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Throwing Shoes on THE VOICE Season 13 Blind Auditions Premiere Recap

Posted on September 30 2017 by Editor

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Throwing Shoes on THE VOICE Season 13 Blind Auditions Premiere Recap

NBC’s singing compeition show returned for season 13. Veteran coach Blake Shelton said “The Voice” is unique because “this is where music should start from. Not the marketing….just the voice.”

The newest super-star coach is Jennifer Hudson (or “J Hud”). Best known as a finalist on “American Idol”, she had a break-out role in “Dreamgirls” which she won a Golden Globe award and an Oscar for her portrayal of Effie White. In 2009, she won a Grammy for Best R& Album. Currently, Hudson is the reigning champion of “The Voice U.K.”

Hudson proved to give the other coaches – Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton a run for their money. She’s super competitive and goes after the voices that she wants on her team hard! At one point, she threatened the other coaches NOT to hit their buttons for an artist that she really wanted. Of course, Blake was the only coach not to heed her threat.

CHRIS WEAVER ( 4-chair-turn) TEAM JHUD

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Chris Weaver

Pictured: Chris Weaver — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Chris Weave is a worship leader by day and a Drag Queen by night. He sang for Jennifer Hudson two years ago where she threw a shoe at him. It’s a good thing. It means he’s in. He said he’d love to work with Adam to expand his falsetto.

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer, Miley, Blake

During his Blind Audition, Jennifer threw her book at him this time. Then she took Miley’s shoe to throw at him. Chris told her about Jennifer throwing her shoe at him at “The Color Purple.” Miley told Chris that she’s “so thristy to win” and wants to be his coach. Jennifer asked Chris about him. Then, she said she can relate to being a church singer, and used to watch “all the queens perfom”. Hudson said she learned from them first. Blake said he’s never won “The Voice” with a drag queen. Blake said Chris could make it the greatest birthday of his life. Even though it wasn’t his birthday. Adam said Chris is gving them an opportunity and called him special.

Chris chose Jennifer. He said because they are in such a similar place.

Mitchell builds custom furniture. He said he was supposed to go to Dental school. But, his mom told him that she always saw him as an artist. When music came into his life (after his mom passed away), it showed him how much he enjoyd being able to lift people’s spirits.

Chairs Turned: Adam, Jennifer, Blake

Adam said he thinks Mitchell can go really far on the show. Blake said he sounds Country to him. Michell said he is Southern, but he likes Rock. Jennifer told him it’s amazing to see how comfortable he is and it shows.

Mitchell chose Blake. Blake liked how Mitchell has a Rock voice. “But, you can hear his Southern drawl,” said Blake.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Janice Freeman

Pictured: Janice Freeman — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Janice’s back-story was that her daughter’s father passed away of cancer when her daughter was four. In 2012, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and is now cancer free. Janice has been with her current husband for two years and they play together in a band. She sang “Radioactive” with her own stamp on it.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Miley

Adam stated to Janice, “you turned that alternative rock song into a swampy…” Miley said she liked it better than the original. Jennifer loved the “no fear” with Janice and said she loves people whose passion is bigger than their fear. She said they could “knock down some serious walls” together.

Janice chose Miley. Miley said they were ‘zoned” into each other. Janice said she wants to be exposed to something different and to grow as an artist. She believes that Miley can do that.

Xaris is 17-years-old and loves folk music. She has about 350 vinyl records, and she started playing the guitar at age eight. Xaris sang “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”.

Adam called her an old soul with incredible taste. Blake said they all wish they cold go back and push their buttons. Miley said to keep doing her and she’s awesome. Adam said he’s looking for a diamond in the rough.

SHI’ANN JONES (2-chair-turn) TEAM JHUD

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, ShiAnn Jones

Pictured: ShiAnn Jones — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Possibly the biggest surprise of the night came from 15-year-old Shi’Ann Jones.

Chairs Turn: Jennifer, Blake

Jennifer pushed her button first, then threatened the other coaches NOT to hit their buttons. After her Blind Audition, Jennifer told Shi’Ann that her voice is “undeniable.” The other coaches (except Blake, who turned) said they were too afraid of Jennifer to turn. Jennifer said if she had a daughter that could sing like her, it would be Shi’Ann. Blake tried to sweet talk Shi’Ann. The coaches were annoyed becuase Blake knows a fact about each city. Blake said when he’s a fan of hers, it’s about making sure she has the best possible performance each time she’s on that stage.

Shi’Ann chose Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer said she’s never hit her button that quick for anybody.

DAVE CROSBY (3-chair-turn) TEAM ADAM
Dave sings with his daughter on YouTube and their videos went viral. He said his daughter has given music back to him. At age 26, he and his wife had their daughter and he went into business to support them. Thus, he stopped doing music, until he started filming videos of his daughter singing. She’s a big fan of “The Voice”. He sang “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turn: Adam, Blake, Miley

Adam said “the puirity and beauty of your voice is irriplacable.” When Dave told the story of him and his four-year-old daughter, Adam recognized him. Dave’s daughter came out onto the stage and sang. Adam said he’s blown away and someone sent him their video which meant so much after his own daughter was born. Blake joked that he sent Adam the video. Blake said his voice has its own echo chamber.

Dave chose Adam. He liked that Adam also has a daughter and has a plan for him.

Odiseas first auditioned for “The Voice” in season 3 when he was 15-years-old. He sang “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” symbolic of how his skills have grown as an artitst.

Jennifer said it was too over-charaterized and too embellished that they couldn’t really hear his voice. Miley said she loves his voice and loves him. Blake said he was too out of his lane. Adam told Odiseas not to wait to come back next time.

Esera is from Hawaii, but, currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s an ex-football player who played nine years in the NFL and played in two Super Bowls. Guilty of singing in the locker room, Esera said he put a music career on the back-burner due to football. He’s now 48-years-old, and said that he intends to win “The Voice”. After Esera came out of the NFL he also came out of the closet as gay. For his Blind Audition, he sang a song that he can relate to – “Rise Up”.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Blake

Jennifer said it’s one of her favorite songs. Blake said he’s a fan of great singers and a football geek.

Esera picked Blake

Brandon is a 7th grade English teacher and his students know that he studied music in college but don’t know that he gigs as a singer. They also didn’t know that he was going to be on “The Voice”. Brandon said that he plans to marry his girlfriend if he gets a chair to turn. He was excited to learn that Jennifer Hudson is on the show. Brandon sang “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”.

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer, Miley

Brandon told Jennifer that he used to sing on cruise ships. Jennifer also used to sing on cruise ships. Adam said he turned noticabley sooner than the other coaches. Miley said she’d love for him to not have to have two separate lives (comparing it to her “Hannah Montana” character) and can relate to the young people.

Brandon picked Adam because he thinks he’ll help him the most with stage presence.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Lucas Holliday

Pictured: Lucas Holliday — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Lucas is a cashier and knows that he 100% doesn’t look how he sounds! He made a viral video singing Maxwell and got invited to sing with Maxwell. But he’s still working as a cashier and wants to make a career out of music. Lucas sang “This Woman’s Work”.

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Taking notice of Lucas’ appearance, Blake asked “why is Fraser standing on the stage?” Because Lucas had drastic ups and downs with his voice, the coaches wondered where the other person singing went. Miley commented that she thinks that he has the right coach who’ll be able to lift him to his full potential. Then Jennifer sang “God is Able” with Lucas.

Carson Daly called it one of the best pairings this season. Jennifer said she’s never been that excited.

BROOKE SIMPSON (4-chair-turn)
Brooke, who is 26-years-old, is 100% Native American with a tribe of about 4000 people. Her parents sing at churches. Brooke sang “Stone Cold”.

Chair Turns: Blake, Miley, Jennifer, Adam

Jennifer threw her book at Brooke during her audition, which is a good thing. Adam went up to hug Brooke. Her main inspiration is her Mom she told the coaches. Miley said she’s an “invested coach” and wants to win this season with her. Jennifer said she wrote the same thing down, but had to throw her book at her! Adam said most people try to do what she did. But, it’s hard to do with passion and power. Adam said he wants to do all the work that will lead her down the right path and the trophy is hers. Blake said every now and then there’s a singer that comes on the stage that just needs an opportunity. It’s just about creating the right moments and the right opportunities.

Brooke picked Miley. She said their spirits are similar and when she put her hand on Miley’s heart, Miley’s heart was beating fast. Brooke said she knew she had to pick Miley.


Miley wants to get some Country artists on her team so she can “be taken seriously in Country music.” Blake responded to the other coaches stealing Country artists from him “that’s not right.” Blake said he’s looking more at the artists to win “The Voice” and not so much what genre music they sing.

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley with dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Backstage before the auditions started, Miley came out in full-on cowgirl getup and brought her dad Billy Ray Cyrus with her who told the story about giving advice to a young up-and-coming Blake Shelton. Blake said he was intimidated by Billy Ray!


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Keisha Renee

Pictured: Keisha Renee — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Keisha wants to break the mold of what people think Country artists look like. She grew-up in L.A. and sang gospel music. When she moved to Huston, Texas, Keisha became a Country music lover. She sang background music with Nicki Minaj. After Keisha lost weight, she said she gained the confidence to go after her dream. She sang “I Can’t Stop Loving You” Country song.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake, Jennfer, Miley

Jennifer asked Kiesha what church does she go to. Adam said she sang something that Jennifer would do with Blake’s voice and has Miley’s style. But, he was sad that there’s nothing of him. He said the best she can do is not fit in. Jennifer asked what her genre is. Keisha answered she’s Country/Pop/Soul. Jennifer said she wants to help Keisha create her own lane. Miley fought with the fact that she was born and raised in Nashville. Blake tried to win over Keisha by telling her that the one thing on his mind when moving to Nashville is that he wanted to be a Country singer and never thought about a backup plan. “Country music is my life.”

Kiesha chose Blake. She said since she’s new to Country, Blake is the best person to learn from.


The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Dylan Gerard

Pictured: Dylan Gerard — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Dylan is a 28-year-old nursing assistant who sang “Say You Won’t Let Go” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer

Adam said he turned because he was “able to feel something” and called Dylan “special” and has a cool vibe. Jennifer said Dylan was singing in the wrong key for him. She compared it to – it’s like wearing clothes that are taylored for somebody else.” Jennifer coached him a bit on stage. Adam responded “all things happen when they agree to be on my team”. Adam came back at Jennifer’s coaching with the fact that Dylan’s voice is similar to his and plus he’s a “dude.”

Dylan chose Adam. He’s been a fan of Maroon 5 since the beginning.

MAHARASYI (2-chair-turn) TEAM JHUD

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Maharasyi

Pictured: Maharasyi — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Maharasyi is 27-years-old and born in Los Angeles, Ca. Her whole family is from Indonesia. Her dad left when she was five years old and her mom became a single parent. Maharasyi fell in love with music when she saw her Aunt perform. Maharasyi signed with a lable in Indonesia, but missed her family too much. Maharasyi is currently a wedding singer and wants to go with Miley for a coach. She sang “Tell Me Something Good.”

Chairs Turned: Jennifer, Miley

Adam said Chaka Khan is his crush and can’t go wrong with her song. Jennifer said she has a big voice and soul like Chaka. Jennifer told her she was disappointed that she didn’t hit the big note and encouraged her to try, which she did and got it. Miley said “butterfiles were making your voice flutter all over the place” I want to have you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you…Don’t let your nerves and anxiety take away your victory.”

Maharasyi chose Jennifer. Jennifer said she feels the influence of Chaka Khan in Maharasyi.

Marlo is 61-years-old. He grew up in Detroit. His dad was Motown singer Carl Jones who sang with the group “The Love Tones” and sang with Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson. Marlo became a business man in insurance. His wife has been working two jobs to support him pursue his dream in music. She said it’s great to see Marlo pursue his dream and the same thing that his dad did. Marlo sang “Love Me Now”.

Adam said Marlo took a lot of liberties with the song to make it his own but struggled to hear the words. Jennifer said his voice represented so many genres, she struggled to define it. Miley told him to come back.

RED MARLOW (2-chair turn) TEAM BLAKE

The Voice 13 Blind Auditions, Red Marlow

Pictured: Red Marlow — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Red is just what Miley and Blake had been waiting for. He’s, what Adam said, more Country than Blake. Red said he’s “about as Country as you can get”. He moved to Nashville and sang as a demo singer. But, it was tough for him to get out there on the next level. He started a construction company. Red sang country song “Swingin”.

Chair Turns: Blake, Miley

When Red said he’s from Tennesse, Adam said Red is more Country than Blake. Red responded “it is what it is”. Miley said she came to this season to bring a new face to Country music. She said Blake is a well run dry, she’s “fresh and new.” Red said he met Blake with Philip White. Blake said it’s exciting to have someone like Red who will represent Country from the era they’re both from.

Red chose Blake. Blake said Red has a thing about his voice that’s real and comes from his roots.

21-years-old from South Carolina. She sings at a local Honky Tonk, and practices in a soung room that her dad built for her behind his mechanic’s shop. She said “The Voice” is her one real chance to reach her dream. She sang “You Are My Sunshine” in the style of Chris Stapleton.

Chair Turns: Blake, Adam, Miley

Miley told Ashland that she covered that song on her tour while dressed as a sun. Miley stressed that she’s back now more “rooted and grounded” in her entire life (refering to her recent much publicized sobority). Adam said he’s not Country and has been fighting the same fight each season. He made the argument that Ashland is such a powerful female country singer whose talent transcends the need to go to Blake’s team. Blake said it’s important to recoginze her sound and no one’s been on the raido with her type of voice since Gretchen Wilson. Which means, “there’s a total open lane for you right now.” Adam said they are so wrong for each other that it’s right.

Ashland chose Miley because she seemed like the “right fit” for her. Adam called it a “small victory” for him since Ashland did NOT go on Blake’s team.


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