Taking out the Queen on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 5 Recap

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Taking out the Queen on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 5 Recap

The OG’s vs New Girls

Pictured: MATT JAMES / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Victoria and Kit were complaining about the “new girls” being added to the group of women.  Victoria stated that they haven’t even started the “hazing” process yet.

Katie was aware that “the house was getting toxic” and added “if you are going to be a mean girl, I am going to call you out.”

Matt started the Cocktail Party by making a general announcement to the group of women.  He said the environment has become toxic, and is aware of the bullying going on.  “If you have to bully someone else in order to shine, that’s not the qualities that I’m looking for in a wife”   He asked to talk  to Brittany first.

Brittany said she didn’t sign-up to be bullied and the rumors of her being an escort could ruin her life.  Matt apologized for “having to deal with that” and thanked her for bringing it to his attention.  Matt told her that she can let him know about such concerns in the future because he’s looking for a wife and sees potential in her. 

Anna was freaking-out because she was the one that started the rumor about Brittany.  So, Matt pulled Anna next to have a private chat with her.   
Anna told Matt that before she arrived on “The Bachelor” she received messages about Brittany possibly being there.  She said she felt horrible for making the comment on the rumor about Brittany.  Matt told Anna that she’s “not a horrible person” and admitted that he himself is guilty of saying things that he’s not proud of.  However, he said that he has a responsibility to the women that are there, to Brittany and to himself to follow his heart.  “Unfortunately, I can’t see you being part of that journey anymore.” 

Matt thought that Anna said something that was out of character.  He proceeded to walk her out of the chateau to exit the show.  

Catalina confronted the women on all the mean girls’ attitudes and shade that they had been throwing on the new girls.   After the “OG” girls saw Matt send Anna home, then they all apologized to the new girls.  Victoria even apologized to Catalina for ripping off her crown on the first night that she arrived.  

Matt pulled Ryan next to see how things were going for her.  She mentioned Victoria and how she made a cheer on the OGs and told her to her face that because Ryan is a dancer, she’s a “ho,” then laughed about it after.  Ryan started crying as she told Matt how it made her feel. 

Victoria sensed that she might be the next one in trouble, so she took Matt in private to talk.  Victoria fessed-up to the OG cheers incident with Ryan.  Matt told Victoria that before he could even ask Ryan a question, she started crying.  “Now I’m doing the other women here a disservice by not making this a safe haven.”  He asked Victoria under what “context” would it be acceptable calling someone a “ho.”  Victoria didn’t answer.  In her confessional, she said it’s “completely crazy” that she makes the house “toxic,” and doesn’t think anything that a new girl has said should be taken seriously.  

Victoria had a melt-down and went outside to talk to producers.


Women who already had roses: Michelle, Bri, Pieper
Roses handed-out to: Brittany, Ryan, Rachel, Serena P., Magi, Kit, MJ, Jessiena, Katie,  Abigail, Chelsea, Serena C.

Women who went home: Victoria, Catalina, Mari, Khaylah. Victoria confronted Matt at the end of the Rose Ceremony and told him that she’s disappointed that he listened to hearsay over her.  


The first date card arrived.  It was for a one-on-one date with Rachel.  The card read:  “Rachel, our fairy tale begins today. – Matt”

Pictured: RACHAEL, MATT JAMES. / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt said Rachel caught his eye from night one and is attracted to her confidence and assurance.  They met Ty Hunter on their date who is a professional stylist.  He dressed the couple for a dress-up session.  Matt said Rachel reminds him of back home.  She’s from Georgia.  Rachel said she’s never been treated like a princess, and was overwhelmed.  

Back at the house: The group date card arrived.  The names on the card were: Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessiena, MJ.  “Love and be messy – Matt”

That meant that Kit was getting the next one-on-one date.  Katie and Abigail were outwardly disappointed to not have gotten a one-on-one date yet.  

Back to Matt and Rachel:  Rachel arrived wearing the beautiful blue gown gifted to her.  She got out of the Bently to meet Matt who was waiting inside the lobby.  Matt said in a confessional interview that he’s scared of having someone around and having those emotions.  He said Rachel brings those emotions out.  

Rachel said she felt that she was undeserving and told Matt that she thought he is out of her league.  She said she doesn’t have a lot of confidence at times and gets scared.  To have a relationship that really works, she has to gain that self confidence.  Rachel said she doesn’t want to push him  away.  Matt said she’s pulling him in.  “When I’m around you, you don’t have to try to have my attention, you have it.”  He said just by her being in the room, she has his attention.   Rachel said she’s already completely falling in love with him and hopes to be the one to walk out with him.  Then, Matt told her that she’s not crazy because he feels the same way.  

Back at the house:  Michelle was hoping to still be able to get some time with Matt during the group date. 

Back to Matt and Rachel:  Matt told Rachel that he’s enjoyed that night with her and the entire day.  When he presented the date rose to her, he told her that he’s also falling in love with her.  In Matt’s confessional, he said there’s no fear anymore and he could see himself getting down on one knee proposing to her at the end of it. 

Rachel stated that she can easily see herself spending the rest of her life with Matt.  “I’ve been waiting my entire life for a man like this, and he’s here.”  


It was Michelle’s first group date.  She said she’s confident with where her and Matt are and wants to keep learning more about Matt.  Matt met the women at a farm and told him that he grew-up working on a farm.  There was a professional farmer there to tell them that sometimes you get to see “bull sh*t” and have to work with your partner.  So, the women had to do various farm chores that involved shoveling hay and crap, milking a goat, collecting chicken eggs.  

Pictured (l-r): MAGI, PIEPER, CHELSEA, MICHELLE. / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Katie thought that MJ was being extra cringey with the goat and chickens in order to get attention from Matt.  It actually did work until Matt crashed a confessional interview that Pieper was having with producers and started kissing her.  The other women on the date saw, and Michelle and Abigail took it especially hard.  


Matt said  the date was not about them being farmers, but was about quality time and getting to see them all out of their element.  The first woman that Matt pulled for some private time with was Chelsea.  He asked her what her thoughts were.  She said she likes him!   He said he doesn’t feel that what she said was true when she said she’s awkward around boys.’  He told her that he’s very happy that she’s there and kissed her.  

Abigail was worried about not getting much alone time with Matt and wants to open-up to him.  When she sat-down with Matt, she expressed to him that she was “defeated.”  She said she wants to be as open with him during the process and her biggest fear is that she doesn’t want to disappoint him.  She said if she has a family, there’s a possibility that her kids would be deaf.  Abigail told him that she experienced her father walking out on her family and is apprehensive about opening-up to someone who may ultimately walk out on her.  Matt told her how he was also raised by a single mom.  

Matt thought it was courageous for Abigail to open-up to him and be vulnerable. He liked that she’s someone who challenges him.  Michelle sat-down with Matt next.  She wasn’t prepared for the group date and seeing him be affectionate with other women.  She told him that she didn’t know if her heart could take it.  Matt said he feels what she’s feeling.  Michelle thought she misjudged their connection.  Matt replied that she didn’t and then made out with her.    

Matt made it a point to sit-down and talk to MJ to make sure she wasn’t part of the group of women bullying.  He told her that he heard that she is an antagonist and made someone feel that they were an outsider.  MJ denied it, then Brittany cut-in to talk to Matt. Jessenia told MJ that she did mention her name about how she made it uncomfortable for the new girls in the house.  MJ flipped-out on Jessenia.  

Back at the house:  Kit was talking to Rachel about her upcoming one-on-one date with Matt.  Then, her date card arrived, which read: “Kit, dinner at my place. – Matt”  Kit said her happy place is in the kitchen with her mom, and she told Matt that.  She got emotional.  She said it just shows that he’s listening.  

Back to the Group Date:  Matt was ready to give out the group date rose  He said it goes to someone who was “extremely vulnerable with me tonight.”  Then gave it to Abigail.  


Kit’s mom is a fashion designer.  she said being in the public eye, she’s tried to maintain a certain image and has build-up walls over the years.  “My partner should be able to help me fall in love.  Because it’s not easy for me.”   Matt said it felt very natural with Kit.  She told Matt that being in the kitchen has helped her feel more comfortable because she bonded with her mom in the kitchen.  Then, Kitt said being there and letting her wall down was the first time that she’s had to be vulnerable.   Kit told Matt, “once one wall is broken-down you get to see all of me.” 

Kit told Matt that she’s starting to fall in love with him.  He grabbed the date rose and told her that he’s so happy and blessed to have her there on his journey.  Then he gave her the rose.  In her confessional, Kit said after tonight, she’s ready “to dive into the deep end.”  

Back at the house:  A mystery date card arrived.  It read:  “MJ and Jessiena, I need to know the truth.  Meet me at the Cocktail Party before the other women arrive. – Matt”

MJ and Jessenia got ready then awaited in a room for Matt.  That’s when MJ called-out Jessenia and accused her of being the reason why they’re in that position.   Jessenia said it was MJ who came-up with the term “JP vs Varsity.”  While the two women continued to argue with each other, Matt arrived and walked towards them.  
To be continued…

NEXT WEEK:  A few of the women seem to be calling-out Katie for instigating a lot of the drama.  Then Pieper and Michelle are seen intensely reacting to something.  Finally, Heather will arrive.  Chris Harrison said something about her ending it for Matt.  Heather is a former contestant from Colton Underwood’s season who sent herself home.  She rode off on a train during her group date.  



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