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The Academy Second Week SYTYCD Season 14 Recap

Posted on July 27 2017 by Editor

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The Academy Second Week SYTYCD Season 14 Recap

FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” entered week two, which is really Day two and three for the contestants, of the dance boot camp called The Academy.

After starting with 100 dancers in day one, only 62 survived the first round of choreography which was the hip-hop round. On day two, the dancers would have to prove their contemporary skills to the All-Stars under Emmy Award winning choreographer Travis Wall.


SYTYCD 14 Academy week 2, Travis Wall

Travis Wall warned the dancers that “it’s a hard combo” with all solo work and no partnerships. Wall asked the dancers to freestyle the beginning of the choreography to give them their own identity. “I’m NOT interested in building robots today” said Wall.

In the first group of dancers were Taylor Sieve and Arielle Disciascio. Gaby thanked Arielle for being there and reminded her it’s a tough competition with many talented dancers. Thus, Arielle was sent home. Next, Taylor was asked to be on Robert’s team. With previous dancers he wanted to put on his team, were taken by other All-Stars. This time, the All-Stars stayed out of Robert’s way in order for Taylor to be on his team. But, unknowingly to Robert, in an earlier interview with host Cat Deeley, Taylor said she wanted to be on Robert’s team anyway. “He’s a stunning mover…and his mentorship could bring a lot” said Taylor.

SYTYCD 14 Academy week 2, Taylor, Arielle

Pictured (l-r): Taylor, Arielle

“She’s got that heart that I’m looking for. She was unbelievable in the contemporary round. She became something that I hadn’t seen before,” said Robert of Taylor. Robert also added contemporary dancer from N.Y. Jonathan Wade, and Jennifer Florentina also from New York.

Those that were already on teams, worked hard to keep their spots. Tapper Chaz Wolcott struggled on the hip-hop round, and was cut after not doing so great in the contemporary round.

Dance partners Havoc and Klassic were split-up at the Academy and had to master Contemporary choreography independently of each other. Both men fell short on their moves and didn’t complete the choreography. Instead of getting cut, Havoc was given the opportunity to dance for his life as requested by All-Star Cyrus. Longtime partner of Havoc, Joseph (a.k.a. “Klassic”), had no such luck, and was cut in the Contemporary round. After Havoc’s impressive solo dancing for his life in his own style, Cyrus put him on his team

SYTYCD 14 Academy week 2, Havoc, Chaz

Pictured (l-r) Havoc, Chaz

By the end of the Contemporary round, 14 dancers in total were cut. Thirty dancers made it on a team and 18 were left fighting for the remaining ten spots on an All-Star’s team.

At the beginning of the Ballroom round, each All-Star had only one spot left. After watching ballroom choreographers Jenya and Dimitry perform, the dancers had to learn choreography which Dimitry said usually takes a lifetime to master. But the dancers would have to learn it in one hour! It was the last round that the dancers had a chance to win-over an All-Star. Otherwise, they’d be sent home.

After watching her ballroom dance, Robert put Jensen on his team. Paul said he was looking for dancers who were able to connect with each other. Dancers Kristina, Sydney and Kiki continued to impress their All-Stars during their Ballroom performances. Paul called Sydney “a powerhouse” and that she’s been consistent in each round. Kristina’s dance partner and husband, Vasily had yet to be placed on a team. However, he wasn’t worried about it.

Paul grabbed Vasily for his team just before he was about to get cut, and reunited him with wife Kristina who was also on Paul’s team. During the deliberation just before that, Paul said he was worried about having “too many” ballroom dancers on his team.

Six more dancers were eliminated in the Ballroom round including animator Dustin Payne, and Matthew Delouch who said he’s going to get into ballroom, and hip-hop classes and come-back next year to SYTYCD and make Top 10.

Alexis got the final spot on Team Jenna. There were six spots still remaining which were soon filled. Next, each team had to perform in the Group Routine round. At the end of the Group Round each All-Star would have to eliminate one member.


Paul’s group was first. He was underwhelmed by his group and after hearing about the group’s bickering, which was mostly caused by Vasily, Paul eliminated Vasily. Next was Alison’s team which consisted of three contemporary dancers – Logan, Zachary, Abbey, and Krumper Kevin Davis Jr. They gave a stand-out performance, led by Logan which brought Alison to tears. She told Kevin that she was so proud of him. However, Alison eliminated Kevin. But, Jenna quickly scooped him up for her team. That meant Jenna would have to cut two people instead of only one dancer on her team.

SYTYCD 14 Academy week 2, Alison Team cut

Pictured (l-r): Abbey, Zachery, Logan, Kevin

Cyrus cut Kristina. Robert cut Jensen and told her she just needs a little more time. Gaby cut Kiki’s partner Magda.

The last group to perform was Jenna’s team who, after her adding Kevin, would have two of it’s members cut. Jenna eliminated Alexis and JJ. Jenna told them that they were her “dream team.”

SYTYCD 14 Academy week 2, Alexis, JJ

Pictured (l-r): Alexis, JJ

The All-stars ended day three with the Top 30 dancers remaining.

Next Week: On the final day of the Academy the dancers will have to learn Jazz choreography from Sonya Tayeh. Then the All-Stars will have to choose who they will partner with in the live shows.


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