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Set Stage on Fire! SYTYCD Season 16 Premiere Recap

Laurieann said the entertainment value was amazing, and said “yes,” Dominic voted “yes” because he didn’t know it was that difficult. Nigel agreed with Mary and also voted…MORE

Forensics in Dance on SYTYCD Season 16 Week 2 Auditions Recap

Mary stated that “someone found a dark side. What was that about?” Mary joked that it was a forensics file. But her performance was…MORE

Real Bravery on SYTYCD Season 16 Week 3 Auditions Recap

Nigel said they always say it takes bravery to come out to dance in front of the judges and then to see Lauren with a disease that stops her from breathing, …MORE

Mind-Blowing, SYTYCD Season 16 Auditions Week 4 Recap

He answered as a kid and told her she was going to be something special. Nigel noted her control and…MORE

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