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Slaying Dragons on THE VOICE Battle Rounds 3 Recap

Posted on October 21 2014 by Editor

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Slaying Dragons on THE VOICE Battle Rounds 3 Recap

“The Voice” part three of season 7 Battle Rounds, Adam went into this night of battles with two steal victories which he snagged from Team Pharrell. Blake told Gwen and Pharrell in private to win the show, they have to upset Adam. Blake said killing Adam’s soul is what gives him life. Each coach has a specific thing that they look for in their battle winning artists. Gwen said for her it is who has the potential to be a star. Pharrell said it was the one who could really let go on stage. He had a tough time deciding the winner of the last battle of the night.


Damien vs. Kelli Douglas

Damien vs. Kelli Douglas

Adam gave them “Knock on Wood” song to sing. Stevie Nicks said great R&B stars have great timing, and Kelli has that. Adam said Damien and Kelli both have the same “rawability” but there’s more work to be done. Damien said he’s 35 years old and wants to move forward with his music career. Kelli is singing to show her son he can pursue any dream he has.

Coaches Comments: Blake said, Damien has this explosive voice. Kelli has a smooth and warm voice, not as explosive. Pharrelll said Damien’s voice takes him back to he 60s, and Kelli is reincarnated from the 60’s. Gwen said she was so distracted by Kelli’s body, and maybe “it’s not the perfect song for her.” Coach Adam told Damien that the explosion Blake was talking about happened. Adam chose Damien. He said “Damien killed it, and that’s the mark of a real pro.”

Battle Winner: Damien


Jessie Pitts vs. Ryan Sill

Ryan Sill vs. Jessie Pitts

Gwen’s adviser is her husband Gavin Rossdale. She paired 18-year-old Jessie with 20-year-old Ryan. Blake told Jessie that her voice was like a bowl of Lucky Charms (Marshmallows only) during her blind audition. Gwen gave them Elli Goulding’s song “I Need Your Love.” Gavin called Jessie “magnetic” and can draw you in. Gwen said it’s going to come down to which one has the potential to be a star.

Coaches Comments: Coach Gwen stood-up for them. Blake called Ryan’s voice “pitch perfect”, and Jessie has a unique voice and said she had a more challenging job and voted for her. Pharrell said he thought they were going to make-out on stage “it was such a dramatic moment, “I’m commending you.” He said the song fit Ryan better and voted for Ryan. Adam said he disagrees with Blake and Pharrell and felt that the song was “teed up for Jessie” and more challenging for Ryan because it was a female vocal. Pharrell said Jessie really has “that angelic tone.” Coach Gwen said working with them really inspired her. She said Ryan’s attitude is beyond amazing and loves Jessie’s spirit. Gwen chose Ryan.

Battle Winner: Ryan Sill

Blake Shelton on Ellie Goulding

Steal: Blake stole Jessie Pitts then said he’ll learn who Ellie Goulding is.


Blessing Offor vs. Katriz Trinidad</strong>

Blessing Offor vs. Katriz Trinidad

They sang “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder. Pharrell told Katriz that she needs to “let go” and learn the song. Katriz was challenged by Blessing because he’s a more experienced singer. Pharrell told 15 year old Katriz that this is not a high school talent show.

Coaches Comments: Gwen said they are both shocking for different reasons. She called Blessing’s tone rich, thick…effortless, and natural”. Adam said this is more of Blessing’s thing, but Katriz raised to the challenge. Blake said ‘it says a lot about both of you that Pharrell would hand yo that piece of music and be confident that you performed it as well as you did.” He said he was impressed by Katriz to be able to battle with Blessing. Pharrell chose Katriz. He said he chose her because she has a beautiful voice and a lot of training.

Battle Winner: Katriz Trinidad

Blessing Offor steal

Steal: Adam stole Blessing Offor. Adam said he thought that Blessing “killed it” and his name is the same as the meaning of his wife’s name. Then Gwen hit her button to steal Blessing as well. She said, “I love your voice and just being around someone like you is inspiring for me.” Adam said he got to sing with Stevie once and that Blessing has part of that spirit in him. Blessing chose Team Adam.


Ethan Butler vs. Matt McAndrew

Ethan Butler vs. Matt McAndrew

Adam gave them “Yellow” song by Coldplay to sing. Adam said about the two singers, “you can tell they are doing it for the purity of doing it.” Stevie said when they sing in unison, it creates another voice and it’s “kind of your landslide moment.”

Coaches Comments: Blake said they approached it like their “own concert”, like a duo and that they dumped their hearts on the stage. Pharrell said the way they sang it, it’s definitely Matt’s wheel house. Ethan surprised him. They had two different approaches. He said “it’s a draw.” Gwen said it was outside Ethan’s comfort zone, but he was “taking it like a man.” And, there’s something magical about Matt. Coach Adam said there’s something about what Matt does with his voice that is “intangible.” Adam told Ethan he is an accomplished, soulful singer. Adam picked Matt.

Battle Winner: Matt McAndrew


Bree Fondacaro & Taylor Brashears

Bree Fondacaro vs. Taylor Brashears

Blake gave them “You’re No Good” song by Linda Ronstadt to sing. Blake’s adviser is “Little Big Town” to help the girls. He said he picked this song because it gives them attitude. Blake said Bree needs to be a bit more angry in her voice. Taylor said in her battle, she is fighting to not get back on the food truck where she works.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell he would have loved to see Bree loose herself more. He told her to “have a ball”. He said “Taylor, you’re just so damn confident…and you just dive-in.” Gwen said she loved the song so much and neither one did the original melody. So it distracted her from the performance. Adam said it was like Bree was singing to herself alone in her room about the guy, and Taylor was talking to the guy in-person. Coach Blake said, Bree has such a good lower register, and Taylor has a good upper register. Bree gets lost in herself, Taylor gets lost in the song. Blake said because of that, the winner is Taylor.

Battle Winner: Taylor Brashears


Toia Jones vs. DaNica Shirey

Toia Jones vs. DaNica Shirey

Pharrell’s adviser Alicia Keys, said, “We want to make sure you feel the deepness.” Alicia asked them whose halo could they feel, and they both said their fathers. During rehearsal, Pharrell told them they were singing like background singers. He told them that they are stars. Toia broke-down and cried. Pharrell said that’s the great news that she felt something. Pharrell said they aren’t singing against each other, they’re singing against themselves.

Coaches Comments: Gwen said “that was crazy” and that their voices are beautiful and powerful. “Its so inspiring to sit here and watch you do it.” Adam said a Beyonce song is like slaying a dragon. He said they slayed the dragon, then slapped it in it’s face to make sure it’s dead. He called them “two winners.” Blake said Danica displayed a softer edge, and told Toia “that was incredible. Pharrell said “both of you guys let go!”, and wishes he could chose both of them. He chose Danica. He said “you just don’t expect that voice out of her.”

Battle Winner: DaNica Shirey

Toia Jones steal

Steal: Adam hit his button to steal Toia Jones. Gwen tried to swoop in again, but it didn’t work. Toia stayed with Team Adam.








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