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Torn Three Ways on THE BACHELOR Season 24 Week 8 Recap

Posted on February 24 2020 by Editor

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Torn Three Ways on THE BACHELOR Season 24 Week 8 Recap

ABC’s “The Bachelor” Peter Weber continued dating the final three women in the Gold Coast, Australia.  After last week’s ceremony, viewers saw Madison pull Peter to the side to talk privately to him.  This week is the Fantasy Suite dates week.  That being said, in the opening of this episode we got to see Madison’s concern.  Madison basically gave Peter an ultimatum (though later told him it wasn’t an ultimatum) that she couldn’t continue dating him if he were to sleep with the other women there.  They continued this conversation later in the episode during their date.

To their surprise after arriving to Australia, the final three women – Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Madison ended-up sharing the same hotel suite!  What?!!   That meant all three of the women had to live together during Fantasy Suite week.  Victoria F. put it best when she said “awkward.  Awkward.”

Pictured (l-r): MADISON, VICTORIA F., HANNAH ANN / Photo: ABC/Maarten de Boer

Then Peter walked in to tell them he’s looking forward to their time there and “hopefully that can look past the other stuff.”   He called out Hannah Ann as his first date.  


They went jet skiing.  Peter said he felt good about them and was looking forward to seeing her that day.  Hannah Ann told Peter, “I’m sure it’s hard compartmentalizing each connection.”   But surprisingly said, “whatever happens this week, I will still be here. ” She said because “it goes back to I believe in us. ” Peter said after that day, he doesn’t want to think about anyone else and told her he really means it when he says he’s falling in love with her.  Hannah Ann responded that, “that means a lot.”   Peter called it the best feeling in  the world knowing that he can rely on Hannah Ann in the good times and the bad times. He said he thinks he’s feeling “true love” with Hannah Ann in his confessional interview.

Pictured: PETER WEBER / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

Back at the hotel:  Victoria asked Madison how it went with Peter in her conversation after the Rose Ceremony.  She gave a vague answer.  Victoria reiterated the importance placed on the Fantasy Suite dates and waking-up (or not) to each other.  

It was the night of the Fantasy Suite date.  Hannah Ann said that night is a chance for their love to take “new heights.”  Hannah Ann explained to Peter how she’s all in and doesn’t want to leave with any regret.  She told him she’s not giving-up.   Then Peter handed Hannah Ann the Fantasy Suite card.  She answered :clearly I love you and I;m not going to turn down more time to spend with you.” In her confessional she said she can confidently say she wants a future with Peter.  “I’m all in with Peter.” 

Back at the hotel:  Madison said they’re probably getting ready for dinner.  Victoria said, they’re getting ready for bed.  Which was actually true!  Madison looked worried.  Then Victoria said “it’s hard to think about.” 

Peter called Hannah Ann “the most perfect woman I could have dreamt of.” Then they continued to make-out in the bedroom.

THE NEXT MORNING: Back at the hotel.  Madison reacted that she’s reaching her breaking point.  


Peter said he’s going into their date with “eyes wide open and a little reserved.”  Peter told her he sees that fight in her and he’s still fighting for her as well.  “I don’t want to look back at all,” he told her.  Their fun date that Peter planned was to explore the Gold Coast by air via a helicopter ride.  He said the date has all the potential to be a day they will never forget.  Peter said the passion is 100% there and “it will never be a boring relationship.”  He’s attracted to that.  In his confessional, he said he loves everything about Victoria, except their communication.  Peter admitted that there’s some important conversations that they need to have and that’s priority for him.

Victoria was on the same page stating that she doesn’t want him to give up and she realizes that there’s important conversations that they still need to have.  Peter told her “I;m not someone who gives-up easily.  V said once she invests in somebody, it’s “game over.”  Peter still didn’t get to meet Victoria’s family which is really important.  But, it surprised him when she showed-up at his door the next day to let him know that she didn’t want to let their relationship go.  Victoria said Peter checks all the boxes of a guy that she would want to be with for the rest of her life.  

Back at the hotel:  Madison told Hannah Ann that she has high expectations of him and told Peter that she didn’t know if she could continue if he sleeps with other women.    In her confessional, Hannah Ann said Madison’s way of thinking “is truly madness” and “we knew what we signed-up for.”

Peter was happy with his date with Victoria, stating it’s exactly what they needed, and he learned a lot about her.  During dinner she explained that her last relationship was three years, and was thrown-off when he asks her certain things.   He told her that what he needs from her is knowing 100% that he can ALWAYS count on her.  “It’s no secret that you tried to push me away.”  He asked her what was it about her past relationship why she did that.  Victoria answered that she didn’t feel good enough and that she questioned everything.  He told her that she needs to stop getting in her head.  He told her that he wants her to feel that she deserves all the love in the world.  But, she pushes away.  Victoria said she hasn’t felt this way about someone in a long time and she knows he’s good for her.  But, wants to know that she’s good for him.   Victoria then opened the Fantasy Suite card.  Peter said he wants to spend more time of having real conversations with Victoria.

Inside the Fantasy Suite Victoria told Peter that she is falling in love with him.  In her confessional, Victoria was crying saying “I love him so much.”  

Back at the hotel:  Madison said it makes her feel sad knowing that Peter is with Victoria.  It’s going to be hard for her continuing their relationship knowing he’s slept with other women.

THE NEXT MORNING: Victoria was still in bed with Peter.  She told Peter that she felt like she was falling in love with him, but now she’s in love.  The most important, Victoria said was the emotional aspect and understanding each other.  She said she feels that he’s her person and all she sees in their future together.    Peter said he can definitely see a life with Victoria and have all the confidence in the world with her.  He added that in the back of his mind he always knew that they could be really good together.  However, he’s in love with three women and “torn three ways.” 

Back at the hotel:  Hannah Ann told Madison that if Victoria is coming back this morning, then obviously “they got to a good place.”  Then, in walked Victoria.  She told them about the helicopter ride.   Then suddenly, Madison walked out of the room.  Hannah Ann and Victoria both thought it was “weird.”  


Madison ran up to greet Peter on the beaches of the Gold Coast.  Their first activity of their date was to climb to the top of a building.  Peter said he feels on top of the world when he’s with Madison.  The scaled the side of the tallest building in Gold Coast.  Luckily, neither one of them are afraid of heights.  Madison stated everything that’s worth it comes with a fight.   “Once you get to the top and see that view, it’s all worth it.”  

Back at the hotel:  Hannah Ann and Victoria were gossiping about Madison.  Victoria was surprised to learn that Madison hadn’t told Peter about her saving herself for marriage.  She also thought it unfair for Madison to put Peter in a position of having an ultimatum placed upon him.

Peter said not doubt he’s in love with Madison.  At dinner he told her that he’s “crazy” for her.  Then he brought-up their talk after the last Rose Ceremony.  He said he’s been torn because the fact of the matter is that he has two other relationships.  She said she does expect them to tell each other of the expectations that have for each other.  Peter told her that he respects her for waiting for marriage.  Then asked her what her expectations are.  

Madison answered that she wouldn’t be able to move forward if he has slept with other women and that’s the expectations that she has in life.  She told him that she can’t wrap her mind around if he proposes to her in the end and six days earlier, he slept with other women.  “I just can’t wrap my mind around that.”    Madison then admitted that no she’s not okay with a guy who’s been kissing other women, but she’s there and she’s sacrificed.  “You’re worth it.”  But, this one thing.  “That’s why I voiced it to you.”  

Peter told her he doesn’t want it to be all about sex.  “But, that’s a big fear that I have for us.”  Peter told her that he has been intimate.  He told her to look at them and how every single moment has been amazing.  He can 100% see them together at the end.  Peter then said that he can see that with other people too and “that’s the truth.”  Madison excused herself from the table after that.  

Pictured: MADISON, PETER / Photo: ABC Network Copyright.

Peter went after Madison, emotional told her that he can’t lose her.  She told him that she felt really hurt in there and can’t change how she is and what she believes in and stands for.  Peter told her that if she can honestly see them together then “don’t walk away.”  Madison then proceed to walk down the driveway.

NEXT WEEK:  Victoria F. and Hannah Ann are standing waiting for the final rose.  But, “where’s Maddie?”  Then, it’s “The Women Tell All” episode.

IN TWO WEEKS:  The season finale of “The Bachelor” will take place in Australia.  Peter is seen crying and apologizing to someone. 

BACHELOR PREDICTIONS: We think he’s apologizing to either Victoria or Hannah Ann , and he’s going to go after Madison.  


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