Product of Genius! THE X FACTOR USA – Four Chair Challenge Week Two Recap

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October 8, 2013
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Product of Genius! THE X FACTOR USA – Four Chair Challenge Week Two Recap

Starting off the second week of “The Four Chair Challenge” is Paulina’s “Boys” category. Host of “The X Factor USA” Mario Lopez said the new elimination challenge has been a source for much drama. Surely a traumatic one for the contestants this season who must either hold tight to their seats or be asked to give it up to another competitor by their potential mentor. All Simon had to say is “I’m feeling ready. I feel confident.”

Before Paulina got started, she said “I’m excited, I’m ready to play this game.” A game indeed. This part of “The X Factor” is much like a game show. Simon said to Paulina “We’ll see.” The first to audition tonight for a spot on Paulina’s Final Four was the much popular Al Caldorone.


AL CALDORONE – Eliminated

Not the Best Singer

Al Calderon X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Al Calderon – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Al said once his co-workers discovered he could sing, he became the designated “Happy Birthday” singer at his restaurant job. His dream is to be an international pop star. He sang “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jespen.

Kelly told Al, “I’d like to see you here to be honest.” Demi enjoyed his energy, “You had a really great energy when you were up there. It was a little to much. There were times when it was a little pitchy.” Al was not Simon’s favorite. He said, “You are not the best singer in this competition. What you do have is you have great charisma, fantastic energy. I think we could make you into a better singer.”

Paulina was doubtful and asked if he has “the unique quality to be a solo artist.” But, she gave Al a seat anyway.


ISAIAH ALSTON – Eliminated

Needing to Share with the World

Isaiah Alston X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Isaiah Alston – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Isaiah said he wants to be the one to win the recording contract. After fumbling through “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston, the mentors gave their honest critiques.

A compliment went to his fashion “You look so adorable in your beautiful little bow tie. I remember in your first audition, you just killed it,” said Kelly. Demi said, “I’m not sure you’re ready for this competition.” Simon really didn’t like it, “You were singing in a falsetto. The rest of the song didn’t work. Very old fashioned and out of tune.”

Paulina again was hesitant with Isaiah joining her Final Four and questioned his talent and ability, “Are you special enough for this competition?” Isaiah said, “I think God gave me this gift for a reason. I need to share it with the world.” It didn’t work for Paulina and she sent him home.



Delivering a Lollipop

Isaac Tauaefa X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Isaac Tauaefa – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Isaac is a 23-year-old former football player from Texas. When he had a knee injury while playing football that’s when his focus turned to music. He said after getting into Paulina’s category of “Boys” that she didn’t really remember him or notice him. So he said, “I’ll have to do something above and beyond to get her attention.” His audition for a chair wasn’t quite enough.

Kelly told Isaac, “I have to be honest with you. I felt that your performance was a bit karaoke and you’re a bit uncomfortable on the stage.” Simon was left hungry for a meal. He said, “I thought you were going to deliver a lot more. Instead of delivering a three-course-meal you delivered a lollipop.”

Paulina said she didn’t know what to do. Then made her decision, “Isacc I’m sorry I’m going to send you home.”


CARLOS GUEVARA – Final Four (Paulina – Boys)

An Interesting Guy

Carlos Guevara X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Carlos Guevara – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Carlos is a 16-year-old boy from Lexington, South Carolina who suffers from Turrets. He said growing up has been an adventure into itself. He said when he got diagnosed with Turrets, it was the answer to why his face would involuntarily move. “Nothing can hold me back. Turrets doesn’t own me. I own it and I will conquer it” said Carlos. He sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers.

Kelly loved his singing style and said, “I love the way you just allowed yourself to be lost. Your body, your mind. You nailed it. That was such a great audition.” Simon said, “I do like the tone of your voice. There are times when you lose complete control of it. You’re a very interesting guy.”

Paulina could see his uniqueness. Carlos reinforced his attitude by explaining “Complaining does nothing but waste time. I’ve worked so hard. I don’t want to be a sob story. I want to be an inspiration. That’s all I want.” Paulina’s answer to that was for him to “take a seat”.


STONE MARTIN – Eliminated

It’s Old If Simon Says It

Stone Martin X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Stone Martin – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Stone Martin is a young 14 year-old boy also from South Carolina. He said after he went to a One Direction concert it made him want to sing and be like them and have a lot of girlfriends. He said he trusts his life (or career) with Paulina.

Stone sang “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. When he was done, Kelly told him “I like your tone.” Remaining positive Demi was surprisingly okay with Stone’s performance, “That was so much better than your first audition. You just killed it.” Simon wasn’t as pleased, “One thing you better work on – you’re very robotic. There is a market for someone like you . You just need a little swag.” Kelly and Demi laughed “Did Simon just say ‘swag’?” asked Kelly. Demi replied, “You know it’s old if Simon is saying it!”

Paulina was on the fence about making Stone part of her Final Four. “Do you have the ingredients that are needed for someone like Taylor Swift?” Paulina contemplated. She gave him a seat which he rapidly took.



Chase Goehring X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Chase Goehring – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Chase is 17-years-old from Tennessee. During his audition, he said he had to take a chance and sing an original song that he wrote. That’s what turned it around for the judges. Now, he’s auditioning to take a seat for the live shows.

He sang “Airplanes” by B.O.B. & Hayley Williams. The mentors were underwhelmed by his lack of originality. Kelly said she didn’t necessarily like listening to him singing that song. All of the mentors agreed that they’d rather he sing an original song again. Demi told him “This was unnatural for you.” Simon wanted to know why he chose that song. Chase answered, “I chose it because it was a song that I like and because of its meaning.” Simon told him he wished he’d never heard that and would go back to his first audition. Paulina had a tough choice. “I really liked your audition the first time.” She gave him a seat. The others looked threatened and very worried because it was the last spot to be filled.


TIM OLSTAD – Final Four  (Paulina – Boys)

Tim Olstad X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Tim Olstad – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Tim is 24-year-old from Winona, Minnesota who just graduated from college and wanted to pursue singing. His family said they admire him because he never gives-up. Tim got the first standing ovation of the night.

Kelly said, “I can honestly hear your voice already on the radio. You have such a recording voice.” Demi told Paulina, “I’m really nervous for you because I can not see him being let go.” Simon had a question about his style. “What artist do you look up to?” Tim answered John Legend or Usher. Simon was more perplexed, “Now I’m not understanding you. You are an artist who’s going to appeal to an audience much older than you.”

“Tonight I don’t know if it’s special enough,” said Paulina who ended-up switching Stone Martin for Tim Olstad.


CARLITO OLIVERO – Final Four  (Paulina – Boys)

Embracing Spanish Roots

Carlito Olivero X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Carlito Olivero – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Carlito is a talented 22-year-old singer who works at a Coffee Shop. He says he lives in poverty and has a big crush on Paulina.

He impressed with Selena song “Dreaming of You” and immediately grabbed the attention of Paulina and Demi. They were very happy with his song choice. Kelly said, “I think you’re going to have these girls in here dreaming later. The thing I love is that you are so humble. I wish you had gained more control of your vocals. Something got a little bit of the best of you today.”

Simon asked him why he picked that song. “I’m Puerto Rican and Mexican. It’s a song that’s close to myself.” Simon responded, “I get the fact that you are embracing your Spanish roots. You struggled with it a little. You have great range.”

Paulina told him, “I love your voice, your range and I love your attitude.” Carlito told Paulina in Spanish that there’s no Latinos in the American market right now and he’s ready to go. Paulina put him in her final four. Which meant that she will have to eliminate another boy in her category. She switched Chase Goehoring for Carlito.


TIMMY THAMES – Eliminated

A Little Michael Jackson

Timmy Thames X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Timmy Thames – THE X FACTOR Four Chair Challenge

He’s 13-years-old and living in a mobile home park with his single mother. “I live and breathe music. I love it. This is the biggest performance of my life,” Timmy said.

Timmy sang “The New Girl in Town” from Hairspray. Kelly thought he was cute. She also thought his audition was better than his performance for a chair. Kelly also said, “You seemed like you had a good time up there and you want to be here.” Demi said, “I have to be the bad guy right now…I can’t say I was blown away.”

Simon said he was memorable, “If I was watching everyone for the first time today, you would be the one I’d remember.” Paulina said, “You are adorable. The way you sing you remind me of Michael Jackson. You’re my little Michael Jackson. She put him in her Final Four. That meant she had to make a switch. Demi yelled at her not to get rid of Carlito. She sent Tim Olstad home which led to an immediate uproar from the crowd. Paulina said “I don’t care what they say, I care about what I feel.” After a commercial break, Tim Olstad was brought back out onto the stage. Paulina told him, “Being a mentor is not easy. I am a woman of my word. I am a human being and I make mistakes. I want you back on my team.” She placed Tim in Al Caldorone’s seat.


JOSH LEVI – Final Four  (Paulina – Boys)

Potentially a Star

Josh Levi X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Josh Levi – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

He’s the last of the Boys category and will be fighting desperately for a seat. Josh is 14-years-old in the 9th grade from Houston, Texas and now lives in Los Angeles. Paulina was not present at his first audition, so he said he is nervous to perform in front of her.

He sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” along with some choreography. Kelly said “ladies and gentleman I want you to know what a superstar is.” Simon was torn, “I wouldn’t have chosen this song. We are looking potentially at a huge star.” Paulina said, “Everything that you just did was perfect.” Paulina put him in her Final Four. One more last and final switch had to be made to make room for Josh. She sent Timmy Thames home. With that last switch, Paulina had created her new and final “Final Four”.

Boys final four

Paulina’s Boys Final Four!



The pressure is turned to Simon Cowell now who must narrow his ten choices down to his “Groups” category Final Four. Simon told host Mario Lopez in regards to the judging panel, “I expect the same support I gave them back in return.” His group “Girls United” was up first.


GIRLS UNITED – Eliminated

Girls United X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Girls United – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Their X Factor Audition was their first audition. They said, “It’s really nerve-wrecking that Simon will be determining our fate.”

They sang “I Want to See You Tonight”. Kelly told the girls, “I think you guys have a wonderful look. I like the fact that you took your time and applied that to this audition,” and she said they had harmony. Demi said, “It was a little on the young side. If you’ve grown this much I’d like to see where you’ll be in the competition.” Simon thought that they were well-rehearsed, but not the best-sounding, “Vocally, I’ve heard a lot better. There’s something commercial about you.” Simon gave them a seat.


WILD THINGZ – Eliminated

Turning into Jay-Z

Wild Thingz X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Wild Thingz – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

The two members of Wild Thingz said they want to be the Jay-Z of L.A. They said making it in the competition would mean that they’d be off of unemployment.

They sang “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Their performance was one a lot like a cross between the Beastie Boys and Jack-Ass. The mentors were shocked and amused. Kelly reacted, “You are all the way turned up. You’re running a marathon, you’re breaking your knee. It’s too much.” Paulina was into it, and said she “really” liked it. Simon was mortified, “I don’t even know which one is the most annoying. I don’t think this is music. This is an intentional comedy.” Simon also said if he had a child – Oh yeah! He is having a child! “If I had a three year old, they’d like you with the volume turned off.”

When it came down to giving them a chair or not, Simon was perplexed, “What do I do? This is the normal part of my brain (pointing to one side of his head), and this is the insane part of my brain (pointing to the other side). I’m going to go with my insane part.” He gave them a seat.


GLAMOUR – Eliminated

Drive Will Get You Far!

Glamour X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Glamour – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Glamour is a very young group of three girls From Atlanta, Georgia. Two of them are thirteen, and one is twelve. They sang the National Anthem at their first audition. For this audition, they sang “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone.”

Kelly told them “I wish it was a little bit tighter today.” Demi was appreciative of the girls’ hard work, “You worked your butts off. I can tell and that drive will get you far but I wonder if you’re ready for it right now.” Simon said, “You were so good on that first audition and struggled a little bit here.” Simon told them he was going back to the first audition and gave them a seat. It was a sketchy decision. So, most likely they will be replaced when a better group hits the stage.


RESTLESS ROAD – Final Four  (Simon – Groups)

Simon is a Genius!

Restless Road X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Restless Road – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Restless Road is one of the three groups that Simon formed from the solo vocalists that auditioned. They are a country band that united in North Carolina to get to know each other. They said the chemistry is great.

They sang, “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban and killed it! The audience and mentors gave them a standing ovation. Kelly said “Wow guys! You are such an incredible country trio. This was a great idea” Paulina was impressed, “You are so different and your different vocals blend so well. Really, really proud of you.” Demi gave credit where it was due, “When I heard you singing. I got chills all over my body. It sounds so right. Simon is a genius for putting you guys together.”

Simon said he was nervous at first when he put this group together. “For it to work, you have to have talent and you have to have friendship. I saw both things tonight.” They got one of Simon’s seats.

The rest of Simon’s Groups will compete for a chair during Thursday’s show. Simon will determine who will be keeping their seats and what groups will be replacing those currently in seats. The Final 16 will be revealed for The X Factor USA season four live shows.





When Mario asked Simon about last night’s choices for his groups, Simon replied,  “I think I was partly drunk last night.   I’m sober now and I’m going to get serious.”


SWEET SUSPENSE – Final Four  (Simon – Groups)

Sweet Suspense X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Sweet Suspense – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Sweet Suspense girl members are ages 14, 17, and 16. They originally auditioned as solo artists that did not go through, but later placed together by Simon Cowell. They sang “Wishing on a Star”

Kelly told them, “I get so excited looking at you guys. You have something special here, but it will be lot of work.” Paulina also saw their magic, “You guys look like super-stars.” And Demi was proud! “I’m so proud of you. The fact that you were put together a month ago and you blend so well. It’s amazing.”

Simon was also impressed by their good harmony. “This is incredible. The amount of time you had to work together. Chemistry, friendship talent are all goo,” Simon said. Simon gave them a seat in exchange for sending Wild Thingz home.



Yellow House Canyon - X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Yellow House Canyon – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

The two girls of Yellow House Canyon are 17 and 16-years-old from Texas. They are best friends and said there is nothing to do in their town. So, they sing. They said they want to make Simon a Country music fan. “We don’t want to go home. We want a yes,” the girls said. They sang “Hell on Heels”.

Kelly was nice and said, “Ladies I feel like you were just having such a wonderful time. I think you have such great energy to give out.” Demi welcome her fellow Texans and told them she loves them. However, she said that one of the girls – Tatum has a “better voice” than the other. Demi went on to say, “Overall the competition is so stiff. I don’t think that you have what it takes to be sitting in those four chairs.”

Simon said, “You’re just made in America. You’re not the best singers in the world. But you do bring a good energy. I’m on the fence about that.” The girls said that they believe there’s something missing in the Country market. Simon sent them home.



Forever In Your Mind X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Forever In Your Mind – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

The three boys in this group are ages 14, 15, and 15. Emery Kelly originally auditioned solo, and the other two boys Ricky and John auditioned as part of a band. They were all eliminated, but then brought back. The three of them were put together by The X Factor mentors. They said they’ve been practicing non-stop since they were formed.

Kelly admired their cute factor by saying, “I do think you are cute. There is too much cute outweighing.” Paulina said, “I was not blown out by your performance tonight.” Demi didn’t like their song choice. “I think it was the wrong song for you guys. If you’re going to sing another song by a boy band you have to be as good as them.” Simon agreed! “We need a lot more work on the vocals. I think you need some more time to rehearse.” Simon decided to “take a chance” with them and that led to a switch.


GOOD NEWS – Eliminated

Good News X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Good News THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

These two best girlfriends from Temecula, Ca are ages 14 and 15-years-old. They originally auditioned in Los Angeles for The X Factor. The girls said, “To be in the top 10 groups is unreal!” They said they want to be in Time Square and selling out stadiums.

They put a country spin on “Landslide” song by Stevie Nicks. Simon looked bored as the two girls sang it. After it was over, Paulina said, “You two girls are beautiful. But I don’t think you guys are ready.”

Kelly said, “I wanted you to prove me wrong.” Demi told them, “I feel like you should and could be giving more. You need more time to develop.” I didn’t work for Simon who said, “It was boring and deary. I’m going to say straight away you’re going home.”



Alex & Sierra X Factor Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Alex & Sierra – THE X FACTOR USA Four Chair Challenge

Alex is 21 and Sierra is 22. They are both from Orlando, Fl. They met in 2009 when their eyes met while Alex was playing his guitar. They landed a spot on The X Factor by singing Britney Spears song “Toxic.”

For this audition for a seat, they sang “Grease Lighting.” Simon did not look happy from the start of their song. But, quickly changed by the end of their performance. Kelly said, “I genuinely adore you too. I love listening to you sing together. I like the sexiness that you have together.” Paulina also loved their romantic vibe and said, “I love the way you sing. I believe in you guys as a couple and as artists.” Demi was also on board. “You guys are one of my favorite acts in this competition. From a business perspective, what would happen if you broke up?”

Simon didn’t like Demi’s question and responded, “Silly, silly question. I’m actually more optimistic than you are. I don’t see these two splitting-up. There’s no one in the market like you. People are really going to fall in love with you two. I can think of nothing better than working with you two in this competition.” Simon gave them a seat. That meant a switch would have to be made. Simon decided to take-out Girls United.


Kelly Rowland with THE X FACTOR Final 16

Kelly The X Factor Final 16

ROXXY MONTANA – Final Four (Simon – Groups)

Roxxy Montana Four Chair Challenge

Pictured: Roxxy Montana – THE X FACTOR Four Chair Challenge

These three sisters are from Detroit, MI. “Growing-up in a church is basically where we started singing,” they explained is how they got their practice in. Their Dad calls them “determination.”

They sang “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Kelly said, “I can see ya’ll did not come here to play no games.” Paulina was surprised – “I didn’t expect that to be so, so good.” Demi observed, “I looked around and everyone was on their feet. And that doesn’t happen.”

Simon said he believes in them, “For some reason you haven’t quite worked-out who you are or what you should be doing. We could make you incredible because you have the talent.” The girls fought for a seat by telling Simon that they have given-up their lives and their parents have also invested in them. “God has given us a gift.” Simon said the easy part is that “You’re in.” Of course, the hard part is what group will Simon cut? He sent home Forever In Your Mind.


The Final 16 acts who will be performing live this season are:

On Tuesday, October 29 The X Factor acts will perform live and only three acts from each category will survive eliminations.



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