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Top 8 Live SYTYCD Third Elimination Season 14 Recap

“Kiki keeps blowing our minds.” Mary finished with Jenna called Kiki a dark horse, “you are emerging as a star!”. He told Kiki that he’s keeping up with one of the best dancers they’ve ever had on SYTYCD..MORE

Top 7 Live SYTYCD Fourth Elimination Season 14 Recap

Mary said Carlyle gave her “high anxiety” due to the canes coming from both directions and they took her out of her comfort zone! Nigel said one thing that he didn’t like was…MORE

Alpaca Dreams on AMERICAN IDOL Season 1 Premiere Preview

The first portion of the auditions in the first episode starts in New York, New York. Catie Turner, an ‘Idol obssessed fan, is the first contestant up to dive into the pool of auditions. The show…MORE

SYTYCD Twitch’s Royal Dance Move on DISNEY’S FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS Preview!

The festivities begin the weekend before the royal extravaganza when Freeform airs a “Funday: Happily Ever After Edition” movie marathon, highlighting beloved Disney Princesses…MORE

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