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No Boxes Here! THE VOICE Season 13 Battle Rounds Week 2 Recap

Posted on October 23 2017 by Editor

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No Boxes Here! THE VOICE Season 13 Battle Rounds Week 2 Recap

“The Voice” continued with Battles for the second week of season 13. Team Miley pushed forward with her all-female team. But, surprisingly added a male vocalist from a Steal. Adam also went for a Steal for an artist whom he had tried for in the Blind Auditions. By the end of Monday night’s show, the only two coaches left with Steals were Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton.

Adam said if they can work off of each other “it’s going to be awesome”. They sang “I Wish it Would Rain”. Adam said he could feel them working together. Brandon was told to work on his upper register by Adam or his “attic,” Brandon called it.

Blake said Brandon delivered and Jon is “special”. He went with John. Jennifer was impressed and said Brandon held his own But, John’s voice had “a lot of demensions”. Miley said performing to a large audience, it seems a bit new for Brandon. Adam said Jon was doing effortless falsetto runs at the end.


Jennifer said she’s looking for a “power-house” female vocalist.

TEAM ADAM & Rascal Flatts

Red considers “Rascal Flatts” the best Country band that’s ever been. Red said when he saw Blake turn his chair for his Blind Audition, he blacked-out after that. Blake said Red is a traditional Country singer and Ryan is a new generation of what’s happening now in Country. Rascal Flatts gave the advice of entertaining the crowd to Red. Red called Ryan a “worthy competitor” because he can work the stage. Blake said whoever performs the song as if it’s their own is who’ll win the Battle.

Miley noticed that what Ryan did with the song is what’s happening right now. But, Red sang the song how it’s traditionally done. Blake said it comes down to the vocals.

BATTLE WINNER: Red… Blake said he went with Red because he’s “such a seasoned performer” and you can not NOT like Red. Jennifer called Red “the real deal.”

TEAM MILEY & Billy Ray Cyrus


The Voice 13 Battles, Addison vs. Karli

Pictured: (l-r) Addison Agen, Carson Daly, Karli Webster — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Miley said she hears similarities in their voices, and wants “one of everything” on her team. Miley chose “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” song. They slowed the song down. Addison said she wants to win her battle to inspire others. Karli said she wants to win the Battle in order to believe in herself.

Blake said it was like two sad girls that wished they were having fun. Adam called them amazing, but wanted to hear them individually more and can’t wait to steal one of them. Jennifer said they “picnicked” all over that song. She said Addison’s voice is “sick” that can do anything and Karli’s voice is so pure. Blake thought Addison had her “attack on the song.” Coach Miley said they blew her away.

BATTLE WINNER: Karli… Miley said Karli is the type of artist that she’d listen to in her everyday life.
STEAL – Jennifer said she thinks Addison is a star. Adam pointed-out that he turned for her in the Blinds. Adam said he’s a lot older than her and never stops figuring out how to be a better singer. He told her he’s passionate about helping her where she wants to go. Jennifer pointed-out that they will have a lot of fun in their “youth” on the show. Addison chose TEAM ADAM.

More Battles Included:

The Voice 13 Battles, Emily vs. Gary

Pictured: (l-r) Emily Luther, Gary Carpentier — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Team Adam pitted Anna Catherine vs. Kristi Hoopes. The BATTLE WINNER – Anna Catherine. From TEAM J HUD was, Alexandra Joyce vs. Jeremiah Miller who sang “One Call Away”. BATTLE WINNER: Jeremiah. Then, Emily Luther vs Gary Carpentier from Team Adam. BATTLE WINNER: Emily.

TEAM J HUD & Kelly Rowland


The Voice 13 Battles, Shi'Ann vs. Stephan

Pictured: (l-r) ShiAnn Jones, Stephan Marcellus — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Jennifer said she put Shi’Ann and Stephan together because they’re both soulful singers and wants to see who’ll deliver a great peformance with a great stage presence. They sang “Oh Darling”. Shi’Ann is only fifteen and the nerves were showing Kelly took note of (until she started singing).

Adam said they both have unique qualities. He said he’d choose Stephan. Miley said Stephan could do so much with his career. Now he’s on top really showing who he is as a performaner. Shi’Ann sounds ageless. But, would like to see Stephan on “The Voice” a little longer. Blake said Stephan’s voice “cuts through”. But, thinks Shi’Ann could win the show. Coach Jennifer said Shi’Ann reminds her of herself when she started and that inspires her.

BATTLE WINNER: Shi’Ann. Jennifer said she wants more time with Shi’Ann to “groom her” and see where she goes.
STEAL – Miley stole Stephan because he “had a lot of stage presence” she said.

TEAM ADAM & Joe Jonas

Michael is from Nashville and had been playing there for a while. Anthony’s dad is a camera man that works on live shows. They sang “I Feel it Coming” because it showcases their abilities said Adam. Adam told the two men to “influence each other” and they’re both killing it.

Blake said he heard pitch issues with Anthony throughout the performance and said Michael is more comfortable on stage. He went with Michael. Jennifer said Michael kept the melody. Miley said Anthony came out perfect pitch and liked Anthony better. Coach Adam said there’s something about Anthony as raw as he is. But, with Michael, he’s ready to go and incredibly talented.

BATTLE WINNER: Anthony…Adam said there’s something about Anthony that’s really special.

TEAM MILEY & Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley said Billy Ray has been her mentor her whole life and her whole career. Billy Ray said he was honored to by Miley’s adviser and loves the voice

Janice is a survivor of cervical cancer. Janice said she’s so glad to be on Team Miley. Katrina is a kickboxer in Queens, New York. It’s been ten years ago since she was in a show. Miley paired the two because they have the biggest voices on her team. They sang “W.O.M.A.N” by Etta James. Miley said that song is what Team Miley is all about this season – about womanhood and woman power. Billy Ray said both singers had “the Janis Joplin effect.” Billy Ray advised Katrina to “live life like there is no box.” During rehearsal, Janice said Katrina’s voice “is like a lightening bolt”. Miley called her range “insane.”

Adam said Janice chopped Katrina and both women “ripped the roof off.” He said “music does possess us, some more than others, Katrina!” He said he’s happy he just gets to watch. Blake said Janice’s singing is world class, and powerful. Blake said if singing wasn’t it for Katrina, the WWE would be a good place for her! He said he’s never seen anyone so wrapped-up in the moment as Katrina. Jennifer said they made her even more proud to be a woman. She said Katrina hit notes where she was trying to find those notes. Miley noted that Katrina displayed seventy percent of what she’s capable of.

The Voice 13 Battles, Janice vs. Katrina

Pictured: (l-r) Janice Freeman, Carson Daly, Katrina Rose — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

BATTLE WINNER: Janice. Katrina said she’s done trying to fit into other people’s boxes. Miley went with Janice becasue she has a lot more control and her voice blew the roof off.
STEAL – J Hud . She told Katrina that at J Hud, “we don’t believe in boxes.” Jennifer said her voice is limitless.



The Voice 13 Battles, Adam vs. Natalie

Pictured: (l-r) Adam Cunningham, Carson Daly, Natalie Stovall — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

“Whichever artist that can step-up to the plate and get the energy going is who’s going to win this Battle,” said coach Blake Shelton. They sang “Boondocks” by Little Big Town.

Jennifer went with Adam. Miley said it gave them an opportunity to each showcase their individuality. Adam Levine told Adam that his stage presence is cool and Natalie did the heavy lifting. Blake told the coaches they’re “losers” for having zero Steals left. Blake said he chose the one he feels like he “has some things to do.” He chose Adam.

BATTLE WINNER: Adam… Blake said Adam is going to be completely ready for the live shows.


The Voice 13 Battles, Eric vs. Ignatious

Pictured: (l-r) Eric Lyn, Ignatious Carmouche — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Ignatious won “The Voice” on Snapchat and he his music background is singing in church. Eric studied classical music before “The Voice.” Jennifer said they have very similar instruments but use them in different ways. She said, because of that, they can learn from each other. She gave them “Unaware” song. Jennifer said Eric’s voice is unique and Ignatious’ voice has “a lot of power,” thus, it will be a hard choice.

Miley noted that all the girls were screaming in the audience. She said Eric is very comfortable on stage. Adam said Eric is immensely talented. But, Ignatious has a talent that “knows no bounds”. Blake said Eric had the most control and grasp on the meloldy. He voted for Eric. Jennifer said they are both equal vocally. She based her decision on comfort level of that performance.



The Voice 13 Battles, Ashland vs. Megan

Pictured: (l-r) Ashland Craft, Megan Rose — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Ashland wants to make a name for herself in the Country world and wants her dad who is sick from MS to see it. Miley said she paired them together because they are both Country, and Miley wants “one of everything.” Billy Ray called Megan the “whole package”. Miley said the song she gave them, “Good Hearted Woman”, by Waylon Jennings, shows what they can do vocally. Billy Ray said they both have a quality in their voices that reminds him of Loretta Lynn. Miley and Billy Ray talked of visiting with Waylon when Miley was little and singing his song.

Adam told Ashland that he’s mad at her for not choosing him. Adam reminded Megan that she also didn’t choose him. However, he called their Battle the best that they’ve ever had. Blake said “Megan is the discovery here, and made this Battle even.” Jennifer told Ashland that her voice has “great presence” who had the “stand-out” voice to her. Coach Miley said she’s re-fallen in love with Country music. She said she chose the song for Blake and it’s a great song for a female perspective.

STEAL: Blake stole Megan. Blake said he’s been waiting for someone like her and she’s moving-up. He wants to be a part of it.
Megan told Blake that she took a photo of him at one of his concerts and hashtagged it “my future ‘Voice coach.”

NEXT WEEK : Kelly Clarkson from “American Idol” joins “The Voice” as a Key Adviser. The artists will pick their own songs in this “Knockout Round”. The coaches will have only one Steal each.


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