PT on FOX network.


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