The Bayou and Haunted Place THE BACHELOR Season 21 Week 5 Recap

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The Bayou and Haunted Place THE BACHELOR Season 21 Week 5 Recap

The argument between Corrine and Taylor continued in the opening of week 5 of “The Bachelor” season 21 while the other women looked-on.


The Bachelor 21 week 4 Nick Viall, Danielle L.

Taylor, who’s a mental health counselor, communicated in a condescending tone against Corrine, who runs daddy’s million dollar business, in their stand-off which created drama at the house. Corrine told Taylor she’s not nice and “weird and uncomfortable” with her “stank face.”

After their argument, Corrine rushed to Nick to warn him that Taylor isn’t there for the right reasons and she’s not a nice person. Nick reacted that he appreciated her telling him. Then told Corrine to “continue to show that emotional maturity.” Corrine was ecstatic over his reaction.


The women who already had roses from their dates last week were: Kristina, Danielle L, Raven. The names whom Nick called-out to give roses to were: Whitney, Danielle M., Jasmine, Rachel, Jami, Josephine, Vanessa, Alexis, Corrine…lastly, Taylor.


The Bachelor 21, week 5 eliminated Astrid, Sarah

Astrid, Sarah

Taylor reacted “I’m impressed with Corrine’s level of emotional manipulation.” Nick announced that they’re going to New Orleans.


The Bachelor season 21, week 5, Nick and Rachel

Pictured: Nick and Rachel (Photo: ABC/Mark Coffey)

Rachel got the first one-on-one date with Nick in New Orleans. They went sight-seeing and partook in a New Orleans ceremony. Nick said his chemistry with Rachel is the strongest of all the women. Rachel called it the best date she’s ever been on.

Nick said Rachel surpassed all his expectations of their date. During dinner, Nick admitted to Rachel that he’d be very nervous to meet Rachel’s father who’s a court Justice. He also shared that it really bothers him that he asked two father’s for permission to wed their daughters and wasn’t able to follow-through. Both from Bachelorette seasons. Once with Andi, and the second time with Kaitlyn.

Rachel told Nick that it’s been a long time since she’s been vulnerable and didn’t expect to have these feelings this early. She said that when they are together, “it just feels right” and they just “connect.” Before giving her the date rose, Nick told Rachel that he finds her sexy and doesn’t think about anyone else when he’s with her. He described Rachel as “the total package.” Rachel said she doesn’t believe in fairy tales, but “today was a fairy tale.”

The Bachelor 21, week 5, Nick Viall, Rachel

Pictured: Nick and Rachel (Photo: ABC/Mark Coffey)

Back at the house: The women got the Group Date card which read – til death do us part along with names: Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jami, Vanessa, Danielle, Whitney, Jasmine, Danielle L. That meant that the two-on-one date would be Taylor and Corrine.


Nick took the ladies to The Houmas Palace where they got a tour of this house that’s said to be haunted. While Nick and the women were having some fun with a Ouija board, the lights went out. Then while they were walking around the house after Jasmine took the deceased girl, May’s, hat, a lot of poltergeist activity was happening that included the chandelier falling, chairs moving and shelves falling down.

Back at the house: Taylor and Corrine were preparing for their two-on-one date. When they got the Two-on-One Date card, it read, Corrine & Taylor, Meet me in the Bayou.

Back to the Group Date: Danielle M. and Vanessa were connecting with May, the ghost. Amidst the ghost shenanigans, Nick spent some alone time with some of the women and gave the Group Date rose to Danielle M.


At their arrival to the Bayou, Nick, Taylor and Corrine were greeted by a Vodoo priestess who said she “seeks the truth”. Her goal was “to bring truth to the surface” and she brought in a Tara Card reader who held a session with first Taylor, then Corrine. During Taylor’s reading, that gave Corrine some alone time with Nick. Corrine told Nick that Taylor bullied her and called her “stupid.” She said Taylor is different in front of her than she is with Nick.

During Nick and Taylor’s alone time, Nick told her what Corrine said about her. Next, the two ladies confronted each other in the middle of the Bayou while Nick was off contemplated on who he’d send home.

When Nick returned, he told the women that it’s “important to have an emotional connection that I’m going to spend my life with.” Then he gave the rose to Corrine. Taylor couldn’t believe that Nick gave the rose to Corrine who lied to his face. Later that night while Corrine and Nick had dinner, Taylor was shown participating in a Voodoo ritual and she vowed that she wasn’t going to leave quietly.

After Taylor showed-up at Corrine and Taylor’s dinner, the words “To Be Continued” ended the episode.

NEXT WEEK: It appears that after Taylor’s conversation with Nick, he sends both Corrine and Taylor home. In another scene, Nick is crying to the remaining women while telling them about something disturbing.



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