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Why Snoop Dogg Should Be The Next AMERICAN IDOL Judge

Snoop Dogg may be the one and only man on Earth cool enough to save the next season of American Idol!

The Real Low Down on THE REAL Talk Show!

Putting the “real” in un-real! Staged on the same set as where the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” talk show is filmed, a Hollywood Junket reporter sat […]

Spider-Man Fights God-like Power in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, Comic Con 2013

Webb said, they wrote a villain that challenges Spider-Man and actor Jamie Foxx plays that villain. Foxx said he knew a lot about Electro before he got the part. His main goal was to…

Rob Kardashian Email Explained, Wife Material For Pauly D – THE REAL Sneak-Preview!

Adreinne Bailon is not done dissing her former boyfriend Rob Kardashian on her new daytime talk show “The Real”…

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