Team Stage Wins SYTYCD Season 12 Finale Recap

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September 14, 2015
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Team Stage Wins SYTYCD Season 12 Finale Recap

“So You Think You Can Dance” ended its first ever Stage vs Street themed season 12 where America, once again, chose their favorite dancer. Team Stage took the crown along with $250,000 and a place in Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas show.

The SYTYCD finale night started out with what was supposed to be a Top 20 group piece, but instead “Top 19” since JJ Rabone from Team Street was absent due to her rib injury suffered earlier in the season. The dancers included the Top 4 – Virgil & Jaja (Team Street), Hailee & Gaby (Team Stage) along with Edson, Neptune, Megz, Derek, and Jim. The All-Stars that joined them to round-out the 19 were: Joshua, Kayla, Marko, Melanie, Alex, Ricky, Jasmine, Robert and Jaimie. They danced a fierce number choreographed by RJ and Nick.

The rest of the night was a celebration of this season’s dancers with judges and contestants favorites. Some routines were danced again live on stage, others were replays from the original aired versions. The re-played performances were: the Top 10 Team Street performance choreographed by NappyTabs, the Top 8 Team Stage performance, and the All-Stars & Top 9 contestants performance.

Favorite dances that were danced again live included the unforgettable robot hip-hop number with Virgil & Hailee; contemporary social routine with Gaby & Neptune; the jazz piece with Hailee & Robert where she kissed the life out of him at the end; the hip-hop routine where Gaby was a geisha with All-Star Joshua; contemporary number with Jaja & Jim. One of the best of the night was a repeat performance of Travis Wall’s “ghost light” dance (taped earlier).

The first results of the night were announced by SYTYCD host Cat Deeley. The overall voting results were tallied from two week’s worth of votes from American fans who voted. The two dancers brought out on stage represented Team Street – Jaja Vankova and Virgil Gadson. The results favored Jaja, which left Virgil no longer in the running to win the grand prize.

Special guest performances of the night were: Academy of Villains, a performance by Travis Wall & Jenna Tatum, a terrific robot routine by All-Star Cyrus & young prodigy dancer “Lil Pheonix”. As an added bonus, Jim & All-Star Alex performed a contemporary piece with a powerful father & son story.

The second results of the night announced brought Team Stage – Hailee Payne and Gaby Diaz to hear their fates. Gaby won the majority of America’s votes, and unfortunately that meant Hailee was out of the running for America’s favorite dancer. This left Gaby and Jaja vying for the title.

After Gaby and All-Star Robert’s repeat performance of contemporary number choreographed by Mandy Moore, Gaby was announced as the winner of season 12 of SYTYCD, beating-out remaining dancer, Jaja Vankova from Team Street.

SYTYCD season 12 winner Gaby Diaz

Pictured: Gaby Diaz won America’s Favorite Dancer



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