Singing Hamsters and Lions! THE X FACTOR USA – Live Shows Week 4 Recap

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November 19, 2013
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Singing Hamsters and Lions! THE X FACTOR USA – Live Shows Week 4 Recap

The X Factor prepped viewers the importance of the show’s performances tonight because, there will be “double elimination” on tomorrow night’s results show. The theme of the night was “British Invasion.”


The X Factor 2013 British Invasion

Simon answered host Mario Lopez’s question if “British Invasion” was a tough challenge. Simon said, “tough challenge? No”, Simon said his artists will be “sensational” Opening the show was Jeff Gutt form Kelly’s Over 25s category.


JEFF GUTT (Over 25s – Kelly) – TOP 8

Kelly had a boxing trainer help Jeff to get prepared for his performance. Jeff sang “one of the most iconic songs of all time. He can do it right or it could go horribly wrong,” said Simon

Singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, Jeff got some positive responses. “What a powerful way to start the show! The transitions were a little bit rough for me,” said Paulina.

Demi loved it, “I’m a big fan of yours and been since day one. This was actually you’re best performance yet.” Simon said it could have been great or it could have been a disaster. “This is by far your best performance. He agreed with Demi



Tim said he really liked his performance last week. He was disappointed to get negative comments from the mentors. Simon said “Tim’s doing Elton Johh – shocker! I think he’s just a bit boring!”

Tim sang “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” by Elton John.

Kelly said, “Tim I must say, you definitely stepped it up a couple of notches this week,” and she told him that his playing the piano was “sexy.”

Demi was also taken with Tim, “I don’t think you needed the piano to be sexy! You sounded like Robin Thicke. I think you found your lane.”

Simon told Demi, “Seriously, don’t go there” as he addressed Demi’s flirting with Tim. Then Simon told Tim (Oh yes, here we go!), “The thing about you Timmy is you are like a singing hamster and they want you to be a singing Lion. I think your future is more cabaret, more Broadway than a recording artist. You should stay behind the piano.”

Paulina said, “We all know that you have a powerful voice. You are gaining a sex appeal. All the girls and fans feel you!”



Khaya was in the bottom two last week and had to sing for her life against Rachel Potter. Rachel was sent home. Demi gave Khaya “Let It Be” song to sing and told her she can go “soulful” with the song. Simon was skeptical of this choice.

“What I love the most about your voice. Make it sound more fuller, like it has more body. You have such a huge range and would like to hear you explore more of that, ” said Kelly.

Paulina agreed with Kelly, but also noting her wrong choice in clothing – She said, “Tonight is one of the best performances. I love you. Tonight was most amazing thing. The wardrobe, you need to step it up a bit.”

Simon said, “I thought the beginning was okay then you got your stride half way through.” He said she needs some vocal lessons. “The fact you were in the bottom two last week was such a joke.” He said her personality is probably the reason why.

Demi said, “I agree with Simon that it was a joke that you were in the bottom two. Your voice is insane. I also think it was one of your best performances.”


JOSH LEVI (Boys – Paulina) – TOP 8

Paulina advised Josh to loose some of the pressure he’s feeling from his Mother and Sister being there with him, and not with the rest of the family back at home. He sang “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics.

Kelly wants Josh on her side. She said, “Within this moment I’m just a little bit jealous that Paulina is your mentor. I want you to experience more freedom on stage. Everything with your movement, and your voice.”

Demi was reminded of a successful singer, “Your voice reminds me of Chris Brown when he was younger. You need to learn how to work the dance floor more.” She said she was also jealous that Paulina has Josh.

Simon said, “Your mentor (Paulina) is actually mad because that whole sequence was insane. Paulina, it’s like you must have been drunk when you came out with that. It was bonkers!” He then told Josh that he would like to see him next week on his own.

Paulina was upset at Simon, “I’m getting so mad right now. Josh we have the power in this competition and it doesn’t matter what Simon says.” She also threatened to start “kissing” Simon like how Kelly does to shut him up!


ALEX AND SIERRA (Groups – Simon) – TOP 8

Last week, Simon didn’t like their act. Alex and Sierra sang “Best Song Ever” by One Direction. Sierra said she’d like for One Direction, who are performing on The X Factor stage tomorrow, to see them do their song.

Kelly found a stronger singer of the duo. “I feel like this week, Alex you were so much stronger than Sierra. But I do feel like if you sing it together it has to be spot on,” said Kelly.

Paulina reacted with, “I feel you guys when you look at each other you melt together. You guys are good together and we need to see more of that rock and roll that we saw last week.”

Demi is taking it home, “that was your best performance yet and I’m going to go home and download it on iTunes. She said, however, it was “pitchy at times.”

Simon heard something different from the women mentors, “This was a brilliant. Brilliant performance. It was cool and laid back. I’m going to disagree with the girls. The difference between what we hear now is that is a record!”


RION PAIGE (Girls- Demi) – TOP 8

Demi said Rion is one of the strongest girls she knows. Rion said she is singing the song for her little brother. The song was, “Your Song” by Elton John

Kelly couldn’t find words to describe Rion’s performance, “Rion, you…I’m speechless and I talk way too much. You are incredible. This week, I felt something different from you and I absolutely loved it and you are a star!”

Paulina said, “That was beautiful feeling of your soul. I just love it.” Simon was over-the-top impressed by Rion, “I thought you were good last week and this week I thought you ware fantastic. It sounded absolutely beautiful to listen to,” he said.

Demi was moved, “I got emotional when you sang because I can feel the emotion that you felt. You can control the emotion of the audience.” Simon jumped-in and said to Rion , “You CAN’T be thirteen”.


CARLITO OLIVERO (Boys – Paulina) – TOP 8

Simon told Carlito that he thought he’d go home last week. However, America decided to save him. Carlito said after being homeless, that “this is just another mountain to climb.”

Paulina said she wants the girls in the audience to “feel” that Carlito is singing to them. He said he wants people to forget their troubles and their life during the two minutes that he’s performing The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” song on The X Factor stage.

Kelly said to Carlito, “I will start by saying that was definitely a huge step-up from last week. Something is still missing from your performance. You have star quality and I want to see it come from you. I still feel like you’re in your head.”

Demi said, “I think the end was on fire- It was crazy sexy. You need to do that the whole time. Embrace the Spanish more and it should be totally sexy.

Simon said, “I agree with what Demi said about the whole Spanish thing. The staging was the best thing I’ve seen so far. You came back fighting and gave it 110 percent. I hope Paulina gives you a proper song next week because I like you.”

Paulina addressed Carlito’s face again, but this time explained her meaning better, “You need to smile at the girls and that sex appeal! Great job!”


LILLIE MCCLOUD (Over 25s- Kelly) – TOP 8

Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” is the song that Kelly chose for Lillie to sing and said she believes it’s the perfect song for Lillie. Simon had his doubts and said it was the wrong choice for Lillie.

Paulina said, “I think each time you step on that stage you give us something different. Paulina said she has a “power voice” and called her performance “amazing!”. Demi said “I’d like to see you utilize your range more often,” and that She said was expecting a huge note at the end but didn’t get it.

Simon said it’s easy to take Lillie’s voice for granted, and “that was absolutely brilliant! “I think you controlled the song very well. I feel that tonight you arrived!” Kelly said “To be able to share your gift with the world is a beautiful thing. I love working with you.”


ELLONA SANTIAGO – (Girls – Demi) – TOP 8

Last week she sang a Whitney Houston Song (I Wanna Dance With Somebody) and pulled it off. This week, Ellona sang “Burn” by Ellie Goulding.
Ellona said the way that she gets her confidence is through her dancing. Demi is limited Ellona’s dancing this week and focused more on her voice.

Kelly was about 80% satisfied with Ellona’s performance and said, “Your voice is so big in your itty, bitty, bitty body You always bring something extra to the stage and I think a piece of that was missing. I do believe in you and you are so great.”

Paulina told Ellona, “You are my favorite. Don’t worry about dancing, you have your life to give us. Thank you.”

Simon was seeing right through Ellona’s performance and called it when he told her, “It’s like at the moment that I’m watching an actress and I don’t know who you are yet. At the moment, you are like a dancing, singing puppet.”

Demi stood up for her with, “I think you killed it and every week you are learning who you are as an artist.”

Mario asked Ellona to react to Simon’s comment. She said, “I don’t want to be a dancing singing puppet. I want to be a fierce performer. Demi assured her that she is.


RESTLESS ROAD (Groups – Simon) – TOP 8

“You know the expression you save the best for last? It’s Restless Road” is how Simon introduced the last act of the night, his last group Restless Road.

Restless Road sang “Ignite” The three young men were separately placed on the edges of the stage area amongst a different group of audience members. Then they joined on stage.

Simon gave his group a standing ovation.
Kelly “I’m waiting on my Restless Road T-Shirt. I expect a lot from Restless Road. It needs to be more cohesive. It needs to be tighter. Zach, you have to loosen-up.”

Paulina said, “I love the song. I love how you sing together. It was brilliant. I don’t think you show yourselves. The only good thing is you’re not on my team.

Demi said they were “hard to listen to.” She said, “I think you’ve done better. Andrew, your harmonies were off. It’s hard to listen to . I think Simon spent more time focusing on your staging and not your vocals.”

Simon said, “You’ve been working really hard. I think by far it’s one of your best performances.” He said of the mentors’ comments that they aren’t “developing Karaoke singers.”

The reaction Restless Road had to the criticism was, “We respect every single person on that panel. We are working as hard as we can each week to get better.”

The last words from host Mario were asking Simon , Who should be be worried for eliminations? Simon responded, “Who should be worried? How long we’ve got? Carlito, Tim , Lillie…”



Only eight act will move on to next week.  Ten acts will become eight.  Thursday night’s show featured boy band One Direction.    When host Mario Lopez asked Simon what he thought about the performance last night, Simon said,  “I thought the girls (Demi , Kelly, Paulina) were very unfair on Sierra and Restless Road.”   He said he watched the show back and genuinely thought the girl mentors were wrong about his artists.

The first act that was announced as eliminated tonight was Khaya Cohen from Demi Lovato’s Girls Category. Khaya’s reaction was “It sucks”. You’re so young and have so much going for you. I couldn’t be prouder of you and how you handled yourself in this competition. You literally have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.”

One Direction took to the stage to perform “The Story of My Life”.

X FACTOR USA, One Direction

Pictured: Former X FACTOR UK winners One Direction performed.

The next acts announced as “safe” in no particular order were:
Rion Paige, Josh Levi, Alex & Sierra, Lillie McCloud, Jeff Gutt, Ellona Santiago, Restless Road. That left two “Boys” from mentor Paulina Rubio Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad who had to perform a sing-off against each other for their shot at returning for next week and a spot in the Top 8.


Tim Olstad sang “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban. Carlito Olivero sang “Beneath Your Beautiful” song by Labrinth. Carlito sang this song with more emotion and passion than Tim’s attempt to sing Josh Groban which didn’t come anywhere close to being Josh Groban worthy.

Carlito’s argument to the mentors on why he should stay on The X Factor was that he came “from nothing” and regardless of anything, he’s going to keep fighting. Tim said he takes the mentors advice every week and tries to improve himself.

Kelly told Tim and Carlito, “As far as your style, you’re still trying to find your place and it’s hard for the rest of us to see who you really are as an artist.” She voted to send home Tim Olstad.

Demi said, “I saw a lot of determination as well. I hate doing this because I’ve been so critical over both of you. I’m getting emotional because I don’t want to hurt you.” Demi voted for Tim Olstad.

Paulina had to vote against one of her boys. She told them both, “You’re so talented. Both great human beings. Hard workers…both of you did such a great job. I love you both. This is hard for me and I’m not basing it on feelings. You two should stay in this competition because you two deserve that. She decided, after much pressure from Mario Lopez, to send home Tim Olstad. With that vote, Tim had the majority of the votes to leave and Simon did not have to cast a vote.



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