Stuck on Mariah! THE VOICE Season 15 KNOCKOUTS Week 1 Recap

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October 28, 2018
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Somebody to Love – Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Preview
October 28, 2018
Bold and Fearless on THE VOICE Season 15 Knockouts Week 2 Recap
November 5, 2018
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Stuck on Mariah! THE VOICE Season 15 KNOCKOUTS Week 1 Recap

The first week of NBC’s “The Voice” Knockouts brought on an unexpected Key Advisor to the surprise of all the artists – Mariah Carey who’s a living legend and an icon.

Mariah stated that she wanted to be a Key Advisor on “The Voice” because they didn’t have shows like this with mentors when she was starting out.

During the Knockout round, each coach has one Steal and one Save to use on artists they either want to add to their Teams or keep.



Keith Paluso chose to sing “You’re the Best Thing.” Adam decribed Keith as “a dude from the woods singing this song.” Tyke is from Hawaii where he sings at a taco truck. He lived for two years with his parents in Montana which is why he was inspired to sing his Knockout song “Ring of Fire.” Mariah advised Tyke she wanted to hear more of his heart “being poured out into the song.” Tyke stated that Adam is helping him find out he’s a folk/Pop artist, and that he felt like he was in a band with Adam.

Blake told Tyke tht he was picturing Tyke on the beach surfing…then told him tht his version of that song “felt very authentic.” Jennifer said she thinks Adam should keep both of the. Kelly called Tyke “fearless” and wanted to try to Steal him. Adam told Keith did a fantastic job. But, Tyke is infectious. Adam said “Tyke is a force!”

The Voice 15 Knockouts, Keith Paluso

Pictured: Keith Paluso, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

STEAL: Adam and Kelly both pushed thier buttons to Steal Keith. Keith said he like Kelly’s energy and chose her as his new coach.


One of Kelly’s members on her team had to leave the compeition. Thus, she had to have a group of three go up against each other. Those artists were: Kymberli Joye, Zaxai, and Natasia. Kelly got to keep two of the three artists.


Kelly said the best part of the Knockouts is that the artists get to pick their songs. During rehearsals, Kelly reacted that “Natasia is insane!” Kymberli chose Pop song “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey. Mairah called Kymberli “really a musical person.” Kelly was blown away by Kymberli’s version of the song. Zaxai sang “Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinsen. Mariah said she met Smokey and he really is her mentor. Kelly stole Zaxai from Jennifer in the Battles. Mariah advised Zaxai not to hold back. Then, Kelly brought-out a Team Kelly jacket for Mariah. She was stunned and appreciative.

Adam told Zaxai that is falsetto is unreal. Blake told them that Kelly is walking away from someone that needs to be there. Jennifer threw her notebook at Zaxai. She said Kymberli did her proud and told Natasia not to be afraid of her gift. Kelly told Kymberli that she’s lucky to have her on her team. She said Kymberli slowed the song down which shows how innate her skill is. She told Natasia is “flawless.” But then Zaxai came out and was incredible.


Kelly said because Zaxai did some crazy stuff, she had to pick him and thinks he’s a dark horse.

STEAL: Blake stole Natasia. He said he’s shocked that he was able to steal her with one of the most powerful voices in the competition. He also said he needs more females on his team.


Jennifer got star-struck because Mairiah is one of her heros.


Makenzie just sung a Mariah Carey song during the Battles. MaKenzie selected “How Deep is You Love” for her Knockout song to show off her voice. She made Mariah cry after singing the song in rehersals and said she’d buy that version of the song. Mariah noted tht MaKenzie feel geniune and thinks she’ll do well if she brings that to the stage. Mike chose “Breakeven” song. Mariah said he has “great stage presence” but he was nervous. Jennifer said Mike continues to surprise her.

Kelly praised Mike for his authenticiy and believeability. She said she’d choose MaKenzie who gave her a leg cramp. Adam told Mike he has great runs. Blake stated that they coaches all have a soft spot for her with her history on the show.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: MacKenzie. Jennifer said “she made Mariah Carey cry.”




Adam thinks the two ladies could learn from each other. Radha was speechless because she planned to sing “I’ll Be There” Mariah Carey’s version of The Jackson Five’s song. Radha is studing digital media. But said “The Voice” is her chance to take her career to the next level. Mariah advised Radha to focus on singing the song from her heart. Adam agreed and told her to “emerse” herself in the song and to feel it. Mariah told her Michael Jackson was channeling singing the song rather than singing it perfectly. Reagan stated that picking Adam was the best decision she’s made. She selected “Dancing on My Own” song. Mariah told Reagan that she loves her voice This made Reagan’s heart cry. Mariah siaid Reagan’s performance was the geniune emotion coming from a young girl. “You can’t manufacture that,” stated Mariah.

Blake told Radha’s bravato reminds him of Gwen. He’s fan of both girls Jennifer compared Radha to Celine Dion. Kelly brought-up Radha’s nerves singing the song in front of Mariah.

Adam told Radha that she’s a powerhouse. Reagan came out and the fact she chose that song was “gutsey” and made her stand-out more stated Adam. The person that “dazzeled” Adam most was Reagan. He said Reagan is some sort of gift.

SAVE: Adam used his only SAVE on Radha.



Mariah calld Blake “somewhat of a weisenheimer!” He had no idea what that meant. Funsho picked “Earned It” by The Weeknd because he really connects to the song by moving from Nigeira and wants to show it was worth it. Blake said the song is good for him because it shows his dynamic. Katrina picked “Don’t Let Me Down” she sai to show off her “electro pop” music style She said the song is about hitting rock bottom and needing someone. Katrina can relate because she’s wante to quit many times she said.

Kelly said Katrina is “super captivating” and Funsho is a “beast.” Adam said when Funsho was on his team he has a competitive spirit Blake said Ktrain was handcuffed a little bit because of hte song choice. But, she wants to do “electro Pop.” He said he’s blown-away by Funsho. Blake add that Funsho added the notes they gave him and “effected change” in his performance. Blake called it a great song to showcase what a great vocalist he is. This separates him from the rest of the compeition.




She put them together because they are both soul. They were both over the moon to meet Mariah Carey. Patrique upt music on the back burner after his record label defaulted. He picked “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” dedicated to his father who had a stroke. Sandyredd got emotional while watching Patrique rehearse. She said she gigs about twenty-five times per month and sees “The Voice” as being able to take her to another level. After four coaches tried to steal her in the Battles, She said she’s going to make this Knockout worth it.

SandyRedd selected “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Her genre is Rock-Soul. Mariah said she likes hearing SandyRedd’s lower register. Jennifer said she wants to see every bit of SandyRedd on the stage and not her hiding behind the mic.

SandyRedd belted out an amazing version of “Dangerous Woman” that actually topped Ariana! Kelly reacted that SandyRedd “is straight-up fire!” nand she was! Adam threw his shoe at her. Adam did a fast talk that ended with Jennifer will probably pick Patrique. Jennifer told SandyRedd that she loves that she “sells the moment.” It was a tough choice. And…Adam was right!

The Voice 15 Knockouts, SandyRedd, Patrique

Pictured: (l-r) Patrique Fortson, SandyRedd, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

SAVE: Jennifer pushed her Save button for SandyRedd.


Mariah Carey was returned as Key Advisor to help the coaches Teams for night two of The Knockout Rounds. Apparently she worked her magic on some of the artists.

Mariah told Jennifer Hudson when everyone heard her for the first time – she’s a great singer, but also stands-out!



Jennifer said she paired Franc and Tyshawn because they sing with a vengance and are old-school. Once Franc and Tyshawn got over the duo of Mariah Cary and Jennifer Hudson they took-in some helpful advice. Franc sang with Cleveland Jazz Choir before “The Voice.” Franc chose “Call Out My Name” song. Carey said she’d buy the album that Tyshawn made because he put his heart into it. Mariah revealed that she still has her own catalog from when she first started-out and could have sold it for $5,000, but didn’t and glad that she didn’t. She said it’s a plus when an artist can write their own music like Franc can. Tyshawn said he’s singing his sister’s favorite song “Pillow Talk” by Zane and wants to make it his own. He said this song allows him to release “all of it.” JHud said there’s no note that Tyshawn can’t hit after he showed-off his incredible range in front of Mariah. Jennifer said this Knockout will be the hardest decision for her to make.

The Voice 15 Knockouts, Franc West

Pictured: Franc West, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kelly reacted that Tyshawn’s performance was really rad, dark and vulnerable. Adam thought they both gave an infectious performance. But, he really thought it was “dead even.” Blake said Tyshawn just slapped the audience with his music. He told Tyshawn that his range is really unbelieveable. Jennifer joked to Tyshawn that she’s going to sit backstage to see if she can hit that note that he just hit. She said they’re both extremely talented. Her wish and prayer is to have them both stay.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Franc. Jennifer chose Franc for his distinctive and unique sound. Tyshawn ended his run on “The Voice” by handing-out his pound cake to everyone.



Mariah gave the two young ladies advice to also have fun in their music careers. Abby chose Kelly Clarkson song “Because of You” for her Knockout and said it was “nerve racking” to sing it in front of Kelly. Mariah thought it was a “bold move” and thought Abby did a beautiful job. Kelly reacted that Abby “is a force.” Mariah told Abby sometimes it’s only the owner of the song who wrote it that can give the feedback that she needs to interpret it. Claire said back at home she was singing in coffee shops and teaching kids. She chose “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes because it’s an anthem of how she’s feeling in “The Voice” competiton. Kelly said it’s an ambitious song to sing. Mariah said Claire needs to focus on the dynamics of her voice and Abby just needs to be herself.

The Voice 15 Knockouts, Abby, Claire

Pictured: (l-r) Abby Cates, Claire Dejean, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Jennifer said Abby did sing Kelly’s song, then Claire made the song her own. Adam said the only person there that can make a mistake is Kelly! He said what he’s getting at is that they were both great! Abby was “incredibly engaging”and Claire did a Shawn Mendes song that was powerful and unlike the original. Kelly reacted that Abby “fills a similar vain.” She doesn’t want them to split the vote with each other. Kelly chose Abby.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Abby. Kelly said they are both equally talented. She went with her gut and thought Abby might be more ready for the compeition.



Blake paired the two against each other because they’re his Country guys that “have a lot of grit.” Dave said he’s listened to every single that Mariah’s put out. Dave chose “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie. Although he was raised on Country, Dave said his parents had a Lionel Richie album that they’d always play. He thought of his wife while singing the song. Blake said this is a song that if it came out today, it’d be a Country hit. “You can tell that Dave loves this song,” commented Blake. Mariah loved it and said he did a wonderful job at making it come across. She added that he stayed true to the original. But, took it to a different spot, which she enjoyed.

Kameron chose “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley to show off his voice. Blake said Kameron came into the compeition as a Country artist, and wants to show a different side which is risky. Mariah advised it’s good not to steer too far from the original when covering a song.

Jennifer told Kameron that it was a classic sound. But liked Dave’s energy and went with him. Adam said Dave is a hard guy to be in a Knockout round with. But, Kameron was his equal and went with Kameron. Blake said they are both his Country guys. But, neither one chose a Country song. Blake called Kameron a 21-year-old version of Dave. He said he never would have thought of Dave doing “Stuck on You.”

The Voice 15 Knockouts, Dave vs Kameron

Pictured: (l-r) Dave Fenley, Kameron Marlowe, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Dave. Blake said Dave’s vocal performance was dead on passion, and pitch. Blake joked that neither one of them “screwed the pooch.”
STEAL: Adam stole Kameron. Adam said he has range. He likes seeing a Country guy doing something out of his zone. Thus, Kameron is definitely someone he can work with.



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