THE SINGING BEE: Contestant Drops More than Lyrics!

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April 14, 2012
April 19, 2012
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THE SINGING BEE: Contestant Drops More than Lyrics!

EXCLUSIVE! Set Report!
“There’s a party going on” on CMT’s successful karaoke game show where contestants must really know their country tunes as well as some pop and rock genres returns this Friday, April 20th at 8 pm ET/PT. Hosted by comedienne Melissa Peterman, this show is always fun, entertaining, and as one contestant proved- unexpected at times.

During the new fourth season first day episode, HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was on the set. This season introduces a new young female singer to “The Beehive Honeybees” whom is replacing last season female newbie Baylie. “The Singing Bee” had it’s first tie-breaker of the new season. It was a long and arduous round of “Chorus Showdown”, the fourth round of the game where the final two players must battle each other in a karaoke sing-off. The first player to get the lyrics to the song correct wins. However, the two competitors kept getting each song’s lyrics wrong back and forth, and back and forth. Finally the show had to enforce the tie-breaker. During the tie-breaker, the contestants are given the year and name of the artist of the song to be played before it is actually played for them. The first contestant that buzzes-in, must play. This contestant must either chose to sing the song, or pass it to their opposing challenger. If the challenger sings correctly, then they win. If they get it wrong, the passing contestant wins.

Nothing surprised “The Singing Bee” band and host as much as one particular male contestant whom forgot the words to a song during his “Chorus Showdown” challenge when he didn’t know the lyrics and dropped the “F—” bomb! Everyone was shocked. Laughter erupted from the show’s band, known as “The Beehive” There was a brief pause in filming. However, filming picked-up again where it left-off. This concludes that the incident will remain in the episode as bleeped-out.

Here’s a sneak-peek to two of the songs that were used for opening karaoke songs leading into contestants being pulled onto the stage to play (BTW- they’re not real audience members). The songs were “It Happens” by Sugarland, and “Crazy Town” by Jason Aldean.

“The Singing Bee” ends each episode with the final round, “The Final Countdown” – no not the song by Europe a.k.a big hair 80’s band. The last singer earns $500 per correct lyrics during this final round. If they successfully sing five songs correctly they walk away with the grand prize of $10,000 plus “The Singing Bee” trophy as they are doused with brilliantly colored confetti proving that they are “The Singing Bee Champion”, at least for that episode.


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