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Real Bravery on SYTYCD Season 16 Week 3 Auditions Recap

Posted on June 17 2019 by Editor

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Real Bravery on SYTYCD Season 16 Week 3 Auditions Recap

“So You Think You Can Dance” returned for week number three of its season 16 auditions in Los Angeles. In this episode, viewers saw more impressive dancers from all over the country. A couple of the dancers wowed the judges despite being at physical disadvantages. Fans will also remember a few of the show’s past contestants who came back this season for another go at getting that Golden Ticket that sends them to the Academy where in the end they hope to ultimately make it to the Top 10.


He was born four months premature.  His parents said he was smaller than the size of a shoe box.  Bailey is 5 feet tall and said he was teased as a child and found dance as the best way to express himself.  He was inspired by Twitch, Dtrix, Comfort, and other past SYTYCD hip-hop contestants.

Pictured: Bailey Munoz / Photo: FOX copyright.

Laurieann said his transitions were “sassy and clean” and he brought the audience in.  Dtrix told him he had amazing moments and loved his halo among other techniques.  Mary said she’s been invigorated by his audition and he was on “full tilt.” Nigel said the minute he came out, they liked him and his “likability” earned him a “yes” from him.  The rest of the judges voted “yes” as well.  Bailey reacted, “you’re never too little to dream big.”

LUKE  ROMANZI (Contemporary)

Luke is from New York where he works at his dad’s bagel shop.  His dad wants Luke to eventually take over the bagel shop.  But Luke wants to dance and applied to the school of Juilliard.  When he didn’t get-in, he was devastated.  

Nigel said his feet are “phenomenal” and told him to keep a check on his hands.  Laurieann said there is no doubt that he is brilliant!  Dtrix thanked him for blessing the stage with is presence.  Mary said Luke is amazing.  No surprise, Luke also made it to the Academy.

Returning dancers included: Jay Jackson, and Dustin Payne.


Elan and Jordynn  are a salsa dancing duo who returned from last year.   Dtrix said he knows that those tricks they did on stage were unbelievable.  Nigel invited Jordynn’s grandfather to the sage to dance with her.  Nigel called Jordynn a born entertainer and commended Elan for keeping up with her.  Laurieann told her she choreographed something really special with original moves.  Mary put them on the Hot Tamale train and said it was better than last year.  They both got tickets to the Academy.

Mary said the talent “just keeps getting better” this season.  Then, Maria hit the stage and surprised all the judges!

MARIA BABINEAU (Hip Hop Robotic)

Pictured: Maria Babineau / Photo: FOX copyright.

Maria is currently studying neuro science and has never taken a dance class.  She was inspired by YouTube videos and the show itself.  The judges were shocked when she said she does Hip Hiop robotic style.  Laurieann reacted “Maria! Talk about a glitch in the Matrix,” and called it amazing.  Dtrix admitted he didn’t have much expectations, then was shocked especially since she was self taught.  Mary called it the “biggest shock” of season 16 right now.  Nigel suggested that she blew his mind and not sure if it’s strong enough for the competition.  Nigel and Dtrix voted “no.”  Mary voted “yes.”

SOPHIE PITTMAN (Contemporary)

Sophie is close to her little sister Rigley who was shown watching her audition while crying in the audience.   While talking to host Cat Deeley, Sophie cried at the thought of leaving her sister behind. Laurieann called Sophie’s technique “effortless.”  She said she needs one more thing that will come with working with some of the best choreographers.  Dtrix said there was “zero attachment” to the piece itself.  Mary told Sophie “there is a star inside of you.”  But I still want more” and wanted the routine to make her scream like a crazy woman.  Nigel stated that there wasn’t enough technique, but thinks she has it.  Mary and Laurieann voted “yes”. Dtrix voted “no.”  Nigel had the deciding vote which was “yes.”  Sophie got her ticket to the Academy!

FRANK “Ghost” CRISP JR. (Hip Hip)

Frank is an entertainer and defiantly intertwined that into his SYTYCD audition.  Dtrix labeled Frank as the definition of “dance”. Dritx told him he brought joy into the room and “that’s why we dance” stated Dtrix.   Mary told him he was born to dance, he’s gifted and he’ll be remembered.  Nigel told Frank that the biggest mistake he made is to call himself “ghost” because he is the real thing!  Frank left with a ticket to the Academy.

LAUREN LUTERAN (Contemporary)

Lauren has cystic fibrosis.  The average lifespan is mid 30s.  Lauren has to take a lot on enzymes, pills and treatments.  She said dancing actually helps her and she’s been dancing for ten years.  There’s no cure for cystic fibrosis.  Her mother said being on SYTYCD has been a dream for Lauren.  She hopes to inspire others and to leave her mark.   Lauren told the judges she started dancing at five years old.  Nigel responded that he was shocked

Mary said she loved her never give up spirit.  Nigel said there was some good movements and elevation in her audition and not sure if she’s as strong as the other female contemporary dancers they’ve seen.  Laurieann said Lauren’s structure would be so well in a gram piece.  Dtrix said she’s stronger than most people in life in general given what’s happened to her and commended her.  Mary said she sees a lot of potential and voted “yes.”  All the judges voted “yes” and Lauren got her ticket to the Academy.
Nigel said they always say it takes bravery to come out to dance in front of the judges and then to see Lauren with a disease that stops her from breathing, dancing, “that’s real bravery.”

“So You Think You Can Dance” airs each Monday at 9 pm PT on FOX network.


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