Skyfall and Grenade Catching! THE VOICE Top 8 Performances Recap

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May 27, 2013
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Skyfall and Grenade Catching! THE VOICE Top 8 Performances Recap

THE VOICE Recap: Season 4, Episode 16a (Monday, May 27,2013) and Episode 16b (Tuesday, May 28,2013).

Pictured: Blake Shelton performing “Boys ‘Round Here” on THE VOICE stage.

Blake Shelton opened “The Voice” Monday night’s show with a performance of his newest single, “Boys ‘Round Here.”

At the top of the show, host Carson Daly asked each coach to talk about the singers that they have left and what there thoughts were. Adam responded that he’s “not in control anymore. The best I can do is support them.”

Shakira wears super-straight, sleek long hair!

Pictured: Shakira with straight locks this week.

Shakira said of her solo female artist Sasha Allen, “last woman standing. I think she just needs to continue to be herself. I hope America can see the spark that I see in her every time I work with her.” Usher who also only has one female artist left with Michelle Chamuel said, “she has definitely proved to be an incredible student. She is going to do the job that needs to be done.” Usher said he’s joined the army of Michelle Chamuel as he put big, black rimmed glasses on.

Usher joins the army of Michelle Chamuel!

Usher wears his Michelle Chamuel glasses in support of his only team member.

Blake first addressed Usher before talking about his team which has three singers left, stating “He’s even hot in those glasses. He is so sexy (to Usher). We’re to the point now where it’s a bigger deal than just the performance. They have to prove themselves week to week.”

Shakira Admits to Past Fails! A.K.A. – Garrett Gardner and Kris Thomas
At the beginning of Tuesday night’s show, Shakira said “I never thought that taking this gig would be so difficult especially the song selection. You’re selecting a song choice for the singers and you might make mistakes. She’s (Sasha) phenomenal talent and if Sasha is sent home tonight it’s because her coach made a mistake.” It seemed like Shakira may have been reflecting on some of her past song choices for team members such as Garrett Gardner and Kris Thomas both who were eliminated after singing what was criticized by other coaches not the best song choices to match their vocals.

The Top 8 Turn Into The Top 6!

Pictured: Top 8 (l-r) Swon Bros., Holly, Danielle, Michelle, Carson Daly, Sasha, Amber, Judith, Sarah.

The Top 8 awaited their fate during Tuesday nights show to see who received most of America’s votes.

The results of Tuesday’s show in this order:

1 – Team Usher – Michelle Chamuel saved

2 – Team Blake – Danielle Bradbery saved

3 – Team Shakira – Sasha Allen saved

4 – Team Blake – The Swon Brothers saved

5 – Team Adam – Amber Carrington saved

6 – Team Blake – Holly Tucker saved

Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were sent home with the least amount of votes.

The first performance of Monday night went to Team Adam with Judith Hill.


“This moment is one of the most important part on the show – difference between being a singer and being an artist.” – Judith Hill
Singing – #thatpower (feat. Justin Bieber)

See Judith Hill’s performance photos here

Watch Judith Hill sing “#thatPower” here

As always Judith Hill took to the stage like an old pro and did nothing short of a great performance. Blake addressed this in his comment. “It is classic Judith Hill. It’s spot-on. Not much to say. That hair. Good to see some personality. It’s time for that.”
Usher responded with “You really did an incredible job of giving the song a face.” Shakira said, “Obviously a strong vocalist and great sense of style. Great for you to flip this song and do something current.”

Coach Adam said, “Power is the essential piece. When you sang your vision. I was skeptical but I wanted you to go with it. That was the first time I watched a performance and said this isn’t a contestant on the voice. This is an artist performing just like we all do.”


“I want everyone to know that this is her idea. She’s really smart.” – Blake Shelton
Singing “Done” by The Band Perry

See Holly Tucker’s performance photos here

Watch Holly Tucker sing “Done” here

All Usher could put his thoughts on were the bedazzled cowboy boots that Tucker was wearing. He asked, “First of all, where did you get those boots?” Then went on to praise her performance, “Incredible job. Great coach. And you are an incredible talent.”

Shakira could also not help but notice the sparkly boots. “I’ve always wanted cowboy boots. Blinged-out cowboy boots is my dream! Great. Sassy it was incredible.” Adam said of Tucker’s performance, “You’re showing your range lately. You really can sing anything. Great to see the aggressive side of you tonight. And obviously Blake let you borrow his boots!”

Coach Blake was impressed, “Everyone who’s going to be moving forward are those who figure out how to connect the song. That was the first time I saw you own a song. You chewed that song and spit it out.”

Pictured: Holly Tucker got rave reviews on her boots.

Pictured: (l-r) Holly Tucker is saved to move on! Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons look on.

Judith, Michelle, Sarah and Sasha performed “Diamond” by Rihanna


“All great country artist push the boundaries” – Blake Shelton
Singing “Seven Bridges Road” – by The Eagles

See The Swon Brothers performance photos here

Watch The Swon Brothers sing “Seven Bridges Road” here

Daly reminded the viewers that The Swon Brothers is the first duo to make it this far on “The Voice”. It’s been only one week since home of The Swon Brothers, Oklahoma was hit by a devastating tornado. The brothers said “Oklahoma has recently gone through some tough stuff with the tornado hitting. Hope they can find comfort knowing two brothers are singing for them.”

Blake told the brothers the disadvantage that they have is that they could throw each other off. They have to stay in harmony.
After their performance, Usher commented, “The Eagles would be proud of what you did. I take my hat off to you.” Shakira made a short statement that consisted of “It was cool.”

Adam’s reaction was not all love, he said “The intention, what the song met. There were moments where I was a little scared..that ironed themselves out and you went on. They were very minor.” He then admitted to being overly critical of The Swon Brothers.

Blake’s first comment was to Zack Swon’s pink-colored shirt, “I love the Salmon.” Zach confirmed the color choice Blake made was correct, “It’s not pink.” Blake then critiqued them, “You continue to grow and people didn’t know what to think of you until you did the George song. To do the George thing then to do the a cappella thing you show everyone how amazing you are and how you’ve grown.”

Pictured: The Swon Brothers are saved – hugging Holly Tucker


“I will do usher proud” – Sasha
Singing “Without You” by David Guetta and Usher

See Sasha Allen’s performance photos here

Watch Sasha Allen sing “Without You” here

The only member left on Team Shakira, Sasha said, “My main connection of this song will be with my boyfriend of ten years and two kids.” Shakira advised Sasha to connect with the audience. “She needs to connect with the audience. There have been moments on stage where I feel one with the audience and I want that for Sasha,” said Shakira.

After her performance, Adam said, “You know I’m a fan of your talent. It’s just sad that you’re not on my team. Great job.” Blake had a rude awakening. He said, “I started comparing myself as a singer to Sasha and it wasn’t good! The way you sing with such precision and hit those note…I think you bought Shakira another week on this show.”

Usher’s reaction was a favorable one. He said, “Obviously I’m a little bias. Great song. That song is all about love and dedication. You did a great job. Congratulations!” Coach Shakira encouraged her singer with, “You are the whole package you transcended today. It was a huge risk to give this song to you and be so specific and make it your own. You are the epitome of American woman. You can take any challenge.”

Pictured: Sasha Allen is saved to move-on to the final six!


“I love painting. It’s a great release. I’ve been painting since i was thirteen.” – Sarah Simmons
Singing “Someone I Used to Know” Gotye

See Sarah Simmon’s performance photos here

Watch Sarah Simmon’s sing “Someone I Used to Know” here

After Sarah’s emotional performance, the reactions from the coaches were all positive. Blake who was blown away by Sarah’s vast range, spoke first, “I was reminded.. I was thinking back to the Battle Rounds or the Knock Outs, the three singers I hear in your voice. It’s just a pain in my ass that you can do all that stuff as a coach.”

Usher said, “I think it was great for you to show a different texture. You have such a powerful voice and a unique song.” Shakira reacted with a bit of annoyance and said, “who doesn’t like that song. It’s been performed on this show a lot. You’re a very interesting artist.”

Coach Adam was thrilled and said, “It’s so cool working with you because you can do anything that you want to . You kicked every one’s butts last week and you came out here this week and showed so much range. This is a tough song and I feel that nobody’s done it right until tonight!”

Pictured (l-r) Zach Swon, Danielle Bradbery, Holly Tucker, Amber Carrington, Colton Swon

Danielle, Amber, Holly, Swon Brothers performed Sugarland song “Something More”.


“I have to prove that I deserve to stay.” – Michelle Chamuel
Singing “Gernade” by Bruno Mars

See Michelle Chamuel’s performance photos here

Watch Michelle Chamuel sing “Gernade” here

The last person on Team Usher, Michelle, “is the new standard for something we’re scared of. Something different. I think she has the ability to bring this home,” her coach Usher said. Michelle was worried and is, “In order to get to the next round, I have to find out what I have to say.”

After her performance, the coaches gave their thoughts. “That was spectacular! I’m a big fan of yours Michelle. Your stage presence which is always strong but now even more confidence,” said Shakira. Adam was smitten by the whole show that Michelle put on. He said, “That was awesome. That was cool. It was so dynamic. People started showing up like piano guy, and the violin. This was such an amazing situation that it sucks me right in. It was the best of the night.”

Blake said “I cant’ believe that such a big voice comes out of such a little person. That’s your best so far.” Coach Usher reacted with “I said in the package I’d catch a grenade for you and I would. You represent true inner beauty. That performance represents everything we love about life. I’m so happy that you did that for the world.”

Pictured: Michelle is saved! (l-r) Swon Bros, Holly, Danielle, Michelle, Sasha, Amber.

Michelle Chamuel was saved by America’s votes to move on to next week’s Top Six Live show!


“You are a great country artist that is just waiting to be born.” – Adam Levine
Singing “Grandpa” (Tell Me ’bout the Good Old Days) by The Judds

See Danielle Bradbery’s performance photos here

Watch Danielle Bradbery sing “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)” here

After her performance, Usher couldn’t get over her red sparkly cowgirl boots! He said, “Man, look at your shoes. They had a performance of their own. They danced…You’re like a prodigy. You come out here and you’re just effortless.”

Shakira exclaimed, “I think why you’ve come this far in this competition is you are a good narrator. You have star quality. You either have it or you don’t. You have it!” Adam said what a lot of people were thinking during Danielle’s performance, “You are a great country artist that is just waiting to be born. You are one on the best. You are the best. And it’s cool you sang a song about Blake.”

Coach Blake said, “That was good. That was real good. It’s pointless to go on and on and we can hear the reality of this. That is – you are amazing. I’d like to know how many people with all the craziness going on like hearing this song. You did it beyond justice. Take me back to when things were good.”

Pictured: Danielle’s boots were the envy of Usher.


“The biggest challenge you face is that it’s for a movie. It’s operatic.” – Adam Levine
Singing “Skyfall” by Adele

See Amber Carrington’s performance photoshere

Watch Amber Carrington sing “Skyfall” here

While rehearsing for the song, Amber was a little worried. She said, “This song is very dramatic and I’m not used to doing something this huge. I have to find that actress and dig her out.”

Amber was the very last performance of the night and with only two minutes left in the show, the coaches responded to Amber’s thundering performance. Blake said, “You just took the diva powerhouse vocal for the night. You can’t cover-up Country. She’s still a country singer no matter what you do (to Adam).”

Usher said, “You were incredible. One of my favorite performances.” Shakira reacted with, “It s perplexing that Adam picked that song. But it worked. It suits your voice. Those really high notes did it for me.”

Coach Adam reacted to Amber’s performance and addressed Blake’s comment, “Your right Blake. You can’t hide country but there are a lot of countries in the world and she’s gong to be big in every one. No one’s done Adele justice until now. (to Amber)You can literally do anything. Anything!”


Teams Recap:
Blake Shelton is the forerunner again this season to win this race. He was the only coach this week to hold-on to all three of his singers. With an unexpected twist of fate, Adam Levine’s Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were both sent home tonight leaving the Maroon 5 front man with only one singer, Amber Carrington who not doubt was saved by her amazing performance of Adele song “Skyfall” on Monday night’s show. Usher and Shakira are still in the game with one singer each – Michelle Chamule (Team Usher) and Sasha Allen (Team Shakira).

TEAM ADAM: Amber Carrington

TEAM USHER: Michelle Chamule


TEAM BLAKE: The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery, Holly Tucker

Watch Monday night’s full episode here:



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