Dreams Coming True – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 3

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August 7, 2014
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Dreams Coming True – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 3

Howie Mandel said he hopes to be entertained and amazed by the “America’s Got Talent” acts performing live at Radio City Music Hall. The airing of this week’s Tuesday’s live performances follows the death of Hollywood icon, comedian and actor Robin Williams the day before. Judge, Howie Mandel paid a tribute to Robin Williams and said that hopefully the acts performing on AGT will “fill a void.”


Could Be Men From GLAD

They are in their mid-20s age range with no back-up plan. “This is the plan” one of them said. They said the goal of their act to create performances that look like CGI animation and if they’re not in-sync, it will kill the illusion. Mel B said “what a great way to open the show. You’re cool, you’re hip, you’re everything!” Howie said “It is exciting.” He said they could be the men from “Glad” trash bags with the twisties! Howard said, “here’s a cautionary note, it’s getting a bit similar.” He said he’s concerned that they are always going to do the same moves every week. Heidi said she did agree with Howard because it gets a little bit monotonous and they need to keep them on their toes. They said they “have way more surprises.”


Passionate Voice

Anna said she will not let her anxiety win. Howie said about her performance, “you are so important to be here.” He said with the Robin Williams death, it’s a real emotional time and thanked her. Heidi said “I feel the passion in your voice. I hope that your journey will continue with us.” Howard noticed that she changed her hair color and liked it. “I sense your passion with the other two songs you performed.” He said he disassociated himself from her story and thought that she was a bit more edgier with her other songs. Mel B loved it. “You contained yourself…well done sister!” said Mel B.


Bollywood Meets Hip-Hop

They won the TODAY show AGT competition. They perform when not in college studying at Cornell University. Mel B and Heidi along with the audience stood up for them. Heidi said “so much fun guys” and called it a fusion of Bollywood, and Hip-Hop dances. Howard joked, “I am shocked that no one fell off the stage at the end,” and said they have the advantage of coming onto the show late since no one has seen them before and wants to see if they can sustain the level of excitement that they created with this performance. Mel B said they were “off the chain!” Howie said “it was exciting and unexpected.” He said they have a “Bhangra direction” compared to “One Direction”


Taking Us Somewhere

Their dad was diagnosed with cancer, and they are working to make his last days happy ones. Heidi said I feel like you took this really vibrant Pop song and made it anemic. She also called the end “a bit sleepy.” Mel B said she loved it because “you took us somewhere with it” and gave them props for making it unique and their own. Howie said he agreed that they are lovely to look at like Mel B said, but it’s hard to follow an act like “Cornell Bhangra”. Howie also said, in the context of this stage and this show, “it was a little low energy.” Howard said “the first time I saw you, you were unbelievable. He said they always take risks and they were lack-luster. But they are worthwhile, and they do “take us somewhere” with their music.


“Unnecessarily Tased!”

Mike said he’s “as normal as they get”. But at night, he turns into a Mystifier! At the beginning of his act, he put 500,000 bolts of electricity into the air. Mike invited Mel B to the stage to assist him in his routine. After she sat down, he told here that he placed Desmond inside of her. Mike presented her with his “scary spice doll!” Mike did things to the doll while Mel B felt the effects. This included poking, burning, and finally tasing her! Howard said she deserved it! Mel B yelled she doesn’t get paid enough for this and she felt she was being “unnecessarily tased.” Howard said he doesn’t like Desmond and doesn’t think he needs it and said it seems his children are traumatized by it. Howard told Desmond to go back home to the spirit world. Howie called it “truly amazing.” He said guys everywhere are going to figure out how they can do things to girls without being there. Heidi said the ash in the hands was fabulous, and glad that she didn’t have to get on the stage with him today. Mike said he picked Mel because he knows that she’s skeptical.


A Picnic In A Wheat Field!

He’s in the eighth grade going into the tenth, and said he started playing the piano at the age of four. Adrian said when he plays the piano he feels like he is having a picnic in a wheat field! During his performance, he was so animated with his piano playing that Adrian’s eye glasses fell off. Howie called him “Boythoven” Howard said we have to remind ourselves that this is a nine-year old. We just don’t know what’s in your future,” and said he has a flare that is remarkable! Adrian said he does realize how entertaining he is when Mel B asked him.


Good For Family Viewing

Making-up “AcroArmy” are acrobats ranging from ages seven to twenty-two. One of their performers could not make it to Radio City Music Hall, so their choreographer who was a contestant on AGT many years ago, stepped-in to take his place. Howard said “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ArcoArmy” and called them “true performers” and said they are “exemplary.” Heidi identified layers in their performance. Mel B said “that was AMAZING” and said America has to vote for them because they are incredible. Howie said their act is good for family viewing, and “being a fan of the show, thank God our mics are off during the performance because I said some things that a family shouldn’t hear.”


Like A Rock Star!

She’s been doing comedy for twenty-five years. Wendy said she is addicted to making people laugh but took her career out of the fast lane and into the slow lane to raise her two step-sons. Heidi stood-up for Wendy and said she loved that she really made her laugh. Mel B said “finally a good looking woman that makes us laugh from beginning to end. That’s never happened before.” Howard said “you came out tonight like you own that stage. You came out like a rock star” and said she was in control. Howie joked that he’s known Wendy for 56 years (her ongoing lying about her age joke) and said every swing that she took was a home-run.


Howie Feels Good!

Two of them come from a classical background, and two of them come from contemporary. That’s just beautiful and my favorite of the night! Howie said the sounds of their voices and the blending of the musicians was soothing and felt good! “I feel good. I feel soothed!” Howard said “America has a tough decision to make because they just knocked it out of the park!” He also said that he could see himself getting a rub down to that song. Heidi said she thinks they are a class act.


Being Middendorped

They got together just a few days before AGT. They were placed together by their choreographer David Middendorp who wanted to audition for AGT. Both members of Blue Journey run dance studios and have had little time to rehearse for their Radio City performance. Their performance, most of which took place on the floor with visual aides, was perfection. They got a standing ovation from the judges. Heidi said “this was a very sophisticated performance.” She also pointed out that they are very inventive because a lot of it happened on the floor. Mel B said “you guys have brought something so special and unique to the show. I want you guys to win. You’re just incredible”. Howie said he doesn’t know how to describe the feeling. He’s been “Middendorped” – referring to Blue Journey’s choreographer. “This is the best dance I’ve seen ever on the show.” Howard said “this is very, very intelligent. In order to win America’s Got Talent, you have to have this kind of choreography.” He said they have the whole package.


Dreams Are Happening

Hand-balancer Christian said he feels like his dog Scooby is more confident about performing at Radio City Music Hall than he is. Christian was once again successful at hand-balancing himself on top of a podium while balancing his dog on his feet. “It’s all about your dog, and I did not want it to stop,” said Mel B. Heidi said it was a great performance. Howard said “this hands’ down is my favorite act of the night.” He said out of nowhere, you incorporate a dog in your act. I love it!” Howie said “this is by far, the best night on television AGT has ever had.” He said America has to vote. Christian got emotional because his dream is happening and “it’s so surreal.”


Heart-Felt Performance

The last of the night was by Paul Ieti. He said in his hometown, the choir was made-up of his whole family. He had to go off to war in the Army, but has always loved music and singing. When he sings, he said, it reminds him of his family. “My dreams are so close”, said Ieti. Heidi commented, “It was a very heart-felt performance. I really like the tone of your voice. Mel B reacted, “you sing with such passion, I can feel what you’re feeling” and she called it “the perfect way to end the night.” Howie said “I don’t know how they’re (America) going to chose. But, you were amazing, and said “I feel good!” referring to the other feel-good performance of the night by Sons of Serendip. Howard thought he may have played it a little too safe. I don’t know if you’re going to go through tonight, but you are one of my favorites.” Paul said he feels good, and “it’s an honor and a privilege to be on this stage.”



Seven acts will be going home. Taylor Williamson and an exclusive performance by last season winner Kenichi Ebina. Host Nick Cannon said last night’s show was one of the best sows that they’ve ever had. The winning act this season will win $1 million and headline a show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas on September 26th and 27th.

First Act
Cornell Bhangra and Sons of Serendip took to the stage to find out which one of them would be the first act continuing on to the Semi-Finals. It was Sons of Serendip! They said they were so grateful that America voted them through. Mel B said they where their favorite act of then night last night and was very pleased.

Second Act
Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian, Dragon House: The Agents were next. The act that made it through was Blue Journey! Nick asked what they were thinking and the reaction was, “everything and nothing. It’s just crazy. Heidi said she wasn’t surprised because they really one of the best acts last night.

Third Act
The next acts to step forward to hear their fate was Paul Ieti and Anna Clendening. The third act announced to be going into the Semi-Finals was Paul Ieti. Nick asked him how he felt. He said “It’ unreal for me right now” and he thanked everyone for voting. Howie said thank you to Anna for making people aware of her anxiety/mental health disorder. He then thanked Paul and said, “America doesn’t get it wrong . You’re touching a nerve here in New York and you’re toughing a nerve in America which is why you are staying.”

Taylor Williamson
The runner-up last season was comedian Taylor Williamson. Taylor made a visit to AGT, but in a very unique way. In an AGT interview update with Taylor he said the show has changed his life, then he was interrupted by his “girlfriend” Heidi Klum. But, it was all just a nightmare that Heidi was having before show time.

Kenichi Ebina
The winner of last season, Kenichi Ebina returned to the stage with a show that included digital versions of Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – it was a plug for his new App that will be coming-out soon. Ebina is also performing his show in Los Angeles on September 20th and 21st.

Fourth Act
The next two acts were Christian Stoinev and Wendy Liebman. Christian Stoinev is the act that is going to the Semi-Finals. Christian said it’s an honor to be on the stage with the other acts and thanked the voters and said this is a dream, “and I’m so glad that I don’t have to wake-up.” Howard said America got it right, but Wendy was good too. He said the way to win this is to constantly surprise them and called him terrific and a great entertainer.

Fifth Act
Next, Nick announced the next act to be eliminated out of the next three acts – Mike Super, AcroArmy and Adrian Romoff, was announced as Adrian Romoff that was going home. The two acts left, AcroArmy and Mike Super, the judges would have to decide who would stay.

Judges Votes: The judges had to vote between AcroArmy and Mike Super. Heidi called them both fantastic and chose AcroArmy. Howie said “Mike Super you dazzled us and made Mel B say things you’re not suppose to say on TV.” He said he reads what people are saying on Twitter which had a lot of buzz about Desmond. So, he voted for Mike Super. Mel B said AcroArmy was “unbelievable and entertaining. She voted for AcroArmy. Howard had the deciding vote and said “last night was a bit of a stumble. I think Desmond holds you down and I’m going to stick with that. He chose AcroArmy as the deciding vote!

NEXT WEEK: The final twelve Quarterfinal acts performing at Radio City Music Hall next week will be – Bad boys of Ballet, Kelli Glover, Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat, Emil & Dariel, Nina Burri, Quintavious Johnson, Extreme, Jonah Smith, Jonatan Riquelme, Mothmen Dance, Smoothini, One Voice Children’s Choir.







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